Friday, September 4, 2009

Dave Is NOT Retiring From Blogging


In a recent blog entry here at Tex's Amway Global Blog; "Tex" a pseudonym for an Amway Global-affiliated Independent Business Owner and the subject and a writer for this blog announced that he was in "Talks" related to possibly "retiring" from this blog as a contributor.

One can only assume that these "talks" are with Amway Global and/or Motivational Organizations/IBOs and their legal "muckety-mucks", who are the topic of "Tex's" blog entries.

If a blog entry written by "Tex" has libeled someone or any matter crossed a legal line that would result in legal action against Tex, he has the power to delete those entries and the associated comments.

He does not have the power to delete the entire blog, although he can quit contributing to the blog at any time. If "Tex" quits contributing to the blog, it would, in effect, put the blog in "hiatus" and it would only remain as an archive to "Tex's" efforts.

I have no plans or have not been contacted to delete this blog or any entries. No details have been disclosed to me by "Tex" or any other person regarding any legal action regarding this blog.

Dave Robison


IBOFB said...

Hiya Dave,

Tex actually owns the copyright to anything he has written on this site, including in comments. Same goes for any contributor (unless they signed them over).

So if Tex asks for all his writings to be removed, you have to remove them.


Dave Robison said...

Thanks IBOFB,

Your comment sparked a little flurry on my part into the research of copyright ramifications of being a blog owner.

This link,

was helpful, but opened other questions in my mind. I'd really like to keep all my blogs on a "non-member" status, without any kind of legal notice or Terms of Service--but in this litigation hungry society, it may become necessary.

In any case, Tex does not have the right to delete the entire blog. He could, however, delete what he has written as blog entries and his comments, as I explained in the entry.

That would be sad as it would "gut" the blog, but I suppose I could publish a final entry explaining the blog's status and why content is missing. That tactic worked a long time ago for an author named Victor Marchetti. I once wrote a term paper on his battle with censorship and the CIA.


David Black said...


I'm trying to observe all this "traction" that "Tex" alluded to on his last ode to illiteracy on Doug Wead's blog.

It doesn't exist. He's a little cog in the pyramid that allegedly got burned. No one really cares. Why should they? Screw him.

As for you, you might be able to fool these middle class amway rubes that "Tex" is actually a real person and not a creation of your imagination, but doesn't fool me and never has. There's too much here that doesn't add up.

Dave Robison said...

Well, Mr. Black, you can think whatever you want. Tex and I are two different people. However me and Skyler Leglantier are the same people.

Again, at least 300 people have seen me and Tex in the same room. WE live in different states, have different wives, and Tex is taller.

David Black said...

I see, so you do admit to inventing a fantasy internet character named Skyler, but it's not possible in the case of "tex." Right.

Tell me, if "tex" is as smart as he says he is, then why did he need help to start something as easy as a blog?

300 people might have seen someone that called themselves "tex" to play out your attempt at performance art.

I've told the "tex" character on doug wead's blog that if you both send me your names, addresses, and phone numbers, I'll first verify them and then phone each of you separately. You can email me the information, you wouldn't have to post it publicly.

Tex said...

That's what is so hilarious about this discussion. We have:

1. Dave (R) is a ventriloquist, and Dave (B) didn't even realize this prior to claiming we (Tex and Dave (R)) are the same person! LOL

2. Then, Dave (R) and Dave (B) have the same first name, so maybe THEY are the same person! LOL

After all, we've never seen Dave (B), so maybe he's like Skyler, a dummy with a hand up his butt! LOL

Sure, I'll email you Dave (B), what's your email mail address? LOL

I'll soon make an announcement about what started this whole discussion (my potential "retirement" from blogging), which you will ALL find instructive, if you can get over your own egos. LOL

David Black said...

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