Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween From Tex

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TEX Says....


With it being Halloween, folks wearing costumes, et al....riddle me this, Batman:

Let's switch roles and consider Yager and the rest of the LCK's (Lying Cowardly "Kingpins") were doing the right thing and making most of their profits from Amway instead of the tools. First of all, they wouldn't have earned the title of LCK. Obviously, the tool prices would be much lower, more people would be making money, the Amway business would be growing, more people staying in, better reputation, etc., etc., etc.

Then let's say I come along, with a MUCH smaller business, and decide to ignore Rich DeVos direction to keep tool profits 20% or less than Amway profit (or whatever number less than Amway profit you want to use), become an lck (smaller version of LCK) and Amway's reputation starts to suffer because of this.

Question: How many blinks of an eye, or beats of a heart would it take to boot me?

Answer: 1 or less. QED

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