Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lennon Ledbetter Comment

Tex's Amway Global Blog received a comment that went straight to the "Moderate" file. It can not be published and must be rejected for a variety of reasons. The comment was submitted on the blog entry, Is Lennon Ledbetter 2-Timing Amway.

The comment is from an Anonymous woman who relates a story regarding a date with Amway-affiliated Independent Business Owner, Lennon Ledbetter. The comment states that a date was set up between the comment author and Lennon Ledbetter through a somewhat-known millionaire matchmaker.

Ledbetter is accused of a variety of alleged acts that end with an alleged auto accident and Ledbetter only speaking through his attorney and the commenter wishing for harm against Lennon Ledbetter.

Regretfully, Tex's Amway Global Blog must reject this comment and its revealing details because no links to any sources confirming the story are given as well as the author being Anonymous and taking no responsibility for publishing what could be slanderous or libelous statements of the alleged incident.

Tex's Amway Global Blog requests that said Anonymous Commenter handle this incident through proper legal channels.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Begin 2010

Happy New 2010 from Tex's Amway Global Blog!

photo by ilco
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