Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Speaking For Tex / A "Successful" Scam Is Still A Scam

As Admin for this blog, it's my "duty" to take what Tex says in his comments here and other Amway-related blogs and make legitemate blog entries out of his words and text.

Recently, Tex made a comment that I think addresses a defense by some Quixtar/Amway IBOs as to the effectiveness of the Business Support Materials used by the leaders("lying cowardly kingpins") to motivate and train their downline.

The defense is basically, "It can't be a scam because so many organizations succeed and sponsor people using the tools...you can't have that kind of growth if people are being scammed."

Tex said...

"[It's] like saying any scam is okay as long as it is producing more victims.

The key factor in being a scam isn't whether the scam is working to produce growth.

The key is whether those "succeeding" are lying about the source of their income. The growth of the 1980's was as much (or more, as more people were being scammed every year) of a scam as the stagnant growth of the past dozen years.

It is somewhat less of a scam now as there is much more information available for prospects and IBO's regarding the scam.

However, the upline continues to call anything found on the internet as "bathroom wall" writing.

But the sheer volume and reliability of the sources are becoming impossible to make this argument stick.

It will no longer be a scam when the truth is told and full tool profit transparency is available to prospects and IBO's."

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tex's Second Post


If we were discussing baseball, the important topics would be the basics of baseball. Defense, hitting, pitching, and running.

If we were discussing the construction industry, we would talk about materials, architecture, building codes, etc.

But we are talking business. Business is about making money, the source of profits, overhead, pricing, etc.

THE biggest issue with Quixtar IS the lying cowardly "kingpins", and how they have for decades ripped off millions of Distributors/IBO's for hundreds of millions to
10's of billions of dollars by using the A/Q business as a bait-and-switch operation. The LCK's make MUCH more from tools than A/Q, and it causes net losses for most other IBO's. Are there other issues? Of course, product pricing is one of them, but a distant second compared to the tool scam.

I've challenged others to name an issue/problem with A/Q, and chances are very good I can connect a direct or indirect influence from the tool scam.

Most bloggers just want to puke all over their experiences, opinions, etc. I'm here to cause positive change to happen, so it's no mystery to me why I have been "banned" from many blogs. Most of them are mere "soap operas", repeating the same tired stories over and over again. Instead, why NOT brainstorm on ideas on how to bring honesty and decency to this business? If you wanted, you could be a part of that effort, as your experience as a former IBO could be used to help others, rather than merely brapping all your "horror stories" all over the internet

I've tried to be "grown up" and "civil" for a very long time on qblog, and all I got in return was insults, namecalling, etc., until it got to the point that it was very apparent most of the other bloggers had no interest in discussing, just cussing. The only way I found was successful was to push back with similar posturing, while still making my points. I asked openly on several blogs for others to help me clamp down on the nasty talk and criticize those who conducted themselves in this matter. Zero takers. So the beat goes on....

In fact, Dave is the FIRST blog owner who has decided he would like meaningful disucssions of making things better, and that is VERY refreshing. But why should we need HIM to be "mommy and daddy", why not have a CULTURE on this blog that frowns on childish behavior? I'm game, are YOU?
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