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New Business Support Rules For Amway India


Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming....Here's an interesting letter from the Amway India business. Looking forward to similar rules coming to the U.S.,com_fireboard/Itemid,91/func,view/id,10747/catid,30/

Here's the letter as well, in the event it "disappears" from Insider's site:




The following B.S.M. discussion paper and subsequent recommendations ‘that flow from it’ are the final result of a comprehensive review that began in May 2007. That review included detailed discussion with B.S.M / System Owners, International Diamonds, all in-Country Diamonds, presentations to most Platinums in India and finally input from a global B.S.M. Meeting convened in Grand Rapids in early October, 2007.

It reflects the unique and at times difficult regulatory environment in India, the concerns that have been raised as a result of the AP matter and of course the ‘learnings’ from other markets around the world, not the least of which is the U.K.

Where appropriate, commentary / explanation preceeds the different recommendations and readers of this document should view the recommendations as proposed “additions” to the current rule……not as a replacement for it.

The recommendations presented have not been framed as rules within this paper and will be integrated into the current B.S.M. rule, with appropriate language and detail once all feedback has been received and final decisions taken. That will be no later than December, 15th, 2007.

General Philosophy:

B.S.M’s and meetings , their content, pricing, frequency and Brand presentation should compliment and enhance the Amway Business and never intentionally or unintentionally interfere with or disrupt it. Good education should be made available to the maximum number of ABO’s at the best possible price. Risk should be eliminated from this aspect of the business.

1. Branding:


• All Major meetings and BBS’s must display prominent Amway branding. Sub branding is allowed. For example:


Proudly Sponsored by Sanjay Diamond

• Amway branding on all B.S.M.’s will be required, with the exception of books that are generally found in the public domain. “Amway Approved B.S.M.” will be required to be printed on all tapes, CDs, DVDs or printed material, with the exception , of books, as previously mentioned.

2. Content & Quantity:

There is a need to standardize the content of all Amway related Meetings & BSMs to ensure correct and more consistent messaging is achieved. Income examples untilised in Plans and Opens must be ‘real’ and products / customers must be promoted with equal emphasis as to recruiting more ABO’s. There must be ‘balance’ in all teaching, whether from the stage, on a B.S.M.’s, or in a face to face counseling situation.

Amway believes it is appropriate to limit the number of B.S.M. SKU’s that can be sold by any one individual, group or System. Currently the number of B.S.M.’s available is disproportionate to the Core business offering. Amway would prefer not to make this a rule and will look towards productive discussions and agreements with System Owners to address this issue with a view to significantly reducing the number of B.S.M.’s on offer, so that it is at parity with the overall Amway business.


The Plan:

• Concepts and Income Examples will be per Company direction and format. They must be used.

• Customers must be shown

• 15 minutes live product demo or playing of a 15 minute product demo CD is mandatory

• Money back guarantees must be clearly explained on both products and the business opportunity

• Prospects must be told that income is generated from the sale of products

• Prospects must be told that B.S.M.’s are optional and not mandatory.

• A ‘leave behind brochure’ (currently being developed by the Company) will be mandatory and must be given to all who see the plan.

Meetings (Major & B.B.S.):

• A balanced content in all meetings of approximately 30% motivation, 30% product information and 30% teaching & recognition will be mandatory.

• Speaker guildelines developed by Amway must be given to every speaker well in advance of their presentation and must be adhered to.

B.S.M.’s (Tapes, CDs, DVDs, Printed Material):

• All B.S.M.’s will have to be approved by Amway prior to distribution and must carry an “Amway approved B.S.M.” sticker on them.

• All product related B.S.M.’s will only be produced and distributed by Amway.

• All A.S.M.P. related B.S.M.’s will only be produced and distributed by Amway.

3. Costs:

For the new ABO will remain the same per the current B.S.M. rule. Please note that Amway will be reducing the cost of the Starter Kit substantially in early 2008 and hence the value of B.S.M.’s that can be sold to a ‘new’ Business Owner will reduce proportionally and as per the current rule. Amway will advise the new kit pricing criteria and the subsequent amount of BSM’s / meeting tickets a ‘new’ ABO can purchase in the first 30 days, in due course.


• Prices as currently stated in the B.S.M. Policy will be maintained and not increased.

4. Transparency:

New ABOs joining the Amway Business who are promoted B.S.M.’s and Meetings not produced by Amway, need to understand that these recommendations are linked to a separate business………. that generates profit to its promoters.


• Written disclosure to prospects who become ‘new’ ABOs will be mandatory, relative to informing them that the promotion and sale of non Amway B.S.M.’s and / or Meeting tickets, is a business and that profits are made from same.

Concluding Comments:

The aforementioned recommendations for inclusion into the B.S.M. Rule, we believe substantially reduces the risk to the Amway business in India, whilst allowing education / motivation by independent Third Party Vendors, to continue.

Whilst Amway appreciates that costs are going up in India and that some Leaders encouraged us to increase B.S.M. and Meeting prices to counter that… the current regulatory environment, and considering the recent strong growth currently being experienced in India, AIE does want to do anything to change the status quo relevant to pricing and hence does not feel B.S.M. or meeting price increases would be prudent at this time. We will continue to review this on an annual basis.

The Company has taken the decision to become much more pro-active in providing B.S.M.’s and Meetings in the future and will shortly publish a schedule of events across the country. All LOS’s will be invited to attend, as will speakers from the various organizations. This initiative will not be a profit center for Amway and therefore prices will reflect that.

Whilst Amway will encourage all to attend and participate in our events , we of course respect that ABO’s have a ‘choice’ and it is up to them to decide whatever they do or do not want to participate in…..or what B.S.M.’s they do or don’t want to buy. However, it should be noted that Rule 5.5 expressly states that a “Sponsor must use his best efforts to encourage his personally sponsored distributors to attend Amway meetings and other functions” …and in this regard, if any ABO is found to dispromote, intimidate or try to prevent his downline from participating in Amway events or from buying Amway B.S.M.’s…………… Amway India, observing a zero tolerance policy would terminate that ABO immediately.

As with all rules, it is the ‘spirit’ and not the ‘letter’ of the actual rule that makes it effective. Amway India looks forward to the future and to working with all stakeholders who have a vested interest in providing excellent education / motivation, to the most number of ABO’s , at the best possible price and without risk.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tex's First Post...Sorta

The following is a response to an entry at "On The Road With Dave." The relevant link is in the body of the message.

Tex said...


First of all, thanks for setting up "my" blog, although I should note YOU are the Blog Administrator and can delete comments at your discretion.

You got a number of points wrong/inaccurate.

1. I do NOT hate the "tool systems", I hate the high prices that result in MA$$IVE secret profits for the lying cowardly "kingpins". I find no issue with the CONTENT of the tools, recognizing I will not agreement 100% with every other human being on this planet.

2. Although banned from many blogs (some multiple times, as they "let" me back on prior to being "banned" yet again). I have NEVER been banned from a corporate blog, unless you count the IBOAI one, which is obviously run by the lying cowardly "kingpins". Nor am I "heavily moderated" by any corporate blogs, in fact, some posters have accused A/Q of allowing my pointed comments and not allowing them to respond in kind.

3. Your speculative reasons for me being "banned" are indeed speculation.
I can speculate on three reasons why this has happened. My "prolific comments" are intended to educate the prospects and IBO's of the tool scam. In the blog world, the way to do this is to stay "on top" in the discussion (visible to the casual reader). The reason I quote others is to ensure no inferior point they make goes "unpunished". I challenge you to name an issue with this business, and chances are VERY good I can trace it to being directly or indirectly related to the tool scam. I ONLY counter-attack. I learned this lesson early in my "blogging life" long ago. I tried for 2-3 months or so to be "nice", and not hit back. However, I realized the only way to get my point across was to hit back. Shoot me with a pea-shooter, out comes my 16" guns. If you want a closed discussion (closed to other ideas), you SHOULD apply "Free Speech" only to the author. If you want the truth to come out, you allow ALL points of view, and allow facts and logic to prevail.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Tex's New Blog

I've started A NEW blog. But, hopefully it won't be mine for very long.
I'm looking at it as a "surrogate blog". I'm just "carrying it" until the mother or in this case; the father, takes over.

In the realm of Amway and Quixtar-related blogs, there are a regular cast of bloggers representing opinions both pro and con. These blogs are frequented and commented upon by the other bloggers and a semi-regular cast of commenters. At some of the blogs, the commenters are as well known as the authors of said blogs. Such is the case with "Tex".

Tex is a Quixtar-affiliated Independent Business Owner(IBO) with a propensity to stay focused on one issue regarding the operation of a Quixtar Independent Business. Tex hates the "tool systems" used by top level Amway and Quixtar distributor leaders to motivate, educate (and yes, profit from) their downline groups of distributors. For that issue, I am in total agreement with Tex.

Aside from that issue, Tex also enjoys a healthy debate with critics of the legitimate businesses operated by other Quixtar Independent Business Owners. Again, I can be in total agreement with Tex on this issue.

I know, I know, you sense a "BUT" coming on...and you'd be correct.

The problem is most recently, that Tex has been banned from nearly all the Quixtar and Amway-related blogs and discussion groups. This includes pro-blogs, con-blogs, and even some Quixtar-company sponsored blogs. If he hasn't been banned; he's being heavily-moderated.
I can speculate on three reasons why this has happened.

1. Tex is prolific in his comments. He writes often. He writes long detailed entries in the "Comments" section. He quotes other commenters in their entirety and then responds point by point. He repeats this process.

This can be a blog author's dream or a nightmare. The dream is the traffic and lively discussion. The nightmare is the constant moderation and possible association with the negative comments volleyed back and forth between Tex and the other commenters.

2. The constant "on point" comments by Tex voicing his "position".

This would be okay, except if the blog author or "thread" author in the discussion group wrote about something entirely different from the subject Tex wants to discuss.
If the author writes about "Tool Abuse"; Tex is there to denigrate the "lying cowardly kingpins" that profit from other IBOs.

If the author writes about a new Quixtar product; Tex is there to denigrate the "lying cowardly kingpins" that profit from other IBOs

If the author writes about taking a vacation; Tex is there to to denigrate the "lying cowardly kingpins" that profit from other IBOs.

3. Tex uses "personal attacks" towards other commenters and blog authors when the topic debate continues on. Although personal attacks are not the best debate tactic, they can be effective; but Tex fails to realize or fails to care that he is commenting in a "closed forum". The blog author or Discussion Group owner is not obligated to let participants insult other commenters or the blog author.

The expression of "Free Speech" only applies to the author. Yes, some authors may allow dissent...but it is not a "right" of the commenter. Tex has the proclivity to tax his "right" on other's forums.
And so, Tex has worn the patience of many a blog author and forum owner quite thin. It has been suggested to Tex on many, many occasions to "start your own blog". Tex has been hesitant to take this advice for fear that a blog of his own would not receive the traffic that the other blogs receive and thus his message would not be heard.

I disagree with Tex. And so, I started "Tex's Quixtar Blog".

I have set it up. I have posted two entries from other blog authors on why Tex was banned and their opinion of Tex. I have now begun to post "comments" made by Tex at some of these blogs.
I am more than willing to give Tex access to HIS blog and let him begin to spread his message about Quixtar, about Amway, about Motivational Organizations and their tools that they sell; and about WHATEVER Tex wants to write.
"On The Road" readers, I urge you to visit Tex's New Blog...let him see that you are willing to read what he writes, that you are willing to comment at HIS blog, and that he can exercise his Free Speech rights under his OWN banner.

Tex? Howboutit? Your own blog.

Nice or Honest

Tex said:
Saturday, January 19, 2008

"...The critics will ALWAYS be vicious and will lie to support their position. The issue for me isn't putting the emphasis on being "civil" (ever hear of the saying, "Don't bring a knife to a gunfight"?), it is being open, honest, and transparent. When you do this, the critics will have the "knife", and we will have the "gun". The truth and facts are powerful. Everyone (including Quixtar) needs to understand we live in a different world, now that the internet and blogs exist. It's no longer possible to "sweep things under the rug", or "look the other way" when the elephant is standing in your living room.

The A/Q business needs to start the open, honest, and transparent exercise with the source of most of the profit (for the upline) and much of the loss (for most IBO's) is derived, the secret tool profits. Until this is done, the critics will have the upper hand. This is the "elephant in the living room" of the A/Q business. It can no longer be ignored, and has already been a quarter of a century since this biggest problem in the A/Q business was publicly identified by one of the co-founders.

Stop trying to be "nice" and just do the right thing. Being "nice" at the expense of being honest is a recipe for failure."

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Comments Are Open To All

Comments should be open to all who wish to comment. No Moderation. No Google or Blogger account necessary.

Comments can still be deleted at the discretion of the Blog Administrator.

The Trouble With Tex


After an extremely patient web host had put up with far more than most would have, Tex has been banned again from yet another blog.

Tex is an unsuccessful IBO who is trying to get the message out about the tools deception. He has achieved 1500 PV after well over a dozen years in the biz. Not really successful by anybody's standards.

Some of you may have heard of him, or just gotten bored with him. Porkchopjim slaughtered him on a number of debates at the old Quixtar the Dream or The Scheme? blog simply because Tex would not listen to reason.

Tex's MO (that's modus operandi for the uncool amongst us) was basically to take the discussion thread to the lying cowardly kingpins topic, of which everyone who has any clue about Amway/Quixtar is fully aware of. Then preach from his virtual soapbox about how it needs to stop.

He also got banned from Quixtar Blog and the Quixtar Blog forum. He was made to look like a complete imbecile by just being himself on QBlog radio. Have a listen, it's really quite revealing.

The bitter (And humorous) irony of all this is that Tex's "mission" is to get the word out about the tools profits to the "Lying Cowardly Kingpins" (which he doesn't specifically identify). Since he gets banned, he doesn't get his message (which everyone already knows) out.

Tex doesn't seem to understand that anyone can find the answers to questions they have by doing a simple internet search. Tex doesn't seem to WANT to grasp the fact that his mission is not that vital, simply because anyone researching the Amway opportunity will find out about his message with even a modicum of effort.

It looks like this information that Tex has taken as his own to share was available as far back as 1995. It's almost a given that it wasn't necessarily available to everyone, given the internet's relative newness. Not so today. Everyone in North America can, if they want to, get online with few exceptions.

Why am I writing about Tex? I dunno. I just think it's completely idiotic when he says that what he's trying to do is get the word out, but he does it in such a way that does not allow him to get the word out. He refuses to start a blog because wants immediate attention to his problem and is concerned that a low search engine ranking would be tough to overcome.

Again, if his message is as important as he THINKS it is, then the search engine ranking is irrelevant. The fact that it's such a critical message would immediately increase the traffic because his message is so important. I don't even think I have such a vital role, and I have a blog.

Mind you, if nobody else thinks his message is that critical, then he really isn't a savior to the business, which maybe Tex just isn't prepared to admit to himself yet. Anybody else taste the delicious irony of the situation?

Does anybody else think this guy is a few fries short of a Happy Meal?

Don't fight your medication Tex. Just learn to know your role.

There's nothing more annoying than a fool with a cause.
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