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Tex Loses Some Quixtar/Amway Global Upline Support

Tex will have to clarify the events leading up to his latest message, but I'll try to provide a little background. Some motivational organizations in the world of Amway Global/Quixtar provide books, CDs, DVDs, motivational rallies and private websites linked to Amway Global.

All of these are supposed to support individual Independent Business Owners affiliated with Amway Global and the corresponding motivational organizations. These MO's sell these "tools" at a profit. These "profits from tools" and how they are administered and maintained are at the center of "the tool scam" and Tex's message at this blog.

But as an IBO affiliated with Amway Global, Tex has an "upline" sponsor and a motivational organization that he has to deal with. Tex's sponsors and their sponsors and their sponsors are all tied to a motivational organization.

One of the "tools" at Tex's disposal is a website replicating template site that provides IBOs with a series of website templates that can be customized with their own business name and "landing" page, so they may send potential IBOs to a website to introduce the recruit not only to Amway Global, but also, to the IBO's own identity.

But now, it seems that the Motivational Organization that is above Tex and is responsible for support and training of Tex has cancelled Tex's website and is not responding to his protests.

It appears some strong arm tactics may be in force trying to "silence" Tex's opinions about the "tool scam" and his efforts to discredit what he calls "the lying, cowardly, kingpins".

Here's what Tex is saying.....

"The below note will soon be sent to InterNet Services, with copies going to various Amway Global employees, as well as the UK regulators and Texas Attorneys General officials:

Your recent cancellation of my IBO City account (see rejected e-mails below, more on this later) because of honest and accurate criticism is in violation of Amway Global rules below:

5.3.3. Training and Motivation: IBOs must be able to train and motivate the IBOs they have registered with a minimum of assistance from his or her first upline Platinum or above. If the IBO is a member of an established business-building system, he or she may make arrangements for his or her IBOs to be trained and motivated by the activities and BSM of that system, but under no circumstances may an IBO be forced or coerced to participate in the system. If a downline IBO is unable, for any reason, to access the system or chooses not to use the system, his or her IBO must be able to provide training and motivation.

5.3.4. Servicing Arrangements: If an IBO is unable or unwilling to service his or her downline IBOs with the proper supply of products, training or motivation, he or she must make arrangements, in writing, with his or her first upline qualified Platinum (or higher pin) to have this done, in which case he or she must be willing to compensate his or her currently qualified Platinum (or higher pin) for this service. An IBO who lives at a distance from his or her downline IBOs must also personally supply, train, and motivate their new IBOs, or he or she must make arrangements, in writing, with his or her qualified Platinum (or higher pin) to have this done, in which case he or she must be willing to compensate his or her currently qualified Platinum (or higher pin) for this service.

There is no mention regarding whether the IBO is in agreement with the upline making most of their money from tools (and unknown to most IBO's and prospects, by the way) rather than Amway Global products and services, or any other disagreement. As Amway Global FULLY knows, my sponsor has been inactive for several years. Therefore, I have every right to access the IBO City information, and there is no rule that allows you to prevent access to this information. In fact, the rule below indicates Internet-Services should not be accredited (and therefore not qualified for the QBI program), as the above secret, under the table tool profit behaviors have severely damaged Amway Globals reputation for decades:

2.9. IBO in Good Standing. For the purposes of interpreting and enforcing the Quixtar Rules of Conduct only, the term “good standing,” when used in these Rules, shall refer to an IBO whose conduct does not negatively affect the reputation of Quixtar Inc., its related businesses, or IBOs affiliated with Quixtar and its related entities. This Rule shall not impact anything other than the Rules of conduct, including, but not limited to, Quixtar Business Incentive Programs (QBI).

The tool scam "game" is over in the UK, as ZERO tool profit is now allowed, and needs to be addressed in the U.S. as well. I have tried working with Amway Global for over 3 years, have raised visibility to this issue via various blogs, and have been in touch with, among others, UK regulators, the FTC, my U.S. Senator, the DSA, and more recently the Texas Attorneys General office.

Now back to the e-mail rejection issue. As far as I'm concerned, the tool profit "game" is over, now all we need to do is clean up the mess. I have an unlimited number of e-mail accounts and IP addresses I can use to inform you of the issues, so stop playing this IP address/e-mail account rejection game.

Your weak attempts to subvert an honest business, both via the tool profits and with my e-mail rejections should be noted be noted by the UK and the Texas Attorneys General to provide insight into your extreme tactics. It should be further noted Amway Global has NOT been helpful in resolving various issues during the past 3 years as well.

I suggest you propose a couple of dates/times to discuss these issues in an adult manner, using the conference call information provided below.

Conference Dial-in Number: (616) 597-8000
Access Code: 975016#



tex said...

The only thing I used from the web site was the meeting and conference call schedule.

tex said...

The words of this thread should read: "Tex Loses Some/Amway Global Quixtar Upline Support", as Amway Global is now the lead name.

tex said...

Oops, I put the "slash" in the wrong place.

The words of this thread should read: "Tex Loses Some Amway Global/Quixtar Upline Support", as Amway Global is now the lead name.

tex said...

No feedback from anyone today regarding my IBO City cancellation.

Not Amway, not the LCK's, not the UK regulators, not the Texas Attorneys General office.

I'm not expecting much from the LCK's unless/until they are forced to, the UK regulators have their own Amway issues, and the Texas Attorneys General office got involved only recently.

However, Amway has a rule violation they need to address.

I'll certainly remind them of this and hopefully get some feedback.

On another note, LCK Bert Gulick visited Dallas to do the Open, he has been visiting Dallas at least about once per month and talking to a largely Hispanic audience, complete with translator as he shows the plan.

Guess what's coming to Dallas in less than 3 weeks?

The Amway Global National Spotlight, of course.

Guess who DIDN'T mention the Spotlight at the Open?

According to extremely reliable sources, none other than LCK Bert Gulick.

Is this because this is an English event? Can't be, Spanish interpretation is offered right on the Amway Global web site.

Is this a "surprise?" Can't be that either, these have been going on all summer long.

Did he forget to mention it? Possible, but I doubt it.

Folks, based on my Omaha National Spotlight report, there is only one reasonable answer: There is a virtual war between Amway Global and the LCK's.

A war for the control of the hearts and minds of the IBO's.

IBO's are caught in the middle, most of them probably unaware they are pawns in a death match they don't even know is being waged.

Do you see the pattern between this Open, the "break the rules" conference call a couple of weeks ago, and the Omaha National Spotight? I do, and don't like it one bit.

When will Amway Global zip up in the front and do the right thing? It can't happen soon enough.

tex said...

Watch and enjoy:

tex said...

Two working days have gone by, and I haven't even heard anyone from ISC acknowledge receipt of the below e-mail, let alone acted on them.

It's not my rules that are being broken, it's Amway Global's rules.

I'll keep updating my site ( until I regain access to the IBO City site.

As many of you know, I have plenty of e-mail records from previous rule violations not acted on as well.

Three years of trying, yet not getting action is a long time, but the millions of former and current IBO's who have been ripped off via the tool scam for several decades for billions to tens of billions of dollars are worth whatever effort it takes.

I'm not going to try to work around the issue of getting this e-mail to the ISC folks, they are well aware of my site and visit often. So if you want to ensure they are notified, feel free to forward this e-mail to them.


ajgannon said...

The conference call schedule hasn't changed for over a year. For the last few months there has even been a consistent pattern to the topic rotation. As long as you have the telephone number and access code, you don't need the IBO City web-site. The webinar access number changes from week to week, but Doyle always gives the webinar number at the start of the conference call.

Do you find the conference calls/ webinars useful for marketing Amway Global products, or are you trying to "infiltrate" the support system with the hope of exposing some infraction?

tex said...


The conference calls are largely a waste of time.

They drone on and on, talking about very little.

The calls could be MUCH shorter to maintain interest.

Unfortunately, the calls are given by those who make tapes/CD's and aren't paid for content, but by the hours of recordings.

This isn't a big deal when you're driving down the road, or taking a walk, but when you're sitting on the telephone, it would be much better if they simply did the call, put out the information, and let people go. Contrary to their opinions of themselves, I'm not impressed with their voices, especially since I know they are lying through their teeth.

The web presentation adds very little to the discussion.

I found the XS one interesting, because they were talking about the ingredients, which has been a topic of curiosity online.

Did you listen to the XS session?

I'm not there specifically to play "gotcha" with anyone, but I also won't ignore those who blatantly break the rules.

The main benefit is the meeting schedule.

tex said...

I received a response from Amway today. Below is their response, and my response to them:

ISC and/or the Yager organization are under no obligation to provide you training and support, and have every right to cease offering you access to their services if they feel you have misused that privilege. Your claim that ISC is somehow in violation of Rules 5.3.3 and 5.3.4 by denying you access to their website is unfounded and inaccurate.

How can you say that, Yager is in my upline?

As you probably recall, the August 2007 terminations of the upline between us and Yager (Don Wilson, et al) resulted in not having access to our upline Platinum, even though there are several rules that refer to the obligations and responsibilities of the upline Platinum, and the identity of the Platinum is therefore an implied requirement.

I was told by Jim Bos, my Sales Manager, in the August/September 2007 timefreame I should know by the end of 2007, then was put off well into 2008.

I was also told there were "negotiations" being worked out with Yager for tool support, but NEVER heard any resolution the issue of being "stranded" because of the above terminations.

Eventually, I was able to obtain ISC contact information on another blog, and went around the Sales Manager and the rules department and called into the information line directly, and found out there was only a single Platinum between me and Yager, and he promotes ISC for support.

In fact, to this day, well over a year after the above terminations, our upline Platinum name isn't shown on the Amway Global site. Instead, a PH (place holder) number is shown in the space where the Platinum name used to appear.

As you should FULLY recall, and based on several e-mails over the past several months, my sponsor has been inactive for several years, and you refused to engage rules 5.3.3 and 5.3.4 when I had no means to know who my upline Platinum was, and lacked contact information for ISC.

You have totally distorted the rules to fit whatever conclusion you want to support, as there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the rules that states upline support is a "privilege." Rather, the rules use the words "must", "under no circumstances", "unable, for any reason", etc., when it comes to the upline providing training and motivation. There is absolutely no wiggle room for any exceptions.

Instead, there have been unilateral actions (and in the case of Amway Global, inappropriate inaction) taken by both ISC and Amway Global, with NO explanation. There are absolutely NO provisions for witholding upline training and motivation support based on whether the upline "feels" like providing it.

I consider these issues to be breach of contract and tortuous business interference.

Please explain yourself.

tex said...

Doing my normal due diligence, I decided to review the recent rule changes, and quickly became confused. Below are my comments e-mailed to Amway Global. Remember, this is a multi-billion dollar company, and these rules have been on the street for a couple of months or so. Does this mean nobody else has bothered to read the rules, or it takes this long to fix errors? Here's the e-mail:

While reviewing the online rule changes on the site,
(Home-Resource Center-Business Resources-Rules of Conduct), I came across some apparent discrepancies:

1. Following rule 11.3.11 are rules 11.3.2 Step 2 and 11.3.3 Step 3.

2. There are 2 rules that are both entitled "Arbitration", 11.3 and 11.5.

3. It is unclear whether parts of 11.5 should be changed, deleted, or incorporated into rule 11.3.

Please advise.

tex said...

Looks like the rules are now "fixed." You decide which meaning applies.

When the site was updated to reflect the change to Rule 11 it was done so incorrectly. It has now been fixed.

Thanks for pointing this out.
You're welcome.

It looks much better now, thanks.

tex said...

Hey, how about some good news?

Effective October 1, 2008, orders will be received three to eight days from the time the order was placed, under new Standard Delivery guidelines. We’ve made the changes to help us stay competitive with other e-commerce businesses like Amazon and Target, and to meet IBO and customer shopping expectations.

Your new IBOs and customers will no longer need to be educated on their order day based on their ZIP code. They can be confident their order will arrive at their door within the time range of service they’ve selected.

For existing IBOs, ship days of some ZIP codes will change in October and January. IBOs in the designated ZIP codes, who order on a weekly basis, will be notified of these changes and/or any carrier changes.

Some restrictions may apply. (Vendor ship and offshore locations.)

Note: This change does not affect Canadian orders. Canadian IBOs and customers should refer to delivery information/details as published on the website.

Dave said...


tex said...

Pay no attention to dave, he's as clueless as a summer day near the north pole is long.

Dave said...

All kidding aside, this post explains why the kingpins need to be reigned in:

tex said...

All kidding aside, that "story" is stupid. All you have to do is read this site to know why the kingpins need to be reigned in.

tex said...

According to the A/Q site, only 60,000 IBO's and their customers have attended the National Spotlight events, with only one remaining. I've been to a single function that had more IBO's.

Dave said...

All kidding aside, your stupid. Back to your monoblog tex.

tex said...

All kidding aside, you're stupid, because you can't even spell "you're." Back to your gutter dave.

tex said...

Here's an update on the BSM violation, and the below attitude is what allows the LCK's to continue their tool scam. Anything goes, rules be damned, right ibofb/Geary?

Re: XS Gold????
by Geary on Fri Sep 19, 2008 10:45 pm

ibofightback wrote:
On his blog, Tex claims to have reported this "violation" re BSM to the corp. He's such a nice guy, don't you think?

Actually the descriptive "useless as teats on a boar hawg" comes to mind ...


On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 3:27 PM, wrote:

Do you have any clue to the identity of "whatsgoingon" on the website?

Here's a link to some information, look at the post by whatsgoingon on Mon Sep 01, 2008 5:03 am:

From this and some of the other posts, it appears he has been an ABO for about 20 years, was in the Scriven LOS, and was at the Cyprus meeting recently.

I'll keep looking for more information.


tex said...

This is one of the best discussions of business owner mentality versus employee mentality I've ever seen:

I found it while skimming over qblog, and I recommend you go there and read the stupid comments on that site.

tex said...

I don't mention a post about me every time I see it, but I could pass up this one. It is a "90 day promise" to not post on ibofb's site.

See You in 2009!
by Wearyeyed on Sat Oct 04, 2008 2:00 pm

Fact is, when the person is open, and I am the "right" kind of person for them to willingly follow, all the Tex's and QIAC'c in the world aren't going to change that fact.
What this joker doesn't understand is he CAN'T be the "right" kind of person if he is leading his group into a tool scam. It has NOTHING to do with him or any other IBO, it has to do with the LCK's.

tex said...

Now let's wait for all the ass-kissing "we'll miss you wearyeyed", and "you had so many great posts" comments on ibofb's site. PUKE!!!

tex said...

After a long exchange of hostilities and a locked thread (, the ibofb normally brown-nosers would have done well to read the below:

And imagine, the thread is entitled "US Financial Turmoil", but they quickly, as usual, got off topic and found out ibofb is a flaming liberal democrat/Obama loving, atheist, honky, neutered-"male", Aussie/Swede country hopping geek.

But otherwise, a very nice guy!

tex said...

Another part of the IBOAI link says the following, and I have added my truthful filling out of the complete story:

Instead, talk enthusiastically about…

The business’s rich history of success – it’s coming up on its 50th anniversary ---- More like stumbling across the half century mark like a drunken sailor, dragged down by the legacy of the tool scam.

A business where you have the total backing of your upline ---- As long as you suck up to them, otherwise you get unilaterally kept out of their tool scam system, with NO support from Amway when you complain.

Your line of sponsorship’s long line of leadership and the support it provides ---- Such as 3 of your Diamond and above upline getting booted, and not knowing who your Platinum is, and your Platinum is not posted on the Amway site over a year after the upline got booted.

The industry-leading sales and marketing plan and its great payoff for effort ---- And the payoff from the tool scam is several times better, but we don't openly talk about it (wink-wink).

The huge selection of top quality products with something for everyone ---- In fact, most of the IBOAI teaches everything for everyone, even if the products are overpriced.

The unending support of the Corporation and its continual building of the opportunity
the representation by your trade association, the IBOAI, unique in the industry ---- Sorry, Amway DOESN'T support their own rules, I have proven that over and over, with e-mails posted on this site documenting this FACT. The IBOAI's primary task is to maintain their tool scams.
a Board and Corporation that keeps looking for ways of making the business better – for you

tex said...

According to aj on ibofb's site, Yager is now accredited. An unfortunate yet expected event.

tex said...

Anyone who doesn't think we're having an impact, look at this - from

Package - Includes Room for two nights, Saturday Night Banquet, and all Registration Fees:
Single - $337.00 (Early Bird) - $410.00 in 2007
Double - $477.00 (Early Bird) - $570.00 in 2007
Triple - $622.50 (Early Bird) - $730.00 in 2007
Quad - $748.00 (Early Bird) - $890.00 in 2007

tex said...

Interesting post on ibofb's site. The exchange rate for euros to dollars is about $1.3 = 1 euro. I wonder if "RW1" will show his new ABO all of these amounts when he visits with him this afternoon?

I wonder if he will tell him how much the upline LCK's will make from the tools?

Of course, this level of tool scam "expenses" is now banned in the UK, and we are left to wonder when similar changes will occur in the U.S.

How Expensive is your Hobby/Business
by RW1 on Sun Oct 12, 2008 9:01 am

I am watching a program on a B&B/Guest House where the owner is coming back into the business after a number of years absence because she was looking after her ill mother. Now that matters have resolved themselves she has decided to relaunch.
A team has been appointed to advise and change - one of these advisers was a financial guy - hence the comment

"How expensive is your hobby".

Now look at our Amway Business and a system if you are part of one, calculated per person if there are two of you make adjustments where required.
Now I know there will be an expense v investment discussion and that's ok - but let's look at the expenditure side of the balance sheet.
Convert to your currency:

System Expenses:
Book of the Month 12 euro = 144 euro pa
Cd of the week 7.50euro x4 = 28euro = 336 euro pa
Leadership Cds x4 28 euro =336 pa
Monthly Seminar X 8 x 18 euro = 144 euro pa
Weekend functions x 3 x tickets & Acc + Expenses = 500 euro x 3 =1500 euro pa
Opens monthly 7 euro x 12 = 84 euro pa
Other meetings x 7euro x 8 = 56 euro pa
Petrol to system meetings 840 euro pa
Total System Expenses 3,480 euro pa

Amway Business Expenses,
Petrol to and from Plan meetings 80euro x 3 wks x 10 mths 2,400 euro pa
Brochures, flyers etc. 200 euro pa
Samples 200 euro pa
Total 2,800 euro pa

Total Combined Expenses: 6,280 euro pa
Now I could have added in phone but most people are on some sort of packages for home & business.

Now what level in the business makes you profitable and what level of retailing is required to cover the above level of expenses/investment.
In the UK/ROI market we get a 25% REBATE on sales net of VAT [Value Added Tax] which is a profit of 21% approx on gross sales.

Thoughts of RW1 before I sit down with a new ABO this beautiful Sunday Afternoon.

tex said...

porkchopjim said...
So, Tex,

You concede that there does not exist a list of 'many factors' that shows Amway is not a cult and you were caught lying again! ---- QIAC has been not posting my responses, ask him why.

tex said...

Here's the latest from the accreditation front; I called Amway last Friday to see if they were planning on allow IBO's below the Platinum level to be accredited in 2009, now that the "surge" from the major organizations is largely complete.

I had requested this last year, and was told the process was open only to Platinums and above this year, perhaps it will be opened in the future.

As my Sales Manager and other Sales Manager contacts were not available, I called the 800 number, and was told to work through my Platinum.

When I asked who that was, they gave me a name of someone who is located between me and the upline Platinum they gave me a couple of months ago.

I had met these folks briefly several years ago, they were upline of my former upline Emerald.

I was able to get with this "new" Platinum over the weekend and they indicated they haven't done anything for several years.

So I called back to my Sales Manager this morning, and this time the person was in.

When asked to see if Amway was planning to offer accreditation to IBO's below the Platinum level next year, they said they weren't involved in this process, and an answer may take a while, and call back in a month, and they would call me if they got an answer prior to that time.

This appears to be a very long time to get an answer to a simple question, do you agree?

After all, they probably staffed up to get through the accreditation "crunch", and should have made these types of decisions by now.

tex said...

From QIAC's blog:

joecool said...
Tex's silence is his answer. He has no answer.

October 13, 2008 2:37 PM

quixtarisacult said...

I'm not so sure that is fair. He hasn't provided the answers to the cult questions that is true, but I've started rejecting some of his comments. ---- I answered it, you're just too lazy to look it up. I think it is time for Tex to begin using his own Blog for his bull shit. I'm tired of it and of him. ---- What QIAC is really tired of is not being man enough to get his wife away from her daughter, who is a member of the Amway "cult." She has been there over a year, and I told QIAC months ago to go get her.

That's not to say that I reject all of his views, but he has zero understanding for anything outside of his narrow pro-Amway anti-Kingpin broken record. ---- QIAC has offered ZERO evidence I only know the LCK issues. QIAC isn't even an IBO, he knows virtually NOTHING. I spent several hours with QIAC on the phone, and he's still stupid.

tex said...

Here's the latest e-mail sent to Amway and my State Attorney's General office:

I was on a recent InterNET Services conference call hosted by Doyle Yager. He also had an XS Energy representative on to talk about XS Gold.

Another caller asked about an experience they had and what they should do. Apparently, a restaurant was serving XS Energy drinks, including having them advertised in the restaurant and on their menu. The XS representative told them there were 2 choices:

1. Report this to Amway Global as a rule infraction, or
2. Consider this as good advertising for XS Energy, as the restaurant customers may later cross the IBO's path and be more open to being a customer or IBO for Amway Global.

Doyle Yager was completely silent. There were several dozen other IBO's listening to the call that "learned" it is okay to break the rules.

Please let me know how you interpret the rules. I understand InterNET Services was recently accredited. Is this the behavior it takes to become accredited?

tex said...

aj is obviously too chicken to post here, so here's a link to his post on ibofb's site:

He said, in part, "...Josh explained that there is a bright side to this unfair activity. It has caused a lot of people to be exposed to the XS product, who are on the lookout for it. If you, as an IBO, happen to bump into one of these people who stumbled on XS in a convenience store, and doesn't know where to find more, it's an easy selling opportunity." ---- First of all, you should go no further than "unfair activity." The person is breaking rules.

An analogy would be, "There is a bright side to a robber robbing a bank. Think of all the economic activity in the community that will be created when the crook spends the money, instead of being locked up in that big, bad bank."

Secondly, what do you think the probability is of crossing paths with one of these folks? Pretty close to ZERO, aj.

Get a clue. And a backbone. Get one for Doyle Yager while you're at it.

ajgannon said...

Wow, you are quick to the draw Tex! I gave an example at IBOFB's forum of how a person first purchased XS in a store, then she became my customer.

We are in agreement that it is unfair activity. The first action step should be to report illegal retail selling activities to Amway. But why is it violating accreditation guidelines to acknowledge that there can be positive results from a negative situation? Josh Clark is an employee of XS Energy. One of his main objectives is to increase sales of XS Energy drinks. From XS's, the Company's perspective, XS drinks in retail stores isn't 100% negative. I think we can agree that the volume of XS product that flows through stores is very small compared to the volume that flows directly through IBOs, without a store middleman. Whenever I encounter XS in a convenience store, it doesn't stay there very long. Typically the next time I peek in the cooler, there's no evidence that it was ever there. My main point is that you are making way too big of a deal out of a single opinion that was expressed by an XS employee. Your stance is another example of how you're more interested in creating division rather than fostering relationships.

tex said...


Why don't you address my analogy rather than repeating your talking points?

The main point is there were several dozen other IBO's on the call and Doyle went silent. These are NOT the type of people I want to "develop a relationship" with, any more than the crook in the bank analogy. Don't you get it, aj?

You guys who are afraid to address the issues raised on my site remind me of Stuart's aversion to birds, or his mother's to rats:


tex said...

P.S., but you do a fine job with the dog's food (LCK's tool scams), lapping it up like crazy. LOL

ajgannon said...

Okay, the crook in the bank analogy is clever, but too exaggerated to be applicable. Doyle didn't need to say anything because Josh Clark sufficiently addressed the issue.

tex said...

The bank analogy wasn't meant to be just clever, but to illustrate your point about good coming out of breaking rules is a non-starter.

My point is Doyle Yager SHOULD have stepped in, said to follow the rules, and notify Amway of the infraction. If IBO's don't keep the house clean, who WILL? If Doyle Yager doesn't show real leadership, who WILL?

aj, InterNet Services unilaterally canceled my IBO City access and Amway said they have every right to do this, as IBO City access, and therefore upline support, is a privilege. There is NO mention of upline support being a privilege in the rules. NONE.

Wake up and smell the coffee, aj. The inmates are running the asylum. It is clear Amway will break the rules for those who bring volume to the table, the other IBO's be damned.

tex said...

Just to clear up a misperception, I was NOT contacting Internet Services to find my upline, as neither my upline or I have access to our line of sponsorship online. I contacted Amway over a period of several months, attempting to work through the proper channels. After several months, I decided to call the 800 number and ask, and got an answer.

tex said...

PUKE!!! I can't believe the Brady's would use Terri's brain tumor as an excuse to garner sympathy regarding this VERY personal issue.

This joker on ibofb's site is also using it to complain about Amway's latest lawsuit against them, but I would like to know the lawsuit topic. Lawsuits are developed over a period of weeks and months, yet he makes it sound as if the timing was intentional. PUKE!!!

I just hope Terri survives the surgery so she can feel the wrath of this and other lawsuits. She, her husband Christ, and the rest of the LCK's deserve to see justice in this world, I KNOW they will see it in the next.


tex said...

I neglected to mention the source of this BS is none other than Orrin Woodward. TRIPLE PUKE!!!

tex said...

Someone should tell Orrin, et al, the brain tumor may be a sign from God as "payment" for being tool scammers for YEARS.

At least that makes as much sense as Amway deliberately making the timing of filing a lawsuit with the surgery. We all know it will be MONTHS before anything even happens with the lawsuit.

Instead, we get a "blow by blow" description of a VERY personal event that has been used to garner the undying support of the TEAM followers.

These TEAM "people" just can't help themselves. DISGUSTING!!!

tex said...

I may have been wasting my time posting this stuff, as well as talking with Tex on his blog recently. ---- You weren't wasting your time in either case. You were exposing the suck-up attitude you have towards your upline.

I was just a little outraged that he would complain to Amway and to his Attorney General's office when no one did anything remotely wrong. ---- WRONG. He gave 2 options. Turn them in, or consider it advertising that may later benefit them. He said words to the effect, "on the other hand, as an XS person, this is free advertising that may later benefit you (the caller) when you approach them with XS Energy, which they can recall they've seen previously." You're flat out lying, aj.

A caller on the conference call witnessed a retail rule violation, and wanted to hear the XS guy's response to it. ---- This is about the only accurate statement you've made.

The XS guy acknowledged that it was a rule violation, and encouraged anyone who had sufficient documentation to report such a violation. ---- How much "sufficient documentation" do you need? All you need is the location and nature of the violation.

Then he pointed out how limited exposure through mainstream distribution channels (like a convenience store), although illegitimate, can potentially have a positive impact on IBO's who are regularly out endorsing the XS product line. ---- See bank robber analogy above. QED.

He tied this thought to his earlier discussion of the exposure XS has enjoyed in AdWeek and Beverage World magazines. ---- This would be similar to making a normal withdrawal of money versus robbing the bank.

The caller never said that she was responsible for XS being sold through a convenience store. ---- Neither did I, and I thought it was a restaurant, as I think I recall discussion about menus, but I'm willing to be wrong on this minor point.

So on what grounds does the Texas government or Amway Global have to bust anyone here? ---- I was merely reporting support of breaking rules. You don't think this is an important issue? The Texas government was notified because Amway has not been responsive in other matters.

With a hundred thousand XS distributors out there (is that in the ball park?), there's probably going to be a few rule violations here and there. ---- No doubt, but that doesn't mean we ignore the violations we witness, just so we can hopefully later run into the customer.

So in the meantime lets put our businesses on hold, and wait until everything is fixed, and the ducks and chickens are sitting down in neat little rows ... ---- I never said that either, Amway has recently fixed a couple of other violations I've forwarded to them. Both me and Amway can walk and chew gum at the same time, aj.

ajgannon said...

Thanks for helping Amway fix whatever violations you were referring to. I mean that sincerely. Thanks for being relatively courteous with me. Others whom you disagree with often get pretty harsh treatment. Peace.

tex said...


I'm courteous with those who are courteous with me, I'm relatively courteous with those who are relatively courteous with me, and I learned, through experience, my message is diluted if I am not nasty with those who are nasty with me. I tried to be courteous with nasty people for a long time and got nowhere. Take Bitchett for example.

tex said...

What a great day! Another LCK bites the dust, and another one gone, and another gone, another one bites the dust....

Here's the entire song:

And the new LCK lyrics:

The LCK's walk warily down the street,
With the brim pulled way down low
Ain't no sound but the sound of their feet,
Lawsuits ready to go
Are you ready, Are you ready for this
Are you hanging on the edge of your seat
Out of the courthouse the lawsuits rip
To the sound of the beat

Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one bites the dust
Hey, I'm gonna get you too
Another one bites the dust

How do you think I'm going to get along,
Without you, when you're gone
You took me for everything that I had,
And kicked me out on my own

Are you happy, are you satisfied
How long can you stand the heat
Out of the courthouse the lawsuits rip
To the sound of the beat

Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
There are plenty of ways you can hurt a man
And bring him to the ground
You can beat him
You can cheat him
You can treat him bad and leave him
When he's down
But I'm ready, yes I'm ready for you
I'm standing on my own two feet
Out of the courthouse the lawsuits rip
Repeating the sound of the beat

tex said...

A great series of videos explaining this current economy is here by Bob McEwen. A frequent speaker at different Amway groups in the states.

hmmm .... haven't listened to it all yet, but he should not be speaking on an Amway stage on politics. That's clearly against accreditation guidelines. I'll leave judgement until I've listened to it all. ---- I sent a complaint to Amway a few days ago. It covers religion as well.

IBOFightback - Fighting the Amway Myths said...

Since your an expert on complaing to Amway - what's the best address to complain to?

tex said...

Look it up.

tex said...

By the way readers, ibofb does NOT fight the Amway myths, he is an agent of continuing the tool scam. He STILL hasn't addressed the FACT Orrin's Emeralds and above made 4-5 TIMES more from the tool scam than Amway, by Orrin's own words. This comes from a guy who had some of the lowest tool prices in the industry (but he did make up for it with volume), so we can easily conclude the other tool scam systems make similar amounts, INCLUDING ibofb's beloved N21, although Jim Dornan may keep more of it for himself. By the way, ibofb likes to exclude the "speaking fees", but it all comes out of your pocket and into the LCK's pockets.

tex said...

by Bridgett on Thu Oct 16, 2008 5:52 pm

They are receiving income from both TEAM and MonaVie.

The question is which one is the dog and which one is the tail?

When the juice stops flowing, they'll move their dog and pony show to another company.

The Leadership Service Provider will keep on ticking, keep on crankin' them in and out, and keep on keepin' on.


Bitchett, it has been documented TEAM is limited to 50% of what they make from Mona Vie, unlike YOUR upline LCK Ron Puryear! LOL

In this respect, Mona Vie is FAR ahead of Amway, the dog is Mona Vie and the tail is their tool profits. Not so in Amway, Bitchett. At least not now in the U.S.

tex said...

For those interested, here's the ingredients and nutritional information for XS Gold, which is not yet available:

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Super Fruit Blend(Acai Juice, Blackberry Juice Concentrate,
Blueberry Juice Concentrate, Mangosteen Juice Concentrate, Pomegranate Juice Concentrate,
and Red Grape Juice Concentrate), Taurine, Vitamin Mineral Blend(Calcium Chloride, Potassium
Phosphate Dibasic, Magnesium Oxide, Ascorbic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, Niacin, Zinc Oxide,
Pyrodoxine HCl, Cyanocobalamin, Manganese Sulfate, Folic Acid, Biotin, Chromium Chloride,
Sodium Molybdate, and Sodium Selenite), L-Glutamine, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors,
Adaptogenic Blend (Ashwagandha Extract, Eleutherococcus Senticosus, Panax Ginseng, Panax Quinquefolium,
Schisandra, Astragalus, and Reishi), Acesulfame Potassium, Caffeine, Sodium Benzoate,
Potassium Sorbate, Sucralose, Red 40, and Blue 1.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 8.4 fl. oz. (250 ml)
Servings per container: 1
Amount Per Serving
Calories: 12 Calories from Fat: 0
%Daily Value
Total Fat 0 gm 0%
Sodium 25 mg 1%
Potassium 90 mg 3%
Total Carbohydrate 1.5 gm <1%
Sugars 1 gm
Protein ** 1.5 gm 0%
Vitamin C 50% Calcium 10%
Niacin 100% Vitamin B6 300%
Folate 50% Vitamin B12 8000%
Biotin 50% Pantothenic Acid 100%
Phosphorus 2% Magnesium 15%
Zinc 50% Selenium 50%
Manganese 50% Chromium 50%
Molybdenum 50%
Not a significant source of calories from fat, saturated fat,
trans fat, cholesterol, dietary fiber, sugars, vitamin A, and iron.
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet
** Protein souce from free form amino acids.

It would be nice to have an ORAC value available.

tex said...

I visited the Dallas National Spotlight today, and saw a whole bunch of Oriental and Spanish folks. Plus a few Whites and Blacks.

It's really a shame Amway has abandoned the English speaking folks, but I understand why, as there isn't near the amount of internet information, and therefore the interest, in finding the tool scam and other true and untrue dirt on Amway in other languages.

I also saw LCK Bert (and his most recent wife) Gulick, who I mentioned earlier did not mention the National Spotlight at an Open a couple of weeks ago, so he must have either mentioned it more recently or at other times with his groups.

There were also a couple of other LCK's present, but almost no other IBO's I recognized.

There were no "higher ups" from Amway at this conference, so the face to face with one of them will have to wait for another time.

I did get to meet Karen O'Neil, who is with the rules department at Amway, and someone I have gotten "sideways" with a few times. I don't think she recognized me when I introduced myself, but she was pretty busy at the event sales area.

There was a VERY impressive LOC demo using a piece of linoleum and a Sharpy permanent marker.

tex said...

A recent post on ibofb's site:

Re: Obama Spend O Meter

ajgannon wrote:
One of the minor challenges (the major challenges are within myself) that I've had with this business is that my associations have mostly been with liberal-minded folk: my family, the students I knew in college, my high school teachers, my college professors, my friends, and my co-workers. It's been impossible for me to envision them tolerating some of the stuff that goes on at functions, and during "meetings after the meetings". I've tested my theory a few times; and yes, they got in, and got out. That bothers me somewhat. Oh well. It's probably another screen in the filter. (I should point out for anyone who hasn't read much of my comments that I'm very pro-system, meaning that I do find significant value in the business support materials and seminars.) I do hope that the accreditation requirements will make the seminar environments more "liberal" friendly. I'll point out again that I have appreciated being exposed to conservative philosophies through my association with my business support team. Otherwise, I would continue to allow my friends, family, and co-workers to shape my opinions, and wouldn't have a balanced perspective. I love Jim Rohn's advice: be a student, not a follower.

by TB 2 IBO on Sat Oct 18, 2008 10:43 pm

AJ, it was very similar for me growing up.

The big problem for some people, or for the Diamonds to explain to even the liberalest of people is the power of a dream. By that I mean, your dream should be so locked in, so ingrained to your conscience, that no one can sway you from it. Not a republican, democrat, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, upline, downline, or even your upline Diamond. If people don't see that, it is too bad for them, and no one else.


When you add "the tool scam" to this list, you have a HUGE problem and the current situation in a nutshell. It's exactly what the LCK's would like you to think.

tex said...

Another interesting tidbit from last Saturday's National Spotlight:

As I was waiting to introduce myself to Karen O'Neill, rules supervisor of Amway, with who I have had some heated e-mails, some of which are documented on this site, a woman was very anxious to talk about the name change. Apparently, she was very concerned most of her group was not aware of the name transition from Quixtar back to Amway, even though it was announced over a year ago, and the Amway logo is now very visible on the site. Karen didn't say much, so I mentioned there is an entire section on the site that discusses the transition. I was most happy to "cross-line" this information!

By the way, I turned in someone who was using the term "franchise" and "Quixtar" in their personal site a couple of weeks ago, which has since been fixed.

One more thing, just for pcj:

I also drove to Colorado, did some skiing, came back to the National Spotlight, and deducted the entire trip as business....NOT!!!

tex said...

I neglected to mention above I've had some heated telephone calls with Karen O'Neill as well.

tex said...

My latest post on Beth's blog (

I prefer to leave my ladder alone, and tear down the tool scam "wall."

Why allow others to climb the wall, only to find a VERY different business model than the Amway marketing plan they were shown and show to others? One can only see over the tool scam wall and get to a net profit situation at about the Platinum level, according to several unrelated sources on various blogs. Does THAT sound like a good business model to you? Not me. I prefer the much shorter and legitimate Amway wall, thank you very much.

To paraphrase RR:

Chairman/President Van Andel/DeVos, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for Amway, if you seek liberalization: Come here to this gate! Mr. Van Andel/DeVos, open this gate! Mr. Van Andel/DeVos, tear down this tool scam wall!

Regarding the Emerald couple, if Emerald is their goal, good for them. I don't know their age, but if they have been Emeralds for 20 years, they are probably NOT spring chicks! Plus, if they have MAINTAINED Emerald for 20 years, they are unusual indeed. In fact, I would expect them to be Founders Emeralds. Also, the average QUALIFIED Emerald makes $70,039/yr, and the largest made $673,331/yr, according to Amway figures. So, I would expect this couple to be between these amounts.

Regarding QIAC (Quixtar Is A Cult), a more appropriate title is QIACIAC (QIAC is a Quack). He talks like a duck, types like a duck, there is no doubt he also quacks like a duck. Plus, he's all wet!

Regarding the pictures, it doesn't matter to me as much how many Platinums qualify (although this is still important), it matters MUCH more how many are still qualified 1-2 years later at this level or above. Why put in the time, effort and money into something that usually turns out to be a "shooting star?"

I think we CAN say the 12 month rolling average of new Platinums, which takes away the "snapshot" and "delay" factors, is MUCH lower than in past years. That was the point QIACIAC was trying to make when his feathers got ruffled. Transparency/honesty cuts in both directions, folks.

tex said...

Good news! The FTC will be sending out a list of topics for a Workshop, to be held in Washington, D.C., in the next few weeks, to discuss the proposed Business Opportunity rule changes. They will be looking for additional input.

tex said...

Fascinating discussion going on over at ibofb's site:

ibofb's biggest problem is he refuses to put Osama and Rich in context.

They have led quite different lives, talk to much different audiences, and therefore have much different meaning, even when they use the same exact words.

ibofb knows this, but he enjoys arguing and feeding his sick, perverted, atheist ego more than life itself.

If some radical Muslims wanted to use Rich's words out of context to stir up trouble, they could simply make up words and attribute the "quote" to him. They have done far worse than this before.

tex said...

A recent comment by ibofb, on his site at

"The question was explicitly not just about suicide bombings. Converted to American usage, this would thus include things such as carpet bombing (think Dresden) and Nuclear attacks (think Hiroshima and Nagasaki), or even indeed the Iraq war strategy of destroying the infrastructure through bombing." ---- Ignoring for the moment the obviously high percentage of Muslims around the world that think there are proper times to attack civilians using suicide bombings, ibofb tries to promote a moral equivalency (sp?) to Dresden, Germany in WWII, where an all out war to destroy the Nazi war machine, the use of a nuclear device to prevent MANY more American and Japanese deaths, and the Iraqi bridge/road bombing to cut off the enemy supply lines. Of course, let's also recall who REBUILT all of these places, the United States of America.

I doubt ibofb has a clue how much time, effort, and money goes into minimizing civilian casualties by the U.S. military, and often results in not blowing up the bad guys to minimize civilian deaths.

All ibofb likes to dwell on are the rare errors made. There's a saying: War is hell. How would YOU like to be the U.S. military person who made an error and targeted the wrong house and ended up killing civilians?

Sure, those people died, and that's terrible. But the difference is the U.S. military person making that decision died a little inside, felt guilt and remorse, etc., which is a MUCH different reaction than OBL had when the planes he was too gutless to be flying in crashed into the World Trade Center buildings on September 11, 2001.

The U.S. isn't perfect, and war is never perfect, but it's the best country, by FAR, that has ever existed.

ibofb said a couple of days ago he is glad he wasn't born in the U.S., and on this singular point I agree with him, I'm also glad he wasn't born here, either.

ibofb is also a poor example of an Aussie. Most of them don't think like ibofb. ibofb is even a poor example of his "adopted" country of Sweden, at least the Swedes of WWII, who put up a valiant and creative resistance against the Nazis.

I guess this is how ibofb, an atheist porn site operator, thinks.

Now, to pick up on the point about the high percentage of suicide bombing approval by Muslims around the world: I would certainly agree we are at war with many more than a few fringe radical Muslims, and fully agree with Rich DeVos on this point.

It may not be a majority, but that isn't the issue. The issue is it is hundreds of millions of Muslims that think it is okay to blow themselves up.

And it only takes one bomber standing next to YOU to get him carnal with 72 virgins in his mind, and remove YOU from the planet.

This is not only an indecent way of thinking, but against the Geneva Convention, which I assume most/all of these countries signed.

ibofb disgusts me almost every day, but this one is right up towards the top of his "accomplishments."

tex said...

Another recent post on ibofb's site (

on Thu Oct 23, 2008 5:20 pm

MichMan wrote:

Imagine that if over the last few years a group of Republicans had attacked and lynched hundreds of black men. Also imagine that 25 percent of Republican Party openly supported these lynchings.

Would we be having a conversation like this? Would you be defending the reputation of the Republican Party against attacks claiming it is a party of racists?

It is clearly wrong to impunge the majority with the actions of the minority. However, in the example you gave, "the party" can take action and expel the 25%. If they do not, then their lack of action is a defacto endorsement. ---- Agreed.

It is not possible to kick someone out of "the muslim party", all you can do is decry the actions of the terrorists, which, as I pointed out in the original thread, muslim leaders around the world have done, something which, as surveys you linked to on this thread show, muslim followers around the world agree with. ---- Let's not rewrite history. They were VERY slow and muted to decry the "radicals." We had some folks from the mosque down the road visit us about 2 years after 9/11. I asked them (and one of them was a former Baptist/Christian) why there HASN'T been hardly any protests against the "radical" Muslims, and he indicated if the "normal" Muslims were to protest, the "radicals" would change their major target from Christians to the protesting Muslims. In other words, they valued their own safety more than doing the right thing. I'm thankful our Founding Fathers didn't think in this manner, or we would be having mid-afternoon tea time, not to mention talking with a funny accent!

If someone wants to accuse southern Christians of all being doctor killers because of the actions of a small number of terrorist, and they clearly decried such activities, I would absolutely defend them against folk who accused them of being a "religion of terrorists". ---- ibofb, I do not need, or desire, your atheist, porn site owner "defense", particularly when it comes to a moral issue.

tex said...

jc wrote:

What I don't understand is how Tex calls the kingpins scammers due to tool profits, yet at the same time proclaim that these tools are good. ---- It's massively simple. There is a difference between price and value. An apple is good, a $10 apple is not. A $10 apple sold under the pretense most of the profit is made from the $1 peaches, when in fact most of the profit came from the $10 apples is a flat out lie.

If the tools are good, then what is wrong with a $7 cassette tape or a $10 regional seminar, or $100 quarterly seminar? ---- Again, simple. See apple and peach example, above.

FRankly, to me, the tools are worthless junk and therefore not worth the price, but to call the tools valuable and complain about excessive price is a bit wacko. ---- What is more than a little bit wacko is claiming "excitement" got you to 4000 PV, and the tools had little to nothing to do with it, when you AND your IBO's were using the tools. You got out because you weren't making a net profit (plus the upline/fiance issue) at 4000 PV, which tells me the tools worked, but the price was/is too high.

And for most, the evidence clearly indicates that the tools do not help you build a business. The tools are to motivate and retain the rank and file IBOs. ---- Of course the tools don't help most build a business, the price is too high. What is wrong with motivating and retaining IBO's? Isn't that part of the goal of a growing business?

It's crystal clear to me.

tex said...

My response to an OZ post below (

Your tool "value" discussion sounds good in theory, but has little in common with the practical reality.
Reality check:
#1. You can't show a marketing plan describing how to make money with Amway, have a material omission that most of the money is actually made from the tools, and if you follow the recommended system you and your IBO's won't make a net profit until they reach the Platinum level. This is not value, it is lying.
#2. Completely optional is a fallacy. When I went off of standing order tools over 3 years ago, I went from being a "best buddy", to someone the upline ignored. No invitations to training sessions, special open opportunity meetings, calls for tickets to seminars/major functions, phone calls to see how I was doing, Christmas party invitations, e-mails, etc., etc., etc. In other words, the required training and motivation went to zero, and Amway did NOTHING to enforce the rules. That is "optional" in name only.
#3. "Truthful and accurate" MUST include the truth about how much money is being made via the tools.
#4. Most IBO's have never owned their own business, get involved with a sponsor who is a friend/relative, and are told over and over again to trust their upline. It is quite logical to follow the advice of those you trust, are constantly telling you they have your best interest in mind, and most IBO's are looking for advice in something they have never done.
#5. The "market" cannot dictate whether or not BSM's "succeed", because covering up the tool profit means the tools almost ALWAYS succeed in making profit for the upline that sell them and RARELY result in helping an IBO with a sustainable business. A free market does not exist when your "teammates" and "business partners" are omitting material facts.
#6. You can't tell Joe IBO that "RDV said" a single time, then allow Joe IBO to be hammered with a constant message of "ignore the corporation, they don't know how to build the business, we have your best interest, etc., etc., etc., and expect Joe IBO to make a good and informed decision. To me, that just sounds like common sense.

tex said...

Did anyone notice that apparently Orrin has removed his "Brady Brain Surgery Lawsuit" post?

Go to Orrin's blog, it is no longer there. Too bad for Orrin it's been saved on ibofb's site, at least until the next time he deletes his entire site!

Was Orrin threatened with another lawsuit from Amway, does he have a single shred of decency in him, or did I just miss the original post?

tex said...

Never mind, Orrin's Terri Brady post is still there, I must have skipped over it.

However, my "PUKE" comment from October 15, above, still stands.

Anonymous said...

Scott E. Johnson = tex


Tex said...


Thanks for your input.

tex said...

By the information below, the "anon" message above appears to be from jc in Hawaii.

Domain Name ? (U.S. Government)
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Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.0.3705; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)
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Resolution : 1024 x 768
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Visit Number 8,673

Anonymous said...

David Brear has responded by email to some of the comments offered on this post. Below are David Brear's comments:


It seems to be beyond the understanding of persons posting comments on your site that the video clip of Derren Brown is there only to demonstrate how easily an unsuspecting individual can be persuaded to accept a dangerous game of make-believe as total reality. Strangely, the comparisons which Scott Johnson alias 'Tex' endeavours to make between football fans and adherents of 'Amway', in order to prove that he is not in a cult, are extremely useful.

During an exciting football game, fans can become so overwhelmed emotionally that their critical faculties temporarily cease to function. This is a form of hypnosis which occurs quite naturally in traditional culture. Yet, if football fans could only stop for a moment and rationalize, they would have to concede that, in the end, whether a group of muscle-bound guys can transfer an pouch of air from one end of a field to another, is of absolutely no consequence to them. However, the important difference between a football match and an 'Amway' meeting is that one is lawfully sold to its spectators as a game, the other is unlawfully peddled to its participants as 'total reality'. In the 'Amway' stadium, there is no barrier between the highly-paid star players and the crowd. The barrier has been built around the edifice to keep reality at bay.

Lying to people in order to get their money is fraud, which is a form of theft!

Kindest regards


Tex said...

My point in comparing the football fan to the Amway business is to prove a single similarity does not, in and of itself, make either one a "cult." My point is both involve excitement, but neither is a cult. The football fan has little to gain, except for emotional pleasure, while the Amway IBO has money to make.

Insisting on calling something a cult takes away from the serious matter the Amway business is usually used as "cover" for the source of the vast majority of profit (while keeping most IBO's below Platinum operating at a net loss) via the tool scam.

The tool scam is essentially an opportunity bait-and-switch, and one only loses credibility by trying to call a scam a cult.

The tool scam is a serious, provable charge, the claim of a cult is neither provable, true, or productive.

Tex said...

A comment made recently by him on his site:

So no comment on Sarah Palin's Marxism? ---- Here's the difference, and it's critical: Palin took the excessive profit and cut a check to the citizens. Obama wants to take the excessive profit (which includes more taxes on higher income individuals and "windfall profits" from oil companies) and create new federal spending programs, such as federal medical care. If you like Social Security and Medicare, you'll LOVE federal medical. LOL

Tex said...

The "him" above is "that one", ibofb.

Tex said...

Happy Halloween!

With it being Halloween, folks wearing costumes, et al....riddle me this, Batman:

Let's switch roles and consider Yager and the rest of the LCK's (Lying Cowardly "Kingpins") were doing the right thing and making most of their profits from Amway instead of the tools. First of all, they wouldn't have earned the title of LCK. Obviously, the tool prices would be much lower, more people would be making money, the Amway business would be growing, more people staying in, better reputation, etc., etc., etc.

Then let's say I come along, with a MUCH smaller business, and decide to ignore Rich DeVos direction to keep tool profits 20% or less than Amway profit (or whatever number less than Amway profit you want to use), become an lck (smaller version of LCK) and Amway's reputation starts to suffer because of this.

Question: How many blinks of an eye, or beats of a heart would it take to boot me?

Answer: 1 or less. QED


Tex said...

It appears ibofb's suck up's can't leave the Terry Brady surgery/lawsuit issue alone. Here's a thought:

I wonder if the power company "served" her the utility bill on her day of surgery? Those bastards, don't they know it was her day of surgery?

Same with the lawsuit, Amway SHOULDN'T care whether she was having surgery, it's just business. Plus, she probably wasn't around, they had their lawyer handle it, and getting served with a lawsuit isn't unusual for the Brady's. All in day's work for an LCK.

Now if the judge tried to drag her into court to testify on the day of her surgery, we have a whole different situation....

Tex said...

It appears the adatudes folks are not posting all of my input, and aren't even sending me e-mails when they don't, unlike my "friend" quixtarisacult. They treat this creep better than an actual IBO who wants Amway to grow! Thanks a lot, Beth and Robin...NOT! So, here's my comment on today's Beth blog, found at

First of all, EVERYONE spins. The question of whether someone is lying or telling the part of the story they want you to hear is the real debate.

When it comes to showing someone the Amway marketing plan and leaving out the FACT multiple times more is made via tools than the Amway products/services, and you shouldn't expect to break even until you reach the Platinum level, and therefore "build" several DOZEN more IBO's operating at a net loss to do so, is leaving out material facts in a proposed business partnership. This is NOT spin. This is LYING.

Tex said...

I take back what I said about Beth not posting my latest comment, as it is posted, but Robin hasn't.

Tex said...

Okay, I take back what I said about Robin as well, as he has also posted my comment.

However, there is a huge difference between talk and action.

Substitute "Amway" for "Financial" in this video, and you have the current scenario:

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