Friday, September 5, 2008

Amway Global's First Black Triple Diamond Passes Away

TEX SAYS--Here's another "name transition."

We need to work on getting the tool scam shut down faster, so all the remaining LCK's can pass on knowing their true legacy.

To All Yager Group Diamonds & Personals [intended for distribution to your group]

George Halsey
Born: April 2, 1936--Died: September 2, 2008

This message comes with great sadness and with celebration that
our dear friend George Halsey is with the Lord.

George went in the hospital a few days ago due to a blood clot that had moved
from his heart to his brain. He was not in pain and was surrounded by his family.

Ruth and the family have made arrangements and we knew you would want to know.

If you would like to send anything to Ruth or Karen personally, send it to their home at [REDACTED], Greensboro, NC 27408
If you are in town for the services, Please do not plan to stop by the house.

The services for George will be Saturday, September 6, 2008.

There will be a viewing from 1:30-2:30 and the service will begin at 3:00 pm. Both the viewing and services will be at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 1301 Alamance Church Road, Greensboro, NC. All IBO’s are invited to attend. If you do attend the service, please let the ushers know you are an IBO, so you will be directed to a special seating section.

Following the service, the burial will be at Guilford Memorial Park, 6000 High Point Road, Greensboro, NC 27407

After the burial, Ruth has invited everyone back to the church for a time of friendship and fellowship.

If you would like to send flowers, please send them to Brown Funeral Home, 909 East Market Street, Greensboro, NC 27408 phone (336) 272-6109.

George was a huge animal lover and in lieu of flowers, donations would be greatly appreciated to the Guilford County Animal Shelter, 4525 West Windover Ave, Greensboro, NC 27409. Please mark the donation "in Memory of George Halsey".

If you need a hotel recommendation, the Sheraton Four Points is between the church and burial site. Phone (336) 292-9161

Florist recommendations:
1. Clemmons Florist (336) 275-4508 or (336) 275-4596 address is 219 West Friendly Ave. Greensboro, NC 27401
2. Plants & Answers (800) 638-2981 or (336) 274-8908 address is 700 W Market Street, Greensboro, NC 27401


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tex said...

Since my Guest Book entry would never be approved, here is what I would write if I could:

I'll always remember George for what he was, an Amway LCK (lying cowardly "kingpin"), who made most of his money from the tools, not Amway products. For the story behind George and the other LCK's, go here:

tex said...

This is off-topic, but I don't think folks look very far when they view blogs, plus most threads get off-topic anyway, so here goes - There's a lot of "chatter" over on ibofb's site about shaving cream prices. Here's what I found on, and I have mentioned it before. You can also get free shipping for orders of $150 or more, and 10% off of $250 or more. The PV/BV isn't as good as the Amway stuff, but the prices look to be pretty good, and they have lot of stuff:

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tex said...

I've noticed a couple of interesting trends on this blog.

First, there's a lot more people looking at it, which is a good thing. Keep looking, and forward this site to others so they can see it as well.

Secondly, make comments. Progress is made when people interested in the truth communicate.


tex said...

Check out this post on ibofb's site, it looks like the LCK's are working around the tool profit prohibition. A/Q has been notified, stand by LCK's:

Re: XS Gold????
by whatsgoingon on Tue Sep 09, 2008 5:29 am

RW1 wrote:
GEEEEEEEEEEEEE I wish we had Cds

I dont know if you are being sarcastic about the cd,s or not. I still get my cds and books from U.S.A. If i had not been still getting them id have gone!!!

tex said...

Well, I finally got a rise out of someone on ibofb's blog. Apparently aj was too chicken to make the comment on THIS blog. Here's the link and the post:

Re: For those who'd want to know ...
by ajgannon on Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:29 pm

I received an e-mail from Yager Group via my up-line Diamond a few days ago with this news. It's very sad. I love George Halsey. What a fun guy to listen to! What a huge heart! I think he received the loudest, longest appause of any Diamond speaker that I have heard live.

For some strange reason I wandered on Tex's blog a few days ago when I slouched in front of the computer too tired to get ready for bed. His latest entry was about George Halsey's death:

We need to work on getting the tool scam shut down faster, so all the remaining LCK's can pass on knowing their true legacy. ... I'll always remember George for what he was, an Amway LCK (lying cowardly "kingpin"), who made most of his money from the tools, not Amway products. For the story behind George and the other LCK's, go here ...:

I can't believe a nice guy like Dave Robison aids Tex in publishing this irreverent crap!

David Robison said...

I replied to AJ at the forum.

This is Tex's Blog...Tex has opinions...I just edit them and publish them.

tex said...

And here's Bitchett's two cents:

by Bridgett on Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:34 pm

I don't know why Tex can't do it himself. It's not like it's that difficult. ---- It's not that I can't "do it", it's that I don't WANT to, for a variety of reasons.

Dave did write a thoughtful (kind of) word about George on his own blog ---- Talk about a back stabbing comment. Bitchett is unable to give a compliment or criticism, she has to ride on both sides. That way, she's always "right", and has every reason for being offended when someone "misunderstands" her comment. I thought Dave's writeup was outstanding. I also think George was a GREAT speaker. He was also a great, lying, cowardly, "kingpin" speaker.

I've also noticed a trend among many, if not most, speakers. They commonly clear their throat when talking about how "you wouldn't believe how good it gets", probably a guilty/nervous physiological reaction to realizing most of the "good" is from the tool scam, and knowing they won't actually voice the source of the vast majority of their profit. At least not until they are kicked out/resign. Then they suddenly get "religious" about being honest. Imagine that. And yes, Bitchett, Ron Puryear is a LYING COWARDLY "KINGPIN", even if he has always preached not being 100% loyal to all of the products. That is similar to saying a murderer smiles as he blows his victim's head off. The big picture is the murder, not the smile.

tex said...

And to set the record straight, Dave is a nice guy. One of the challenges we have is we are not dealing with nice guys, we're dealing with lying cowardly "kingpins." Read it again. Liars. Cowards. Kingpins. Think about it. We can't effectively deal with these types of people by being nice to them, because they have spent decades being VERY "un-nice" to the downline they claimed to be helping, all while ripping them off.

tex said...

Bitchett can't help herself, here's another post from her:

Right, that's his ARE a nice guy. That's why he (and others) cannot understand the "friends" you keep. ---- The reason is because I use the facts, Bitchett. Facts you and your upline lying cowardly "kingpin" Ron Puryear can't deal with.

And, yes, your post on George was very thoughtful (and then "kind of" negated by the part where you said George "succumbed to greed and avarice"). ---- You're right, Dexter probably didn't pay George the usual tool scam profit. He's Black, after all. Right, Bitchett?

But, I don't know George, so I have no knowledge of what's the truth. ---- You wouldn't know the truth, or more accurately, know how to respond to the truth, if it smacked you upside the head.

tex said...

While we're on the Bitchett topic, here is another post, commenting on why people quit A/Q and continue to comment on it:

by Bridgett on Tue Sep 09, 2008 10:19 pm

And if you read some of the other comments that follow Mike and Deb and Willy, there are other Amway critics that are not as nice.

I have no problem people quitting anything, changing their mind, changing the direction of their life.

It's what they do after they quit, and how they choose to talk about that thing, that is also a choice.

If I have a bad experience with XYZ, can be whatever...let's say men.

Let's say that I have had abusive relationships with men all my life. And I decide, "That's it! I have had enough! No more men!"

What do I do? What would motivate me to join a "Men Suck" forum?

What would motive me to blog about the evils of men and urging others to stay away from them at all costs?

What would propel me to find others who have had the same experiences as me, and spend years of my life going over and over and over of just how bad men are, and how I was so wronged by them?

It's a mindset that I just don't relate to, I guess. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Newsflash, Bitchett. There are people who spend the remainder of their lives, full time, promoting change after they have been wronged. MADD, John Walsh, the Ambert Alert system, and Jessica laws are a few that easily come to mind. People on blogs are doing similar things, keeping a level of awareness to an issue that they think is important, mainly because they feel cheated by the lying cowardly "kingpins." The reason you can't relate Bitchett is because you "don't give a rat's ass" about IBO's potentially not being able to pass their business to their upline. This is one of the BIG attractions to the Amway business. It boils down to this, Bitchett just doesn't care, as long as she gets her piece of the pie.

ajgannon said...


I knew you would find my comment and re-post it here anyways. I wasn't afraid of you reading it. It's amazing how fast you are. You're really on top of all of the Internet discussions.

tex said...

aj says, "I can't believe a nice guy like Dave Robison aids Tex in publishing this irreverent crap!" ---- Did you expect me to be "reverent" towards a liar and coward? How many tears of sadness did you shed when Saddam Hussein was hanged? This "crap" is called freedom of speech, aj. You would probably understand it better if you studied it, and even more if you ever gave part of your own life and put your own butt on the line protecting it, as I did in the U.S. military. You sound very much like Bitchett, you just don't get it.

tex said...

Looks like I got ibofb all riled up:

Re: XS Gold????
by ibofightback on Wed Sep 10, 2008 2:22 pm

On his blog, Tex claims to have reported this "violation" re BSM to the corp. He's such a nice guy, don't you think? ---- Not only did I report it, Amway answered they appreciated the input and are looking into it. Why should I be nice to lying cowards?

tex said...

Here's another "update" from Bitchett:

by Bridgett on Wed Sep 10, 2008 4:41 pm

ibofightback wrote:
On his blog, Tex claims to have reported this "violation" re BSM to the corp.

That's really funny as long as you don't think about it too hard...
because then it's just plain pathetic. ---- What's so pathetic for reporting a rules violation? Would you rather this issue grow and fester, so the UK regulators (who I have also notified) can swoop in and shut down Amway completely in the UK?

Dave said...


tex said...


You don't think a violation of the court order is a big deal?

tex said...

From Dave's blog:

karen said...
I am George Halsey's daughter. He was completely honest on every tape. The principles behind the Amway business and the wonderful people that worked with us took a man that usually worked 2 jobs to make ends meet, to a level of success that my Mom, daughter and myself are taken care of even after his death. It was not luck, and no one gave it to him. He worked hard, drove thousands of miles to help people and would invest as much in them as they were willing to invest in themselves to help them become successful. In every aspect of life there are dishonest people and if they must be judged, it should be done individually. My dad never read a speech, he spoke from his heart everytime, what he said was his truth. He gave himself to the world, telling them if a shy guy like him could do this, they could too.

My response:


I am God's creation.

God never intended me to lie about the source of most of the profit being tools, and not A/Q.

He never intended anyone else to lie, either.

When did George describe how much money came from tools versus A/Q?

I never heard him mention it.

I've seen him on stage as well, and he never mentioned it.

Do you realize you lie by leaving out important facts?

Especially when you are talking to your "business partners" and "teammates?"

That's why in a court of law, the oath is to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

George is in God's hands now, but there are MANY more LCK's (lying cowardly "kingpins") left to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Hello to Tex and others of the same mind set.

If you tried to build the Amway business but did not reach a level of sucess and now you sit typing what you feel is true!!
Do this go look up in the dictionary the work coward!


Tex said...


Hello to Tex and others of the same mind set. ---- And hello to you, anon.

If you tried to build the Amway business but did not reach a level of sucess and now you sit typing what you feel is true!! ---- I don't "feel" what is true, I rely on FACTS. The facts are the tool scam has financially and in other ways damaged millions of current and former IBOs. And George was a tool scammer.

Do this go look up in the dictionary the work coward! ---- I think YOU need a dictionary, to learn how to spell "word." LOL

booby!!! ---- No comment necessary.

Tex said...

Although technically not an LCK (Lying Cowardly "Kingpin"), it appears another near-LCK, Dick Davis, CEO of World Wide Dream Builders, is now dead:

I hope he read my blog and repented before he died, or he's getting burned up with ole' Georgie Boy for eternity.

Anonymous said...

well tex sounds like a truly sad person. I was in the amway business for 15 years and had tapes weekly and books monthly and whilst i agree that the tools side should have been the main thing and it should have been described as so i dont regret for 1 moment a tape or a book as they helped me in my endeavours outside of the amway business and now i download materials from itunes and buy books from the book store or amazon its motivation and personal development!! Whilst i agree they went about it the wrong way it has still been invaluable in other areas to myself and many others i know here in the UK so yes we were all misslead but think you need to get over it and look for the positive you can take from it we had some great speakers from both in and out of the business George being one of them and im genuinely saddened by his passing but it becomes obvious to any business person the main money is not in the products after showing the plan any reasonable length of time but i guess its easier to call others than face the truth.

R.I.P George you were a great man it was an Honour to have met you and shook your hand.

United Kingdom

Tex said...

Sounds like you're making excuses for being ripped off. I can understand the perpetrators doing that, but not the victims. By the way, the UK allows ZERO tool profit, thanks to a wise UK judge in 2008.

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