Monday, January 28, 2008

Tex's New Blog

I've started A NEW blog. But, hopefully it won't be mine for very long.
I'm looking at it as a "surrogate blog". I'm just "carrying it" until the mother or in this case; the father, takes over.

In the realm of Amway and Quixtar-related blogs, there are a regular cast of bloggers representing opinions both pro and con. These blogs are frequented and commented upon by the other bloggers and a semi-regular cast of commenters. At some of the blogs, the commenters are as well known as the authors of said blogs. Such is the case with "Tex".

Tex is a Quixtar-affiliated Independent Business Owner(IBO) with a propensity to stay focused on one issue regarding the operation of a Quixtar Independent Business. Tex hates the "tool systems" used by top level Amway and Quixtar distributor leaders to motivate, educate (and yes, profit from) their downline groups of distributors. For that issue, I am in total agreement with Tex.

Aside from that issue, Tex also enjoys a healthy debate with critics of the legitimate businesses operated by other Quixtar Independent Business Owners. Again, I can be in total agreement with Tex on this issue.

I know, I know, you sense a "BUT" coming on...and you'd be correct.

The problem is most recently, that Tex has been banned from nearly all the Quixtar and Amway-related blogs and discussion groups. This includes pro-blogs, con-blogs, and even some Quixtar-company sponsored blogs. If he hasn't been banned; he's being heavily-moderated.
I can speculate on three reasons why this has happened.

1. Tex is prolific in his comments. He writes often. He writes long detailed entries in the "Comments" section. He quotes other commenters in their entirety and then responds point by point. He repeats this process.

This can be a blog author's dream or a nightmare. The dream is the traffic and lively discussion. The nightmare is the constant moderation and possible association with the negative comments volleyed back and forth between Tex and the other commenters.

2. The constant "on point" comments by Tex voicing his "position".

This would be okay, except if the blog author or "thread" author in the discussion group wrote about something entirely different from the subject Tex wants to discuss.
If the author writes about "Tool Abuse"; Tex is there to denigrate the "lying cowardly kingpins" that profit from other IBOs.

If the author writes about a new Quixtar product; Tex is there to denigrate the "lying cowardly kingpins" that profit from other IBOs

If the author writes about taking a vacation; Tex is there to to denigrate the "lying cowardly kingpins" that profit from other IBOs.

3. Tex uses "personal attacks" towards other commenters and blog authors when the topic debate continues on. Although personal attacks are not the best debate tactic, they can be effective; but Tex fails to realize or fails to care that he is commenting in a "closed forum". The blog author or Discussion Group owner is not obligated to let participants insult other commenters or the blog author.

The expression of "Free Speech" only applies to the author. Yes, some authors may allow dissent...but it is not a "right" of the commenter. Tex has the proclivity to tax his "right" on other's forums.
And so, Tex has worn the patience of many a blog author and forum owner quite thin. It has been suggested to Tex on many, many occasions to "start your own blog". Tex has been hesitant to take this advice for fear that a blog of his own would not receive the traffic that the other blogs receive and thus his message would not be heard.

I disagree with Tex. And so, I started "Tex's Quixtar Blog".

I have set it up. I have posted two entries from other blog authors on why Tex was banned and their opinion of Tex. I have now begun to post "comments" made by Tex at some of these blogs.
I am more than willing to give Tex access to HIS blog and let him begin to spread his message about Quixtar, about Amway, about Motivational Organizations and their tools that they sell; and about WHATEVER Tex wants to write.
"On The Road" readers, I urge you to visit Tex's New Blog...let him see that you are willing to read what he writes, that you are willing to comment at HIS blog, and that he can exercise his Free Speech rights under his OWN banner.

Tex? Howboutit? Your own blog.

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