Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tex Loses Some Quixtar/Amway Global Upline Support

Tex will have to clarify the events leading up to his latest message, but I'll try to provide a little background. Some motivational organizations in the world of Amway Global/Quixtar provide books, CDs, DVDs, motivational rallies and private websites linked to Amway Global.

All of these are supposed to support individual Independent Business Owners affiliated with Amway Global and the corresponding motivational organizations. These MO's sell these "tools" at a profit. These "profits from tools" and how they are administered and maintained are at the center of "the tool scam" and Tex's message at this blog.

But as an IBO affiliated with Amway Global, Tex has an "upline" sponsor and a motivational organization that he has to deal with. Tex's sponsors and their sponsors and their sponsors are all tied to a motivational organization.

One of the "tools" at Tex's disposal is a website replicating template site that provides IBOs with a series of website templates that can be customized with their own business name and "landing" page, so they may send potential IBOs to a website to introduce the recruit not only to Amway Global, but also, to the IBO's own identity.

But now, it seems that the Motivational Organization that is above Tex and is responsible for support and training of Tex has cancelled Tex's website and is not responding to his protests.

It appears some strong arm tactics may be in force trying to "silence" Tex's opinions about the "tool scam" and his efforts to discredit what he calls "the lying, cowardly, kingpins".

Here's what Tex is saying.....

"The below note will soon be sent to InterNet Services, with copies going to various Amway Global employees, as well as the UK regulators and Texas Attorneys General officials:

Your recent cancellation of my IBO City account (see rejected e-mails below, more on this later) because of honest and accurate criticism is in violation of Amway Global rules below:

5.3.3. Training and Motivation: IBOs must be able to train and motivate the IBOs they have registered with a minimum of assistance from his or her first upline Platinum or above. If the IBO is a member of an established business-building system, he or she may make arrangements for his or her IBOs to be trained and motivated by the activities and BSM of that system, but under no circumstances may an IBO be forced or coerced to participate in the system. If a downline IBO is unable, for any reason, to access the system or chooses not to use the system, his or her IBO must be able to provide training and motivation.

5.3.4. Servicing Arrangements: If an IBO is unable or unwilling to service his or her downline IBOs with the proper supply of products, training or motivation, he or she must make arrangements, in writing, with his or her first upline qualified Platinum (or higher pin) to have this done, in which case he or she must be willing to compensate his or her currently qualified Platinum (or higher pin) for this service. An IBO who lives at a distance from his or her downline IBOs must also personally supply, train, and motivate their new IBOs, or he or she must make arrangements, in writing, with his or her qualified Platinum (or higher pin) to have this done, in which case he or she must be willing to compensate his or her currently qualified Platinum (or higher pin) for this service.

There is no mention regarding whether the IBO is in agreement with the upline making most of their money from tools (and unknown to most IBO's and prospects, by the way) rather than Amway Global products and services, or any other disagreement. As Amway Global FULLY knows, my sponsor has been inactive for several years. Therefore, I have every right to access the IBO City information, and there is no rule that allows you to prevent access to this information. In fact, the rule below indicates Internet-Services should not be accredited (and therefore not qualified for the QBI program), as the above secret, under the table tool profit behaviors have severely damaged Amway Globals reputation for decades:

2.9. IBO in Good Standing. For the purposes of interpreting and enforcing the Quixtar Rules of Conduct only, the term “good standing,” when used in these Rules, shall refer to an IBO whose conduct does not negatively affect the reputation of Quixtar Inc., its related businesses, or IBOs affiliated with Quixtar and its related entities. This Rule shall not impact anything other than the Rules of conduct, including, but not limited to, Quixtar Business Incentive Programs (QBI).

The tool scam "game" is over in the UK, as ZERO tool profit is now allowed, and needs to be addressed in the U.S. as well. I have tried working with Amway Global for over 3 years, have raised visibility to this issue via various blogs, and have been in touch with, among others, UK regulators, the FTC, my U.S. Senator, the DSA, and more recently the Texas Attorneys General office.

Now back to the e-mail rejection issue. As far as I'm concerned, the tool profit "game" is over, now all we need to do is clean up the mess. I have an unlimited number of e-mail accounts and IP addresses I can use to inform you of the issues, so stop playing this IP address/e-mail account rejection game.

Your weak attempts to subvert an honest business, both via the tool profits and with my e-mail rejections should be noted be noted by the UK and the Texas Attorneys General to provide insight into your extreme tactics. It should be further noted Amway Global has NOT been helpful in resolving various issues during the past 3 years as well.

I suggest you propose a couple of dates/times to discuss these issues in an adult manner, using the conference call information provided below.

Conference Dial-in Number: (616) 597-8000
Access Code: 975016#


Monday, September 15, 2008

Dex Yager's "Right To Differ" Statement

TEX SAYS......

"For anyone who has ever heard Dexter and Birdie on stage or voice mail, you know this is a 180 degree turnaround, especially in the religious and political areas. These are the areas accreditation addresses, unfortunately it does NOT address the tool scam in any meaningful manner:"

To: All Yager Group Diamonds and Personals (Intended for all ibos)

Fr: The Yagers

Dt: 9/15/08

Re: Best Practices Message: The Right to Differ

One of the criteria for continued accreditation with Amway Global/Quixtar is that all IBOs understand Amway Global/Quixtar's best practices as explained through the IBO Communications Platform. The following message is sent in accordance with the Amway Global/Quixtar Professional Development Accreditation Program and is part of ongoing best practices messages you should expect to receive by email on a monthly basis. Please forward this message to all ibos in your organization.

The Right to Differ

You are attracting more and younger IBOs and more and more IBOs from different races, religions, and nationalities. It's a very cool thing to see because it demonstrates what we've always said - that this is a business anyone can do. Regardless of your background, where you're from, or who you vote for, this business can help you achieve your goals. And just as Quixtar is committed to supporting people who want to own their own business, we're also committed to acceptance. This means tolerance and acceptance of those with differing beliefs and viewpoints- different religious beliefs, different political affiliations, or just different opinions in general. And this means there's room for everybody in the business - which is what makes our business so strong and so successful.

We're not here to exclude anyone; we're here to include everyone. So we all have to be sensitive of the differences among us and appreciate that sometimes not everyone shares the same views. It's especially important to be mindful of this during business meetings where there’s a tendency to share your personal beliefs with others from stage. While it's OK to talk about how important your beliefs are to you in your own life and how they've helped you build your business, it's not OK to say that others need to believe the same thing. The one belief that all IBOs do need to share is the power of this business. As long as we’re all united in our commitment to building Quixtar-powered businesses in the right way, there's nothing we can't accomplish, regardless of our differences. In fact, these differences can provide an even broader and stronger foundation for growing this business.

For your success,

The Yagers


I added the boldness and colors to statements I, personally, found to be a part of Tex's statement about this message being a 180 degree turnaround from what Dexter Yager has "preached" from the stage for 25 years. I find this "turnaround" disingenuous to say the very least.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Talk To Tex

Tex said...

I've noticed a couple of interesting trends on this blog.

First, there's a lot more people looking at it, which is a good thing. Keep looking, and forward this site to others so they can see it as well.

Secondly, make comments. Progress is made when people interested in the truth communicate.



Friday, September 5, 2008

Amway Global's First Black Triple Diamond Passes Away

TEX SAYS--Here's another "name transition."

We need to work on getting the tool scam shut down faster, so all the remaining LCK's can pass on knowing their true legacy.

To All Yager Group Diamonds & Personals [intended for distribution to your group]

George Halsey
Born: April 2, 1936--Died: September 2, 2008

This message comes with great sadness and with celebration that
our dear friend George Halsey is with the Lord.

George went in the hospital a few days ago due to a blood clot that had moved
from his heart to his brain. He was not in pain and was surrounded by his family.

Ruth and the family have made arrangements and we knew you would want to know.

If you would like to send anything to Ruth or Karen personally, send it to their home at [REDACTED], Greensboro, NC 27408
If you are in town for the services, Please do not plan to stop by the house.

The services for George will be Saturday, September 6, 2008.

There will be a viewing from 1:30-2:30 and the service will begin at 3:00 pm. Both the viewing and services will be at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 1301 Alamance Church Road, Greensboro, NC. All IBO’s are invited to attend. If you do attend the service, please let the ushers know you are an IBO, so you will be directed to a special seating section.

Following the service, the burial will be at Guilford Memorial Park, 6000 High Point Road, Greensboro, NC 27407

After the burial, Ruth has invited everyone back to the church for a time of friendship and fellowship.

If you would like to send flowers, please send them to Brown Funeral Home, 909 East Market Street, Greensboro, NC 27408 phone (336) 272-6109.

George was a huge animal lover and in lieu of flowers, donations would be greatly appreciated to the Guilford County Animal Shelter, 4525 West Windover Ave, Greensboro, NC 27409. Please mark the donation "in Memory of George Halsey".

If you need a hotel recommendation, the Sheraton Four Points is between the church and burial site. Phone (336) 292-9161

Florist recommendations:
1. Clemmons Florist (336) 275-4508 or (336) 275-4596 address is 219 West Friendly Ave. Greensboro, NC 27401
2. Plants & Answers (800) 638-2981 or (336) 274-8908 address is 700 W Market Street, Greensboro, NC 27401


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