Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Dave Robison here, blog administrator for Tex's Quixtar/Amway Global Blog.

Thanksgiving Day in the United States is just a couple of days away and I want thank all the readers of Tex's Blog for stopping by from time to time to read what Tex has to say.

Lots of comments from Tex are new in the last few entries, and I encourage readers to take a look and add their own comments. Tex has provided a few links to topics he'd like for you to check out.

After the the Thanksgiving holiday, I'll be posting more entries from Tex regarding Amway Global. Coming up is a series of entries involving "Showing The Business Opportunity--Tex's Way"(That's a working title). Tex has new "Content Reviewed" material from Amway Global; and we'll be sharing it.


Fall Photo courtesy of Elvis Santana
Turkey Photo courtesy of "kindhelper"

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Tex said...

Thanks Dave, have a great Thanksgiving, and remember Governor Palin did her part to put that turkey on your tables:


Speaking of turkeys, I am looking forward to hearing what the LCK's are gobbling about after their 2 day meeting in Dallas today and yesterday.

I can't wait for the presentation to be posted, hopefully I'll get some comments that are worth thinking about, rather than the usual pecking around:


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