Monday, April 6, 2009

Message From Dave

Hi Readers of Tex's Amway Global Blog.

There's some controversy regarding myself and Tex at another blog.

Read about it at On The Road With Dave-- The headline is Tex And Dave: Not The Same.

We now continue with Tex's Blog.


Tex said...

Hi Dave, this is, Dave, no I mean Tex, that's right, I'm Tex...You're Dave, right?

Wait a second....David Black...."Dave" Robison....SAME GUY? Is it possible? LOL

Tex said...

Did you notice the State Department visited this site? Hillary, is that you? Did David Black talk to his wife of 30, a lawyer and former IDF soldier, into starting an investigation into whether there is a single, solitary brain cell that is functioning between his own ears? I can't wait to find out the answer. LOL

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Tex said...
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Tex said...
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Tex said...

Don't miss my promised "you make the call" on the Bernie/Rich thread.

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