Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New 2012!

From the Tex's Amway Global Blog Administrator

2012 is officially here. If you are celebrating--well then; Happy New Year!

As I look around the old blog, I'm somewhat sad not to see all of "Tex"'s postings from the past year. They are hidden from public view due to recent legal proceedings. The decision to remove them was not from the legal decision, in fact, it seems that the decree would have allowed them to remain; but "Tex" decided to remove them, (I suppose) as a good faith measure, to show he was willing to follow the tenets set down by the decree for future postings.

Still, it's kinda sad not to have anything to moderate here. Maybe, instead of the festive photo proclaiming the new year that greets you at this entry, a more appropriate photo should accompany this entry.

It's possible that them old Mayans were predicting more demises in 2012 than just human civilization. I sure hope they are wrong.

2012 graphic by Pedja M

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New blog is at

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