Monday, July 28, 2008

Dexter Yager Motivational System Nears Accreditation


Looks like Yager is getting close to accreditation:

To: All Yager Group Diamonds and Personals (Intended for all ibos)

Fr: The Yagers

Dt: 7/28/08

Re: Accreditation Update

InterNET is pleased to announce that the Quixtar Accreditation process is almost complete. InterNET staff is working with Quixtar to ensure that all of your InterNET produced tools and programs are of the highest standard and highest effectiveness in the industry.

Mark your calendars! Early August is when Quixtar plans to survey IBOs through an independent 3rd party (TNS Research Group). The survey will ensure the Yager Group's IBOs understanding and compliance with the IBO Communications Platform (see attached) or Best Practices messages which you have been receiving by email from your leadership. A condensed version of the IBO Communications Platform & the Speaker Platform Summary (attached). These documents will prepare you to answer survey questions easily if you are chosen to participate.

For your success,

The Yagers


tex said...

They even tell you how to answer questions.

Joecool said...

So what will change as a result of accreditation?

Amthrax said...

Do you have examples of the questions and answers they provide in the attachments? I'm sure many people are curious to read.

tex said...


I haven't looked at it in detail, but it appears most of what they said is already on the Quixtar Accreditation site.

Bottom line, they have done little to address the tool scam.

tex said...

This is my response to Adatudes, see

It is the thread "New online courses prepare you for selling
Monday, April 14, 2008"

They finally posted my response to Bitchett's nasty post. It probably won't get posted there, so here it is:


All I did was invite TWS to my blog, so we wouldn't have to wait several days for the posts to show up.

Bridgett is the one who attacked me, I merely responded, and in a much "friendlier" tone than her post, you should note.

You need to get the sequencing of the posts and the tone of the posts straight, RL.

You also need to recognize there are precious few of us who know the tool scam is the biggest problem this business has, and are willing to speak up for the typical IBO. Also, A/Q has flat refused to engage me on this subject. As I said in Prague, your loss.

I'm not inclined to talk about tool scammers in a "winsome" tone. Sorry. But not really.

tex said...


To: Yager Group Diamonds & Personals (for distribution at your discretion)

Fr: The Yagers

Dt: 7/30/08

Re: Accreditation Survey

Dear Leaders:

Here's some additional information we hope will be helpful for you as you continue to prepare your people for the Accreditation Survey if they are chosen to participate.

Telephone calls will be made by an independent research company. They will introduce themselves as follows: I'm calling from TNS, a global market research firm. Quixtar has contracted TNS to conduct a study among its IBOs to help us all present the business opportunity in a professional positive manner. I'd like to ask you some questions about your experience as an IBO, which will take about 10 minutes.

Calls will be made to a random sample of IBOs who are actively ordering products and attending training and/or sponsoring meetings. It will take place on August 7th and calling will be done between 5pm and 9pm Monday - Friday and Saturday starting at 10AM. After a few short questions to make sure they are actively pursuing the business they will say the following:

"Quixtar and InterNET Services are working hard to make this the best business opportunity available. Next I’m going to read you a list of statements about your experiences. Based on your IBO experience and what you have heard, please tell us whether you agree or disagree with the following statements?"

See a sample Q & A below:

Acceptance Quiz (Are the following Acceptable or Unacceptable?):
There will be a religious service on Sunday. Everybody is expected to attend. (UNACCEPTABLE)[I wonder if they will tone down the usual, "optional worship service, but if you want to know the real secret to succeeding at this business, you'll be there!]

You should make sure to vote against Mr. Jones’s (political candidate) stance on the environment. (UNACCEPTABLE) [You should know who is pro-business, and who is pro-high taxes, so vote like the business owner/low tax person you are!]

If you work hard and have integrity you are far more likely to succeed. (ACCEPTABLE) [Does an LCK even know how to spell integrity?]

I can see we disagree on that political issue, but it won’t affect your ability to succeed here. (ACCEPTABLE) [Just don't call me, I'll call you]


Accuracy Quiz (Are the following Acceptable or Unacceptable?):

•This is a business that takes hard work to succeed, there are no guarantees. (ACCEPTABLE) [Yes, but do the IBO's know they have to wallow through the tool scam to succeed?]

•There are more millionaires in this business than in any other—you will be one of them. (UNACCEPTABLE) [You will be one of them because we think you would make a great unethical/immoral tool scamming LCK]

•You’ll succeed if you buy our materials. Without them you won’t do well at all. (UNACCEPTABLE) [You just won't get any help if you don't use them. I know that from PERSONAL experience]

•Your primary business is with Quixtar. (ACCEPTABLE) [Too bad most IBO's don't have a clue their primary business is lining the pockets of their LCK with tool scam profit]

•I made quite a lot of profit from my business last year, but it took a lot of work. (ACCEPTABLE) [Plus a whole lot of tool scamming]

•I don’t know the exact number that an average IBO earns per month, but I think it’s in the thousands. (UNACCEPTABLE) [Oh, wait, that's for LCK's. The typical IBO LOSES hundreds a month, "thanks" to the tool scam]

•I was able to buy two new cars from the money I made from my business. I can show you my records if you’d like. (ACCEPTABE) [Do you mean Quixtar profit? What did you do with the tool scam profit, buy two new homes?]

xbeliever said...

If this system gets accreditation without substantial changes to the way they operate, based on what we have witnessed and participated in for almost 20 years, I believe it proves the worthlessness of the entire accreditation process.

tex said...


Thanks for coming over.

I agree with you, but accreditation was never designed to fix the tool scam. The accreditation process would have to be changed to clean up the tool scam.

Is there an equivalent of the U.S. FTC in Australia (I believe this is where you live)?

tex said...

Now THIS is the kind of accountability we could use with the LCK's. There were MANY more individuals who should have prevented this from happening, but this is the "Navy way."

Washington - A cigarette was the cause of a May fire aboard the US aircraft carrier USS George Washington that injured 37 sailors, the US Navy reported Wednesday. Investigators believe the fire was started when a cigarette ignited "combustible material improperly stored" in an engineering room, according to a US Navy press release.

The Navy Wednesday relieved the commanding officer of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, Captain David Dykhoff, of duty due to a "loss of confidence in his ability to command" as well as his executive officer, Captain David Dober.

The fire, which lasted more than 12 hours before being extinguished, caused an estimated 70 million dollars in damage to the George Washington.

Repairs are nearly complete and the ship will depart San Diego, California, on August 21 for Japan.

Joecool said...

THat was my point at QIAC Tex, unless someone named "Van Andel or DeVos" commits to a clean up, it ain't gonna happen.

tex said...

My point is they may have committed to a clean up, they just want to get their ducks in a row to minimize the damage, and that takes time. The reason I keep up the pressure is to reinforce the need to change, and hopefully make it happen sooner rather than later.

Joecool said...

1983 - Directly speaking.

2008 - 25 years later.

That's a long time to get ducks in order.

tex said...

They haven't been working on it for 25 years. They only got "religious" last year.

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