Monday, July 28, 2008

Dexter Yager Motivational System Nears Accreditation


Looks like Yager is getting close to accreditation:

To: All Yager Group Diamonds and Personals (Intended for all ibos)

Fr: The Yagers

Dt: 7/28/08

Re: Accreditation Update

InterNET is pleased to announce that the Quixtar Accreditation process is almost complete. InterNET staff is working with Quixtar to ensure that all of your InterNET produced tools and programs are of the highest standard and highest effectiveness in the industry.

Mark your calendars! Early August is when Quixtar plans to survey IBOs through an independent 3rd party (TNS Research Group). The survey will ensure the Yager Group's IBOs understanding and compliance with the IBO Communications Platform (see attached) or Best Practices messages which you have been receiving by email from your leadership. A condensed version of the IBO Communications Platform & the Speaker Platform Summary (attached). These documents will prepare you to answer survey questions easily if you are chosen to participate.

For your success,

The Yagers

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"A Good Human Being"

Today an anonymous commenter left a comment on an older entry here at Tex's Quixtar Blog. The original entry was "The Neverending Quixtar/Amway Tool Scam."

Anonymous is new to the USA and his entry may have been written using a "translator program" or s/he is just getting used to writing in English--but despite Anonymous's syntax and paragraph structure; their message is still crystal clear.

IBOs must be honest and forthright with prospecting and they way they conduct opportunity meetings. How much longer do IBOs think they can deceive people and STILL stay in business?

Anonymous said...
Hi Everyone

This programm really sucks.. If its really genuine business they should be open enough what they are going to do and what should i to earn money whatever they say..

I am new to California, coming from India for a business trip. When I tried to contact people from social community. One of the guy whom I met in net, said ur very ambitious and so on.. I will suggest you something which will make ur dream come true very soon..

K lets see I said. He took me for a meeting like Brainstorming session.. one gentleman started to address the session nicely.. He started with building sw BWW and talked abt Quixtar.. And said he can retire at the age of 35+ and earn million by just doing this business..
I didnt find any logic what he is talking about.. Interesting thing is I can see lot people from highly designated professionals from software side... Everyone talking about early retirement by joining this Quixstar business.. If they are right almost 70 percentage of population doesnt need to do full time job.... Then where does the money comes from... Hope everyone agress with me...

After some weeks one more guy called me, hey I will introduce to group of people who are business man.. They will help you to start businness as a part time.. I asked him is it Quixstar... No no He said.. but still i doubted him...

So whats there lets go and attend that meetin too.. After few minutes this another set of people with same presentation they started talking..

They way convience people is as if they are certain that you will earn thousands of dollar as soon as you join the team.. No way...

The beautiful part all the people whom I met till they end they have nt said anything how one is going to make money either its comission when u join new one or sell a product or something else...

I got only one answer.. First you join you will get to know everything...

This says everything what this business is rgt..

Let me tell u something... No one can earn money by simply sitting at home and talkin to peoples.. The peoples who works for company and go at office are fools...

Now its upto you r u want to be fool or good human being..

I want global community to ban this fraud group..
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