Friday, March 28, 2008

Tex On Prague

Last week Tex was invited along with 4 other bloggers and blog commenters to Prague, Czech Republic to speak on a panel for Amway Global Communications.

At the new blog, Speaking of Amway, authored by Chuck Lia; Tex gave his "Take" on the conference and the participants.


March 22nd, 2008 at 1:14 pm


As you know, the reason I am active on the blogs is to ensure the end of the tool scam, which creates much more profit for the lying cowardly “kingpins” (typically, those who wear the Emerald pin and above) and causes the typical IBO not be in a positive net profit situation until a relatively high level is reached. Several posters on qblog and other sites have indicated was their personal experience, the break even point is about Platinum, having reached the Platinum level themselves. So, for every 100 or so IBO’s in a Platinum group, 99 of them are operating at a net negative, and one (the Platinum) is breaking even or making a small profit. This is NOT a good business model (to state the obvious).

The tool scam was publicly identified by Rich DeVos in 1983, but he never followed up on his demands, so we have several decades of literally millions of former and current Distributors/IBO’s having lost somewhere in the neighborhood of billions to tens of billions of dollars to these scam artists.


I have to say my personal opinions or the opinions I have of the other 4 bloggers didn’t change much.

ibofb was in his usual form, from trying to correct me on everything from a discussion that started with the room Centigrade thermostat setting that is comfortable and led to the “crossover” point where degrees Centigrade and degrees Fahrenheit are identical (I was right, it is -40 degrees, he insisted it was slightly different than -40 degrees) to showing me a “secret” email printed on red paper (perhaps TOP SECRET, something I had actual access to in the real world when I was in the military), folded to show me only the critical information (lest I see who the email was from), showing the N21 tool profits to be reasonable. As I recall, it was 30% for Diamonds, but

1. The key question is 30% of what. I noticed the 30% compared the published Quixtar average Diamond income, which applies to QUALIFIED Diamonds only, and an N21 Diamond pin, most of whom probably don’t currently qualify at the Diamond level. Therefore, the 30% number is mixing apples and oranges, the usual upline/ibofb lies/spin. This makes former Diamond pin Bruce Anderson’s statement (was in the Yager/Wilson system, not N21) and a number of others, a more accurate estimate, as he made about twice as much from tools than A/Q.

2. There was no backup information, only a statement it was 30%.

He did say he agreed with me more on the tool scam issue being a problem, and less with my specific tactics. I think the time has long passed to be “nice” about this issue, as the tool scam has gone on far too long, negatively affected far too many Distributors/IBO’s, and made far too many billions of scam dollars for the lying cowardly “kingpins.” We agreed to disagree on my tactics. The bottom line for me is when you show someone the marketing plan, unless you tell them the upline makes most of their money on the tool scam, you shouldn’t expect to go net positive if you listen to the uplines’ advice until you get to Platinum, and most of the lying cowardly “kingpins” aren’t currently qualified for the pins they wear, you are lying through your teeth. As I told others prior to the conference and ibofb during the conference, I had no intent of shaking ibofb’s hand, as he had “dissed” me on 4 separate posts in the weeks leading up to the conference. However, I didn’t think through how much we would be around each other, so I shook his hand upon meeting him, when we split up, and treated him better than his behavior deserved. I let The Big Apple talk to ibofb much more regarding the tool scam, as I have found ibofb to be completely intellectually dishonest. As I’ve said several times before, ibofb and I agree on virtually every issue related to A/Q, except what to do about the tool scam. There’s only one thing worse than an uneducated fool, and that’s an educated one. That sums up ibofb pretty well.

Bridgett was I imagined her to be from the blogs: energetic, smart, and a great sense of humor.

The Big Apple agreed the tool scam is the biggest problem, and we only had one minor issue, which I will expand on. I believe there is a single primary issue, the tool scam. The Big Apple said there are 2 main issues, the tool scam and the fact there are too many tools promoted. Here’s why I think I am correct: if the tool prices were lowered, the emphasis for profit will be shifted to the A/Q business. When this happens, and too many tools are being promoted, there will be an incentive (maximizing A/Q profit) to reduce the number of tools, which will allow the IBO’s to have more time and money to devote towards retailing and/or sponsoring new IBO’s. Therefore, the reduction in tool prices causes the amount and content of tools to be adjusted closer to the ideal level consistent with the new balance in incentives, to maximize A/Q profit. In other words, the first issue (the tool scam) The Big Apple sees as being one of the two issues automatically optimizes the second (number/content of the tools). It’s really simple economic principles (supply/demand, maximizing profit) and incentives (away from the tool scam, towards A/Q profit) making the proper corrections to the out of balance situation we have now.

Dave was more focused on how we present our personalities as bloggers, social interaction via the blogs, etc., and in non-A/Q blogging interests, as his site reflects. How can I say anything negative about my "Blog Daddy?"

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tex "Claims" His Blog

As most of you know, this is Tex's Quixtar Blog. I just maintain it to provide a place for Tex's Messages about Quixtar/Amway and the "lying, cowardly kingpins" that run the "tool scam" of training Quixtar-affiliated business owners.

Tex has yet to "take over" and actually write blog entries, but his message is clear in the comments section.

But I was happy today when I was reviewing the site statistics of visits and noticed a referral from the Alticor Media Blog. I had not linked anything to the Media Blog so I followed the referral link back to see who was talking about this blog.

The link comes from an entry entitled , Nitro: Case Dismissed.

It's in the comments section.

Tex Says:
February 27th, 2008 at 10:55 pm
SoonerIBO #107,

I agree, they should have simply resigned and followed the 6 month/2 year rules. No special requests, no lawsuit. Just GO, TEAM.

Do you have the tape/CD number where he refers to the “bubba juice?”

JimZ #108,

JimZ for President! Come visit me on "my" blog sometime, I invite you and other enlightened individuals (or even curious) into the club of truth.

Chuck #109,

Good point, I think we would have heard about these guys leaving by now. Chuck for President! You have the same invitation as JimZ. We can handle Co-Presidents.

ThunderDUNCE #110,

So Fred was lying for 20 plus years, or all the other "kingpins" are now wrong?

I know he places the word, "MY", in quotes; but I'm glad Tex is feeling at home.

And Tex...that's a great way to drive traffic here.
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