Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Message Is Clear - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more


tex said...

Nice graphics!

tex said...

For anyone who has ever heard Dexter and Birdie on stage or voice mail, you know this is a 180 degree turnaround, especially in the religious and political areas. These are the areas accreditation addresses, unfortunately it does NOT address the tool scam in any meaningful manner:

To: All Yager Group Diamonds and Personals (Intended for all ibos)

Fr: The Yagers

Dt: 9/15/08

Re: Best Practices Message: The Right to Differ

One of the criteria for continued accreditation with Amway Global/Quixtar is that all IBOs understand Amway Global/Quixtar's best practices as explained through the IBO Communications Platform. The following message is sent in accordance with the Amway Global/Quixtar Professional Development Accreditation Program and is part of ongoing best practices messages you should expect to receive by email on a monthly basis. Please forward this message to all ibos in your organization.

The Right to Differ

You are attracting more and younger IBOs and more and more IBOs from different races, religions, and nationalities. It's a very cool thing to see because it demonstrates what we've always said - that this is a business anyone can do. Regardless of your background, where you're from, or who you vote for, this business can help you achieve your goals. And just as Quixtar is committed to supporting people who want to own their own business, we're also committed to acceptance. This means tolerance and acceptance of those with differing beliefs and viewpoints- different religious beliefs, different political affiliations, or just different opinions in general. And this means there's room for everybody in the business - which is what makes our business so strong and so successful. We're not here to exclude anyone; we're here to include everyone. So we all have to be sensitive of the differences among us and appreciate that sometimes not everyone shares the same views. It's especially important to be mindful of this during business meetings where there’s a tendency to share your personal beliefs with others from stage. While it's OK to talk about how important your beliefs are to you in your own life and how they've helped you build your business, it's not OK to say that others need to believe the same thing. The one belief that all IBOs do need to share is the power of this business. As long as we’re all united in our commitment to building Quixtar-powered businesses in the right way, there's nothing we can't accomplish, regardless of our differences. In fact, these differences can provide an even broader and stronger foundation for growing this business.

For your success,

The Yagers

Anonymous said...

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