Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Speaking of Amway" No More

Dave Robison here, administrator of Tex's Amway Global Blog.

I've deleted the link to "Speaking Of Amway" blog in the Tex's Links section.

"Speaking of Amway" was a pretty good blog started a year or so ago. It had a brief period of popularity with a lot of good thought-provoking entries regarding the Amway business, motivational systems, and the ethics of running an MLM business.

The original author was quite open and honest with his opinions regarding the good and the bad of running an Amway affiliated business.

For some reason, he changed direction and started letting guest bloggers take over the reigns and I just noticed today, the site is down and a domain "place-holder" page has been put in its place.

It's sad to see another quality blog shut down.

I've also removed, Robin Luymes' blog SuperDu from the list. Robin has left Amway Global for another career. You can read the full explanation at "Super Du Becomes Luymes PR Dot Com".

Leave Tex a comment and suggest some more links for Tex's readers to check out. There's still a viable community of bloggers and readers out there interested in the Amway business and Multi-level Marketing in general. I'll consider any Amway related blogs submitted and will add them to the sidebar blogroll; with Tex's permission, of course.

And now, back to Tex.


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Tex said...


The "Speaking of Amway" blog has been gone for several months. It was an interesting blog, but this blog is the only one I've seen that gets "down and dirty" and does not cower away from any fact related issue that is related to shutting down the tool scam.

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