Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tex "Claims" His Blog

As most of you know, this is Tex's Quixtar Blog. I just maintain it to provide a place for Tex's Messages about Quixtar/Amway and the "lying, cowardly kingpins" that run the "tool scam" of training Quixtar-affiliated business owners.

Tex has yet to "take over" and actually write blog entries, but his message is clear in the comments section.

But I was happy today when I was reviewing the site statistics of visits and noticed a referral from the Alticor Media Blog. I had not linked anything to the Media Blog so I followed the referral link back to see who was talking about this blog.

The link comes from an entry entitled , Nitro: Case Dismissed.

It's in the comments section.

Tex Says:
February 27th, 2008 at 10:55 pm
SoonerIBO #107,

I agree, they should have simply resigned and followed the 6 month/2 year rules. No special requests, no lawsuit. Just GO, TEAM.

Do you have the tape/CD number where he refers to the “bubba juice?”

JimZ #108,

JimZ for President! Come visit me on "my" blog sometime, I invite you and other enlightened individuals (or even curious) into the club of truth.

Chuck #109,

Good point, I think we would have heard about these guys leaving by now. Chuck for President! You have the same invitation as JimZ. We can handle Co-Presidents.

ThunderDUNCE #110,

So Fred was lying for 20 plus years, or all the other "kingpins" are now wrong?

I know he places the word, "MY", in quotes; but I'm glad Tex is feeling at home.

And Tex...that's a great way to drive traffic here.


Tex said...

In order to change the tool scam, it will take a "critical mass" of fact based opinion among a group of IBO's.

Plus, I am getting bored with pcj and jc's repeated BS.

Tex said...

Regarding driving traffic here, I'll agree with you when they show up.

Porkchopjim said...

Then ban us. You'd be free to spew your 'special' brand of truth and logic without any of use calling you on it.

Then I can go to all the other blogs and say you banned me because you were afraid of the truth!

Tex said...

Why would we want to ban you? You're as entertaining as pulling wings off flies.

Tex said...

Check out the post by Orrin "Rosie Ruiz" Woodward on his blog yesterday:

Begging for money while he is skimming $10 million/year in the form of tool scam profits.

MightyPeace said...

Just finished reading Orrin Woodward's blog entry "IBO Legal Defence Fund" & all the comments relating to it. What a master he is. Master manipulator, that is. I am having a hard time believing that people continue to follow this man. I suspect he continues to rake in piles of money from the tools and functions that have not stopped. Could it really be that he is not willing to dip into his own bank account when all he has to do is ask and he can use everyone else's money? Most of whom were/are non-profitable? How can they keep buying into his BS? What audacity! He manipulates them with guilt while professing humbleness fronted with Christian principles! He started the mess he's in, involved them all in it and IMO he's not liking the consequences of that very much at all. I hope he's asking all the kingpins who decided to join him in the last few months to contribute to his cause as well. I feel so sorry for those people blinded by his hype. I don't think it will change until they have some sort of epiphany and knock him off the pedestal they've placed him on. How in the heck does that man sleep at night?

Tex said...

I agree with everything you said.

Orrin "Rosie Ruiz" Woodward writes long posts on his blog and people worship him like they do Barack Obama. They are both all hat, no cattle, but there will alsways be a subset who fall for the empty suit. We're just lucky to have the internet, so people can extract their heads from their butts faster than previous generations of lying cowardly "kingpins".

I think he is sinking fast. He sleeps well at night because he has no conscience.

By the way, welcome to "my" blog. What other blogs do you post on?

MightyPeace said...

I think he is sinking fast too. A true leader would never have done what he did. He needs to read Lincoln on Leadership at the very least. But then if one has no conscience, one would use the information that book contains to further manipulate people. Good grief!

I've posted on the Alticor Media Blog a few times. I've been following the A/Q global events and the horde of lawsuits over the last few months. I believe the A/QMOs are imploding. I am very thankful for the internet and the courageousness of people to expose these shenanigans. Nice to see natural justice winning!

Tex said...

He's read all the books, and then some. Just as you said, his problem is he takes the solid principles and puts them into his twisted mind to manipulate others.

Keep up the pressure via the blogs and other activities. The tool scams are definitely taking a huge hit, thanks mainly to the internet, but the work is far from being done.

tecks said...

"fact based opinion" is redundant.

It's either fact or opinion. An opinion could be informed.

You're a moron. That's not my opinion, that's a fact.

Anonymous said...

Tex said...


It's not redundant, it's potentially in conflict, except...

A fact based opinion, versus a fantasy and lie based "Orrinite" opinion.

Looks like you saw yourself in the mirror when the "Moron" word came to your mind. It fits, keep it.

tecks said...

"It's not redundant, it's potentially in conflict, except..."

This proves you're a moron.

Tex said...


No, it proves you're a MORON.

SoonerIBO said...


I'll see if I can dig that "bubba juice" CD out.

I totally stashed all of Woodward and Bradys CD's in a very dark place when I left TEAM.

I'm still cracking up at Orrin "Panhandler" Woodward and that idiotic Legal Defense Fund.

How gullible are these people?

Nevermind, just reading the comments on that blog tell me just how gullible they are.....Pathetic.

Tex said...


Want to sell your TEAM tapes/CD's? I don't pay much, but I'll take them off your hands and put them to good use, for a change.

The Orrinites are definitely being misled. The good news is they can see the truth on other sites, so there is still hope for them and other IBO's being scammed by the other lying cowardly "kingpins."

Veritas said...

Hey Tex,

Enjoy your time in Prague. Garner a hearing for your point of view. Think "winsome"....



Tex said...


Thanks. Is this the Chuck from the Alticor/Amway blogs?

Veritas said...


Yes, the same Chuck who's talked with you on the phone a couple of times (but don't know how to reach you now).

Tex said...

Sign up at and send me a private message, I'll send you the phone number.

Veritas said...


What is your username on the I registered and did a member search under "Tex", but nothing came up in the records.


Tex said...

Sorry about that. I am using a different ID there. I found you and sent you a message.

Anna28 said...

OMG Tex!!!! I have been busy and havn't made it to your blog in a bit, but today I find a lot of traffic and some good topics!!!! You should be thrilled about that at least!!!! Good blog Tex and good job Dave at keepin' it alive!!!!

Tex said...


Thanks, but I'm not interested in traffic, I'm interested in getting rid of the tool scam. If a lot of traffic on "my" blog helps accomplish that, so be it.

Anna28 said...

Traffic is the way to get your message out there. Either seems to be going well. I hope you are giving the necessary kudos to Dave....even though you didn't ask for it, you have to admit that you have been able to put forth a strong, consolidated message here thanks to him.

Tex said...

I publicly identified Dave as being my "blog Daddy" in Prague. Thanks for giving "birth" to me, Dave.

As I've said before, I'm not interested in having my own blog, it defeats the purpose of a group of people interacting and causing positive change to occur. The extreme case is everyone has their own blog and talks to themselves, which makes no sense to me.

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