Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tex's Blog Has A "New" Contributor

As most readers of Tex's Amway Global Blog already know, the blog was started and written by yours truly, Dave Robison. I take comments made by "Tex" at this blog and other blogs related to Amway Global and Quixtar and add them as individual blog entries here.

"Tex" then responds in the comments section and adds his points. In the beginning, I called it, "surrogate blogging".

Today, "Tex" has posted his very first official blog entry. He is now a full-fledged contributor to his own blog. While I will still be the blog administrator and will still make blog entries(and edit them); Tex now has the power to write an entry under his own moniker and publish it to his blog.

Congratulations, Tex!

Talk To Tex

Tex conducts conference calls to discuss issues and practices regarding the Amway Motivational Organizations and the tool scam associated with these groups; as well as other topics related to Amway Global.

If you'd like to talk to Tex on the phone, leave a comment on this blog entry suggesting a time and date and Tex will respond to confirm.

The number to call is: (616)597-8000
Access Code 975016#

Long Distance Charges will apply.

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UPDATE: On Monday January 4, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, the conference number will change to 760-569-6000, and the access code of 975016# will remain the same.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

THEY said it; NOT ME!

UPDATE 1/27/09

This entry was Originally Entitled "Tex Reviews Two Amway Tapes"

Tex says...

"I've listened to a couple of LCK CD's recently that are quite insulting.

The first, by LCK's Ron and Georgia Puryear, "Dreamers", FED 16CD from 2002, starts out by Ron insulting Rich DeVos and the entire Amway business model.

He said things like Rich didn't understand the business he created, and said Rich's idea was for every IBO to sell products to the Platinum level, then sponsor other IBO's who would repeat this.

This is patently FALSE.

The other CD recorded LCK Greg Duncan, also in the 2002 timeframe, entitled "XS Energy Drink: Tastes Like A Million Bucks", BWW111CD.

Greg talked about how the criticism on the internet was done by those who wouldn't show themselves in the open, which is a perfect description of the LCK's not showing their faces online.

He also mentioned 240 Diamonds broke in South Korea that year, and tapes/CD's are not legal there.

Imagine that, the business grows without the tool scam, what a concept!"

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

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