Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tex's Blog Salutes All Veterans



tex said...

It's enough for me.

Tex said...

By the way, you're welcome.

tex said...

Speaking of "veterans", here's an interesting thread on ibofb's site, which discusses "veteran" MLM'ers changing "teams":


Bitchett said:

Recognizing Orrin and Laurie, 90-day old MV distributors, receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars at the MonaVie meeting in Florida this summer was misleading, don't you think, ss3251?

Having photos and recognition of some people in MonaVie's publications and websites, without disclosing that most of their downline was built pre-MonaVie is misleading, don't you think, ss3251?

So showing an income disclosure statement (which includes these people's income numbers) without indicating the back story like this is misleading, don't you think, ss3251?
Why does she find fault with all of these issues, and not the cowardly lie that most of the profit is from the tool scam, and not Amway? Not only that, the tool scam keeps most IBO's below the Platinum level from reaching a net profit?

tex said...

Correction, the last sentence in my previous post should have been a "!", not a "?"

tex said...

In a continuation of the above thread, ibofb said:

WHO Michman? C'mon - give names. And I want plain old vanilla Diamonds. Not Executive Diamonds or Doubles or Crowns or whatever - which DIAMONDS are doing this???

Every single time I've made that challenge EVERY SINGLE TIME - folk have responded not with Diamonds, but with folk with significantly bigger businesses who are earning significantly bigger incomes.

Who is being deceptive? The folk earning way bigger than Diamond income showing stuff they can easily afford on that income, or folk like you who are trying to pretend these guys are only earning $150k/yr from Amway?

Put up or shut up. Stop being dishonest.
Here's a name: Bruce Anderson. You can see HIS words on HIS blog. Just go here, and search for "Bruce":


How about ALL of the TEAM Emeralds and above, who Orrin HIMSELF said made 4-5 times more via the tool scam than Amway? Search for "Orrin" on the same link as above.

ibofb, put up or shut up. Stop being dishonest.

tex said...

A couple of interesting things happened recently.

I noticed an Amway advertisement on this site, as a result of Amway advertising on google, I assume.

Also, the link below is from a person in Moscow who searched, and you can view this site in Russian. Welcome to the site, comrade Putin!


tex said...

Here's an update on accrediting IBO's below the Platinum level next year: As you may recall, I was told a month ago to call back in a month. I called Jim Bos, my sales manager, again today, and guess what? He doesn't "have a response" yet, and said to call back in another month. I report, you decide. As for me, I'm not impressed.

tex said...

I don't know whether my latest post on Kia's blog will be posted, so here it is, the thread can be found here:

I agree with parts of your comments. There are times when there are things that are not "nice", but need to be said. The Revolutionary War was based on things that were not "nice" to say, but true. Not opinions, but facts.
The facts are found on my website, just click on my name. You'll find opinion there as well, but as you read the first hand accounts of the outrageous and secret tool profit being made, make your own decision where you stand.

tex said...

Here's the latest question I asked Amway:

Why did you eliminate/significantly reduce the registration fee in other countries, but not the U.S.?

tex said...

Here's an update about the accreditation process, after a phone call to customer service: They don't expect to open up the process until at least late next year, 2009. This is a much better answer than the one I got recently from my sales manager, Jim Bos, who told me a month ago to call in a month, and then told me recently to call again in another month. I got this runaround from him when the TEAM fiasco blew up last year, and had to go around him to find out who my upline Platinum was, almost a year after Orrin got booted. How do I spell useless? J-I-M-B-O-S.

tex said...

As usual, ibofb and his "sheeple" are missing the big picture. Orrin didn't miss the Amway income when he left, he was making MUCH more via his tool scam, which he continued after he left. Amway tried taking him to court to prevent him from holding a major function, as they correctly argued Orrin was stealing people for his next venture, but lost.


tex said...

A couple of interesting videos from Bitchett, the second one reminds me of the LCK's squeezing every penny of tool scam money out of every IBO they can lie and scheme about the opportunity being Amway, while they make several times more from the tool scam. Thanks, Bitchett:


Tex said...


Too late, I already asked a question, below. Why don't you step in and answer this question for Steve, and if he answers we'll see how close your answers are?

As you know, one of the most fundamental issues of any business is the business model. Rich DeVos spoke about the tool scam in 1983, which severely distorts the business model, and the tool scam has been addressed in other countries, particularly the UK, but also in other countries, such as India and Russia. When are you going to address this issue in the U.S.? Thanks.

ajgannon said...


Please stop bastardizing Bridgett's name. That's really disrespectful.

Also, a while back IBOFightBack asked for help in reporting activity that was a violation of accreditation rules, and you responded by trashing him. Other times you've written ridiculous, libellous things about him. How can anyone take you seriously when you even attack people who hold some common ground with you?

Tex said...

Check out Amthrax's new message today, at http://amthrax.wordpress.com/, but only if you want a good laugh. Here's my response, that apparently won't get posted, or at least won't get posted for a month! LOL:

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

LOL I’m “monopolizing” your comments, even though YOU are moderating me? LOL

But thanks for the link to “my” site. You should take up the offer for the conference call, you would learn a LOT. LOL LOL LOL

tex said...


Pack sand (that's the PG version, you know the real one).

Please stop bastardizing Bridgett's name. That's really disrespectful. ---- What's disrespectful is Bitchett calling me wicked, when all I did was draw a parallel between physical cancer and the tool scam cancer. I've already told Bitchett, when she apologizes, I start using her given name. Until that time, Bitchett has earned the name I use for her.

Also, a while back IBOFightBack asked for help in reporting activity that was a violation of accreditation rules, and you responded by trashing him. ---- I didn't "trash" ibofb, I told him to look it up himself. You could have helped him, but did you? Besides, I already reported that violation, and why should I help someone who "bans" me and trashes the accurate logic I apply to the tool scam?

Other times you've written ridiculous, libellous things about him. ---- Can you name a SINGLE example of this?

How can anyone take you seriously when you even attack people who hold some common ground with you? ---- Don't worry, I'm being taken seriously by people who have authority. I frankly don't care whether you take me seriously, aj. Why? Because it isn't about me, or you. It's about a tool scam. If you don't hold that common ground, the rest doesn't matter. Period. Grow up. Also, I have written several times I learned a long time ago the only way to get the tool scam message out effectively is to push back when others trash me. That's why I have been, as you said previously, "relatively nice" to you. I would find it extremely difficult to find an instance of someone standing up for me, which tells me most others are not principle based and not being honest with themselves. Why would I want to be associated with that kind of person?

tex said...

Interesting discussion on free samples on ibofb's site:


What Bitchett doesn't realize is Amway ALREADY gives out free samples, via their money back guarantee.

She must not have been paying attention during the Artistry training during the "National Spotlight" tour when it came through Chicago, because they said to give customers full size skin care "samples" to customers for 3 days, and if they don't want it, send it back for a FULL refund, and try again with a new customer with new full size skin care items.

This same guarantee applies to ALL products, so take your pick of products and get your "free" samples.

Amway claimed an 80% success rate with the skin care using this technique.

Bitchett was probably too busy being noticed at the event and flapping her jaws to absorb this information.

So much for being a retailing "expert", as Bitchett claims.

Tex said...

Interesting post from Gina, on qblog:


Trouble is, Gina didn't catch where I said customers aren't eligible for the "rebates", so her entire premise is false.

tex said...

I've been meaning to comment on Bitchett's stupid comment that change always happens at the fringes. Here's a follow-up story:


Although there were folks higher in the command structure than Petraeus, being in charge of the 101st Airborne Division is hardly a "fringe" position. Also, there are different views about him: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=6730560 and http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/profiles/david-petraeus-general-surge-401740.html

Both of these articles don't paint the perfectly rosy picture the "speaking of Amway" story attempts to do.

Bottom line - change can come from the "fringes" or the top, just ask Hitler.

tex said...

Here's the latest BS from QIACIAQ (quixtar is a cult is a quack), along with my response, which probably won't get published:


I agree with mike, you're a nut.

Now the list is you, jc, and David B. The 3 stooges!

I've posted this message on my site as well.

quixtarisacult said...

Hmmmm? 21 comments on this blog (counting this one) and 19 of them made by Tex?

tex said...

Here's the response to my November 13th question, above:

Some markets have reduced their registration fees. This decision is market specific and based on the market or regions needs, government regulations, laws of the country, and their particular situation.

Typical corporate-speak.

Tex said...

QIACIAQ (quixtar is a cult is a quack), aka Bob Hart,

You are the husband of Susan, your wife who has been in California for over a year, living with her daughter (his step-daughter), an IBO. Susan takes care of the grandkids so mom and dad can build the business. She is very ill, but her beloved husband, Bob, refuses to pick her up.

Would you prefer "juicier" comments to attract others, like the e-mail below? This is the first in a series of many more to come. I love the part where he says Susan is supposed to be coming home by mid-October. Where is she, Bob? Plus, why are YOU in Evansville, Indiana? I thought you lived in Ohio?


I'd rather the information about my wife's credit card problems remain more private. I don't mind telling you. I've told you before that my wife is very deceptive to even me about her bank account (which is still being raided to the tune of an average $180 per day in the last two month period). This is down from an average of $230 a day over nearly the past year. I get the bank statements. I believe the the credit card was account was canceled because my wife said she got tired of the bullshit, but then after she told me that a freaking commission check showed up here at the house for about $8 so I am left to think that my wife isn't always telling me the whole truth. I believe that my wife is secretly funding the Quixtar dreams.

My wife is supposed to come home around October 15th now. As I've told you before, I don't think her daughter is going to give up on raiding her mother's bank account until it is wiped out. Luckily my wife has a substantial amount of money left here in an account at home that she hopes to fall back on when she comes home. I believe the daughter is not going to stop badgering her mother until all the money is gone. What can I say. We are being Famwayed for real. If the bank account and the credit accounts were in my name, I'd have put an end to the "money extracting" bull shit this gal and her hubby are running on this woman who happens to be my wife! What should I do, just give up on her?

I do not kid you that her daughter and son-in-law have latched onto her in cult like fashion and are fucking her over and by way of her fucking me over as well. Maybe this gives you a thrill. I want to shy away of saying too much online because of her daughter reading the blog in secret. That is the major reason I started writing the blog to help pull these folks out of their stupidity. The daughter has already gone through all the money she and her husband inherited (that she didn't really inherit). They use as much psychological bull shit on my wife to pull her to make her a conflicted mess of a human being. I don't kid around when I describe the dirty way these people are operating.

The daughter didn't want anything to do with her mother for nearly two decades until Sue inherited a small fortune from her mother. The daughter tried to have her grandmother declared insane and take control of her money before she died. My wife promised her mother that her grand daughter would not see a cent of her money, but she was given half by her very gullible mother, my wife anyway in hopes to get her daughter off of her back. So, now why do you insist that it is somehow my fault that the daughter is fucking both her mother and me around? My wife isn't an educated person, and is under very extreme manipulation and pressure from her daughter that leaves me home listening to my wife crying over the phone and telling me that her daughter and son in law have big fights and make her agree to stay on watching their children, mostly against my wife's desire to leave. It is probably going to be big struggle to get her out of this situation without my wife having a complete nervous break down.

You seem to forget that I told you most of this. It is one of those situations where I could pull my hair out with my wife's daughter and her fucking IBO con man of a husband. It was this retard that her mother absolutely hated and made Sue promise her not to give any of the money to the daughter. She did not want to see the son in law get a cent. The fucking daughter got involved even in the funeral arraignments and raided most of the money that was supposed to be going to the funeral home. Her mother ended up being buried like a bum that died down by the river so her daughter could take the off with the cash. Now. These people are in your wonderful business.

I'm not trying to say that everyone involved in Quixtar is as scummy as these folk. I just would be very skeptical about anyone representing this company which seems ready made for con men like the son in law and the upline weasel that tries to run their life.

I guess I had to get this off of my chest; do I feel any better, No.
So, this is the so-called "leader" of the QCI (Quixtar Cult Intervention). I'll bet you can't wait to see my response to this dribble, can you, enquiring readers?

tex said...

QIAC recently received a message from someone using an Alticor IP address:

Look at today's 10:14 am entry. I was also paid a visit, not unusual, but being on the site for almost 16 minutes is unusual:

Domain Name datatelecomm.net ? (Network)
IP Address 167.23.0.# (ALTICOR)
Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : Michigan
City : Grand Rapids
Lat/Long : 42.9384, -85.6436 (Map)
Language English (U.S.)
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Browser Internet Explorer 6.0
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1)
Javascript version 1.3
Resolution : 1024 x 768
Color Depth : 32 bits
Time of Visit Nov 21 2008 12:40:48 pm
Last Page View Nov 21 2008 12:56:36 pm
Visit Length 15 minutes 48 seconds
Page Views 2
Referring URL
Visit Entry Page http://texsquixtarblog.blogspot.com/
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Time Zone UTC-5:00
Visitor's Time Nov 21 2008 1:40:48 pm
Visit Number 9,394

With respect to the premise of their message, "sad story, but how is this amway's fault? ---- This is an easy one. Listen to Rich De Vos' "Directly Speaking" recordings, and you will KNOW why it is Amway's fault. Basically, Rich knew about the tool scam, told the LCK's to stop the tool scam "or else", and did not follow up with the "or else", which means IBO's are being ripped off TO THIS DAY, A FULL QUARTER CENTURY LATER.

poor decisions + low motivation + credit card + some bad advice sprinkled in does not equal a problem with the company or even the concept. ---- The only "poor decision" I made was believing the LCK's weren't lying. I had and still have motivation and a credit card. The "some bad advice sprinkled in" is more accurately stated as "institutional lying to scam IBO's via the tool scam."

this could happen to anyone in any business, or hobby for that matter...money can be blown on lots of useless things. ---- The problem is it happens to most IBO's in the Amway business, even though Rich is clearly on the record as being against it.

amway doesn't require that owners buy any of that crap, and after $16k if this person is not wise enough to know that they have a problem then it was a matter of time before a "fool and his money are soon separated". ---- Why allow millions of IBO's to be scammed when you are aware of the scam? Amway doesn't "require" it, but they also turn a blind eye to the problem. I'm not surprised, as Amway can't even follow their own written rules, which have been well documented on this and other sites.

tex said...

By the way, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the above message didn't come from an LCK, such as Jody Victor.

tex said...

For once in a very long time, there is a decent post regarding the tool scam on QIACIAQ's (quixtar is a cult is a quack) site. The point is there is a scam, not a cult:


ajgannon said...

Regarding ridiculous things that you said about IBOFightBack, I was referring your claims about his sexuality, and you said that he runs a porn site. Maybe those were inside jokes, based on some conversation you had in Prague. I don't know.

tex said...


I don't recall the remarks about ibofb's sexual orientation, but I assure you he is queer, in the old fashioned meaning, having met him in person while in Prague.

More importantly, he is divorced, has another child out of wedlock, and has never ending "love" for N21, apparently because the books/tapes/ association helped him through a rough time. If you want to get your advice from someone like that, go for it, aj.

Ask him about his porn sites, it was posted somewhere several months ago, I'm not going to look it up for you.

Here's another example of ibofb's "personality". It is a recent posting on his blog where he threatens someone with "banning" them, merely because he answered questions that were asked of him. ibofb knows his uplines' tool scam system, even though it no longer exists in the UK, has ruined the reputation of Amway, as it should. So, he tries taking his frustration out on someone merely because they got excited about someone on ibofb's site asking a somewhat intelligent question, for a change. I doubt there are enough people looking at ibofb's site for that discussion to amount to anything except insignificant impact, but ibofb would rather turn off the discussion than learn how other MLM's are succeeding in the UK, while Amway has been an utter failure:


Tex said...


I forgot, ibofb is an atheist as well.

Tex said...

Interesting comment from MIIA on ibofb's site:


I wouldn't mind doing a little "bunny baseball" with some LCK's. Verbally, of course:


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