Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tex's Blog Finishes Up The Old Year

Tonight, many Amway Global affiliated Independent Business Owners will most likely be working on their goals for a new year.

I've tried to get Tex's Message out there this year and I hope you've enjoyed "his" blog. Read The Archives. Catch up with Tex and join him in the coming new year. Make it a goal.

And to Tex...thanks for letting me be your "blog-daddy".


Tex said...


The following comment was made by ibofightback on Wed Dec 31, 2008 6:37 pm, on his blog:

2007 I made a resolution to stop posting on QBlog forums. Made it through the year! ---- Good for you, I got "banned" a couple of years ago to prevent myself from wasting my time there. But I still read the blog.

This year I'll add the following -

Any JoeCool blog
Any Rocket blog
Any QIAC blog
Any Tex blog ---- I'm honored. Good RIDDANCE, YOU LIAR!!!

And I also vow not to reply to any of their posts on other sites. ---- Even better, now you will look even weaker when you don't respond.

It can be difficult sometimes, since they are known to make up names and pretend to be other people. I caught JoeCool the other week pretending to be a girl who was part of N21 and badmouthing it with blatant lies. ---- I'm not as sure you proved this, certainly not to the level of jc being the same jc on the World Sex Guide as joecool18. I wonder if jc picked that name as the upper age limit of the whores he would do "business" with?

How much of the Amway criticism on the internet is actually from the same handful of folk making up false identities? ---- Probably very little, there's plenty of REAL damage from a handful of LCK's.

Hmm ... should I add Amthrax to the list? He seems reasonable most of the time ...---- Yes, stay "insulated" from reality with your own site, and kick off anyone who disagrees with your fantasy world. That's what blogging is all about, right? Talking past each other instead of engaging in real conversation.

Tex said...

There's a new and interesting blog over here:

Below is a comment I made a couple of days ago, which was then removed, and now shows up in "awaiting moderation":


The person above is ibofb. He is a well known Amway blogger.

You used the 3.4% because the LCK’s who took this confidential IBOAI information and released it are now being sued by the IBOAI, just to “tweek” the issue. If you didn’t have this intent, you could have used 1%, 5%, or even 10%.

The Amway rules require one of 3 criteria to be met in order to be paid downline volume bonus. Thus, a percentage isn’t the best measure, as it can vary widely.

However, the main point that customers (non-IBO’s) show proof there is legitimate demand and we are NOT selling $10,000 pencils, or $40 fruit juice.

I asked Amway about this over a couple of years ago, and they agreed this is the primary reason for the retail rule.

My upline taught me and everyone else in the group how to “fake out” the computer (lie) to make it look like we had customer volume, but it was really for our use, so the 3.4% is probably high.

I notified Amway, and they ignored the report.

The difference with Amway is there are a lot of different products, so some could be competitively priced to the competition while others aren’t. With single product MLM’s this factor is not present.
The MUCH bigger issue is the tool scam. It dwarfs the lack of retail sales in dollar terms. Even Orrin said his Amway Emeralds made 4-5 TIMES more from the tools than Amway.

If you want to discuss these matters further, tell me a couple of times/days to call:
(616) 597-8000, Access Code: 975016# - and we can talk.

If you want to learn more about the tool scam, go here:

Anonymous said...

Does IBOfightback mean he won't post, or he won't post under IBOfightback? Afterall, he is a well known liar.

Tex said...

Maybe he'll post as YOU did!

Tex said...

Besides, he's busy keeping the natives controlled on his own blog:

What all of these clowns are missing is it is against the accreditation rules to overtly promote religion and politics. All of the other BS they are talking about is meaningless sideline discussions, all in the effort to feed their own egos.

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