Saturday, May 10, 2008

What Do You Want?

I haven't updated Tex's Blog in a few weeks.

Where is Tex commenting at?

Tell me where he is.

What's New?

What Have I Missed?

The Alticor Media Blog is still stagnant. That's disappointing, considering what we saw in Prague. Even Beth Dornan hasn't been active much. Chuck Lia's blog is always a good read, but I haven't been following the "Amway World" like I should, and I truly don't want Tex to get lost.

Tex, tell me something good.


Tex said...


Tex said...

You need to imagine Barnum and Bailey circus music in the background as you read this:

5/10/08 4:23 pm

Dear Tex,

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5/10/08 11:44 PM

Dear Tex,

The Mother's Day Special is now (over) sold out. That's what I get for going to dinner tonight after sending out the special offer. Don't worry if you got your payment in, I will honor it.

Congrats to the lucky Mother's and to all of the Mom's out there, Enjoy Your Day!

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Anna28 said...

OMG...that was comedy!!! Thanks for posting that.

Tex said...

Note the emphasis on the tool scam. It's good to see the UK regulators "get it."

UK dismisses claims against Amway
by Chris Knape | The Grand Rapids Press
Wednesday May 14, 2008, 7:02 AM
Amway can stay in England.

A judge in he United Kingdom has dismissed government claims against Amway's operations there, saying major reforms last year fixed faults in its business model.

The ruling clears Amway UK, a part of Ada-based Alticor Inc., of the threat of expulsion from the country, one of Amway's oldest international markets.

Spokesman Rob Zeiger said the ruling was a "solid validation" of reforms implemented by the company to head off regulatory actions last year.

"The company takes the action seriously and continues to review business practices around the world to avoid such regulatory threats in the future," Zeiger said today from England.

"We are determined not to leave things in the future to the courts to tell us to change the way we do business. We need to listen better to what the market wants."

English regulators clamped down on Amway over concerns the company was more focused on selling training materials and less on selling retail products to consumers.

Regulators said the company and its distributors also misrepresented potential earnings from participating in Amway.

Changes introduced last year in the UK in an effort to fend off the court action that led to the ruling included banning non-Amway approved motivational events and materials.

Tex said...

This could be just the beginning of lawsuits against A/Q and the lying cowardly "kingpins."

Tex said...

A more accurate description above is:

Note the emphasis on the tool scam. It's good to see the UK regulators and judicial systems "get it."

It is unknown if the regulators will appeal the case, as has been suggested before, if they lose. However, the judge has put a damper on this possibility, by stating the actions taken by Amway are sufficient. It also helped Amway said they would stay in front of these issues, rather than let the regulators/courts drive them.

Overall, this is great news, as it validates the importance of the tool scam.

Tex said...

It's amazing how all the conversation is "atwitter" regarding the "win" in the UK. Take a gander at ibofb's site, and you'll see a virtual victory parade.

Here's what really happened:

1. Amway ignored pleas to stop the tool scam, going as far back as 1983 and continuing with my letter to Rich DeVos in 2005, my filing to the FTC in 2006, and my (and others) numerous telephone calls, e-mails, and blog postings.

2. The UK regulators proposed shutting Amway down in the UK in 2007.

3. ONLY when this happened, Amway shut down the tool scam, stopped recruiting, and lowered some prices.

4. The judge found Amway did the right things (finally, and so far not in the U.S.) and found the regulators were RIGHT from the standpoint major reform was needed, but the regulators were WRONG that Amway needed to be shut down, as the judge decided Amway could be trusted to continue to do the right things.

This is hardly a "victory", it is more a confirmation of what we have been saying for decades is the right thing to do. It took threat of a shutdown to make it happened, but at least it finally happened.

Tex said...

Interesting message from the Yagers someone sent me. I think this goes MUCH further than what the rules say, and is intended to control information, especially the tool scam. Here's the actual rule, which was NOT included in the e-mail:

4.15. Enticement to Change Lines of
Sponsorship: Under no circumstances shall an IBO solicit, interfere, or attempt to induce, suggest, directly or indirectly, another IBO to request a change to another Sponsor or Line of Sponsorship.

> Fr: The Yagers
> Dt: 5/14/08
> Re: Best Practices Message: What do you say when you run into
> another Line of Sponsorship
> One of the criteria for accreditation with Quixtar is that all IBOs
> understand Quixtar/Amway Global's best practices as explained through the
> Quixtar/Amway Global IBO Communications Platform. The following message is
> sent in accordance with the Quixtar Professional Development Accreditation
> Program.
> What do you say when you run into an IBO in another Line of Sponsorship?
> Here's a situation you may find yourself in from time to time: running
> into an IBO from another Line of Sponsorship. You may not think anything
> of it when it happens, and you may want to have a friendly chat with the
> other IBO about their experiences in the business, but these kinds of
> meetings are actually a bit more complicated than that.
> Did you know that the Rules of Conduct prohibit IBOs from soliciting,
> interfering with, or attempting to suggest - directly or indirectly - that
> another IBO switch to another sponsor or Line of Sponsorship? That's
> right, if somebody is already registered as an IBO, they are not fair game
> to sign up with you. If it even appears that you've tried to entice them
> to your business, their upline may take up the issue with the Rules
> department. So to ensure that there's not even the appearance of such
> behavior, it's a good idea to not talk to IBOs from other LOSs about how
> their business is going. And, of course, don't discuss with them how
> you're doing with your business.
> Simply recognize that the other IBO probably has similar goals and
> aspirations as you and is working hard just like you, but happens to be
> doing it in a different Line of Sponsorship. Be glad that they're out
> there spreading the word about what a great business this is, wish them
> well, and move on.
> Having rules about stuff like this might seem like nitpicking, but we
> wouldn't need them if there weren't so many IBOs with so much drive and
> energy for building this business. We're glad that there are folks out
> there who are so enthusiastic about their business that they want to talk
> about it with everybody they meet. That kind of excitement is a sure-fire
> route to success - as long as it's channeled within the boundaries of our
> Rules.
> So thanks for your passion for this business, and thanks for building it
> the right way.
> For Your Success,
> The Yagers

I report. You decide.

I wonder if this e-mail is based on a trend, either the Yager group gaining or losing IBO's for the above reason.

This would be a very difficult thing to prove, especially when single IBO's are involved, except in the current "unconscionable" arbitration process.

Tex said...

ibofb posted on his blog, "There's one thing conspicously missing from the Times analysis of the case. A certain tall southern dude's obsession isn't mentioned at all!"

Too bad he "forgot" to mention ALL the other stories that came out today discuss the tool scam being shut down. By the way, reporting is NOT "analysis."

Is there another trip planned for Prague? He was also saying stupid things about me prior to that trip.

How one person can be so powerfully stupid is beyond me, but his air of superiority comes out loud and clear on blogs and in person.

I've seen this type of insecurity many times before, and ibofb has become easy to ignore, although still a bit entertaining when I need a good laugh.

I am looking forward to reading the entire UK court ruling.

Tex said...

Chuck (Veritas) stated on ibofb's site, in reference to the previous post:

"If you are going to bring up a certain tall southern dude, shouldn't you at least let him sign on and respond? I thought all Aussies fought their opponents face to face, not with a sucker punch behind the head..."

You're right, Aussie's are real men, but ibofb doesn't live in Australia any longer. Perhaps now we know why, he just didn't qualify and was kicked out. After meeting him in person, "limp wrist" comes to comes out in his writing as well.

Tex said...

By the way, I know what I'm talking about. I've been to several places in Australia.

Mikey said...

"You're right, Aussie's are real men, but ibofb doesn't live in Australia any longer. Perhaps now we know why, he just didn't qualify and was kicked out. After meeting him in person, "limp wrist" comes to comes out in his writing as well."

Hahaha, good one. It's like Crocodile Dundee - tough Aussie dude.

BTW, I saw a feature on the Big Texan steakhouse on the food channel, it's rated one of the best. I better visit there if I ever go to Amarillo.

Tex said...

NOBODY would confuse ibofb with Dundee. Perhaps Dundee's wife....never mind, Dundee is straight.

Tex said...

57. In summary, the changes effected are as follows:-

(c) All BSM deployed by certified retail consultants and business consultants will be rigorously controlled by Amway, and it will be impermissible for any profit to be derived from its production or dissemination. Thus the scope and incentive for third parties to misrepresent the business opportunity will be significantly reduced (and, incidentally, ABOs will not be pressured into buying BSM in excess of their reasonable needs).

Don't let ibofb or anyone else tell you it isn't about the tool scam.

Tex said...

Even though the judge made several references to the fact the prosecution did a poor job of folding in the tool scam influence He did it in the legal "nice" way of stating the tool scam was not emphasized, and it isn't his job to point out where the prosecution dropped the ball. However, the judge STILL placed the above paragraph regarding ZERO tool profit (which goes too far, in my opinion) into the required actions.

The reason it's taking ibofb so long to post about this is because he can't figure out how to spin himself out of this corner.

Hint: There's no way out, ibofb.

Tex said...

As I have already stated, the reason the judge didn't take up the tool scam is because the prosecution screwed up and didn't bring that issue to him. The Big Apple is exactly on target with this question, and paragraph 57 (c) says it all. Fortunately, Amway shut down the UK tool scam and the judge ruled it should stay shut down. What more is there for the judge to do? Answer: NOTHING. ibofb is what we call "in the tank for Obama" on the tool scam issue. In other words, it doesn't matter if ANY of the facts are on his side, he's on N21's side.


Just read the Court decision. Would you please site by paragraph where it say the case wasn't about BSM profit.

Thanks.Big Apple -

50. Nor has this case been (as it might have been) about the volume of BSM produced by Amway or by the organisations (like Britt and Network 21) formed by its senior IBOs and profitably peddled to a captive audience of nonachieving IBOs. Mr Cunningham QC did not open the case in that way and it is not the case which Mr Chivers QC has had to meet at trial.

I think there's a good reason BERR didn't pursue that angle with the court. No idea about BWW, but like Amway UK, N21 UK had been running at a loss for at least the past 5 years.

N21 as a corporation may have been losing money, because they were paying off their lying cowardly "kingins" tool scam money. ibofb can't spin this one.

Tex said...

Sorry, I neglected to point out the below discussion between The Big Apple and ibofb came from ibofb's site. I have identified who said what.

Tex said:

As I have already stated, the reason the judge didn't take up the tool scam is because the prosecution screwed up and didn't bring that issue to him. The Big Apple is exactly on target with this question, and paragraph 57 (c) says it all. Fortunately, Amway shut down the UK tool scam and the judge ruled it should stay shut down. What more is there for the judge to do? Answer: NOTHING. ibofb is what we call "in the tank for Obama" on the tool scam issue. In other words, it doesn't matter if ANY of the facts are on his side, he's on N21's side.

The Big Apple said:


Just read the Court decision. Would you please site by paragraph where it say the case wasn't about BSM profit.

Thanks.Big Apple -

ibofb said:

50. Nor has this case been (as it might have been) about the volume of BSM produced by Amway or by the organisations (like Britt and Network 21) formed by its senior IBOs and profitably peddled to a captive audience of nonachieving IBOs. Mr Cunningham QC did not open the case in that way and it is not the case which Mr Chivers QC has had to meet at trial.

I think there's a good reason BERR didn't pursue that angle with the court. No idea about BWW, but like Amway UK, N21 UK had been running at a loss for at least the past 5 years.

Tex said:

N21 as a corporation may have been losing money, because they were paying off their lying cowardly "kingins" tool scam money. ibofb can't spin this one.

Tex said...

The "we" Chuck mentions below does NOT include me.

Perhaps it is because of our differing personality types, or the fact that I DID grow up with brothers, or the fact that I regard righteous indignation as Christ-like in the appropriate circumstance, even if it occurs over a long period of time. Perhaps all 3.

I have said on many occasions I agree with ibofb on virtually everything regarding this business except for the tool scam. So, while we agree on 99 of 100 issues, the one issue is 99% of the problem.

For this reason, ibobf has potentially SLOWED DOWN the rate of tool scam remediation. This means millions of IBO's have been ripped off by the lying cowardly "kingpins" FAR longer than they may have, and this is nothing to be proud of or associated with, in my humble and "winsome" opinion, of course.

Tex said...

In response to Beth's recent story:

Great story. You and millions of others like you, are why I am engaged in exposing the tool scam, which has been put to bed in the UK, thanks to an intelligent judge. Not that you, Beth, are personally allowed to be an IBO, as you are an A/Q employee.

I want other Moms and Dads to enjoy their years with their kids. I was cheated out of this time, which can never be repaid, because I chose to believe what the upline taught me. I didn't have access to the "Directly Speaking" recordings when I got involved in the Amway business, so I didn't know I was being lied to about the major source of the uplines' wealth, the tool profits. Had I known this, I wouldn't have gotten involved. I would have had the times you described with our kids.

If I have "saved" a single family this experience, my time on the blogs will have been worthwhile. I think the number is quite a few more. Others have been cheated out of their college education, instead being convinced by upline to "build the business." Others have been cheated out of their retirement funds, instead being convinced to "build the business."

For those who believe "there goes crazy Tex again, talking about the tool scam in the middle of a nice 4th grader story", I hope you see there is a deep, heart-felt reason behind my strong views in this matter.

Now I can go to bed, as I have been stirring, thinking about this all evening.

Enjoy your families. You're welcome.

Tex said...

The above post was not approved by Beth. I don't think I broke any particular rule, although one could make a case for being off-topic. However, this would result, if there was ANY consistency, in MANY other posts that should not be approved for A/Q blogs.

Tex said...

Sometimes ibofb is stupid, sometimes he makes HUGE errors, and sometimes he make me want to barf. This is an example of the latter. See the May 5, 2007 letter that appeared, disappeared, appeared again, and eventually disappeared from ibofb's site. Fortunately, I saved it and it is even available on, comment #92.

May 5 letter -

Dear Leaders,

I am writing to you today in response to a recent communication between the Company and the IBO leadership. This development has arisen from a filing by the DTI (Dept of Trade and Industry) in the UK against Amway. Because of relationship with Amway the DTI has also included Network 21, and other support systems in the UK in their “complaint”. We have been fully aware of the situation for some months. We have been in full dialog and discussion with the company throughout the past few days, and we are understanding of their strategy and their need for strong actions to remedy the problem that has been highlighted by this government agency.

I am sure this will indeed be a time of trial for our UK friends, as well as you who have businesses in the UK, but much like with China, I am also sure we will discover how resilient they are, and be proud of the commitment and trust they will show in moving through this period of uncertainly.

I can assure you that although this action by the UK regulatory body is based on what we believe to be distortions, half truths and largely isolated incidents, and although I know The Company, N21 and others will defend it vigorously, we also recognize the power of such agencies…. and therefore the seriousness of this issue. The company in UK must take strong action at this point, and we are preparing to support this effort to reposition our UK business and the training aspects in a way that allows for healthy long term growth and stability.

We believe, based on conversations with the company, and also based on the accusations in the documents that our N21 leaders, as well as our tools and meetings, are among the most responsible presented. We have an excellent reputation regarding the responsible conduct of our affairs. We feel we can work with the company there to have our materials vetted and approved (those that are not already), and we can as always submit to any content review of our seminar programs.

We know this may lead to a further tightening of the approval process in Europe in order to assure that no IBO misrepresents the company or product without consequences, but this could very well be “good” for those like N21 who already endeavor to be responsible. A “housecleaning” of irresponsible IBO’s and systems could be a good thing for all.

We will be deeply involved at all levels in the follow up discussions on how this will play out in the UK and then obviously continue to dialog on what actions if any are needed elsewhere. No need to worry, as we have survived such things many times in our history. Many people attack our business for many reasons; jealousy, ignorance, prejudice, competitive advantage, etc. We all know that when properly done and taught…this is still the best place in the world to make a positive difference in other’s lives. Let’s keep doing just that.

We are currently undergoing a similar discussion in the US regarding a better way to form “business relations” between the support/training systems that we all value and the company, so that we can protect the brand for all of us. Jeff Neuber has been on a special task force set up by Doug and Steve and the Founders Council here to address ideas to improve the way we all deal with the reality of systems and their value, while addressing the concerns of the market. It has been a healthy and open discussion.

I am sure that some will see this as a new “threat” to our right to operate separate training and support operations globally, and our existence as “independent” entrepreneurs”. I choose to see it as a path to a better future where we can operate openly and effectively while partnering with the company to assure responsible behavior. We have always done just that.

I ask you all to pray as always for wisdom and God’s protection as we seek solutions to this current issue in the UK…. and then to find appropriate ways to address the issue globally. Keep dreaming and building because we still know what we have is something others need and want. No change in that fact. We will keep you in the loop on this as we learn more.

Jim Dornan

Dornan and ibofb are full of male cow poop. ibofb recently said on Chuck's site: "Remember what happened when I posted a quite reasonable (and now clearly correct) email of Jim Dornans to N21 IBOs about the UK situation? The corp absolutely slammed him."

Of course they slammed him, you IDIOT. The N21 tool scam was shut down in the UK last May, and the recent judge's ruling will apparently keep it shut down permanently. What part of NO TOOL SCAM IN THE UK DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND???

Cow Chips said...

"Sometimes ibofb is stupid"


Tex said...

Yes, he also has to sometimes make HUGE errors, or make me want to barf.

Not to mention the rest of his suck up group on his site. Pegs the gaydar. It's hard to read it for more than a minute or two without feeling icky.

Sorry about the male cow poop comment cow chips. Nothing personal. :-)

Tex said...

The post I referred to above has now been posted by Beth. She didn't explain whether it was a technical error or whether she initially didn't post it, but it's there now.

Tex said...

A recent post on the Amway blog:

ibofightback Says:
May 20th, 2008 at 5:54 pm
MichMan #31 - actually the UK *did* validate the Amway business model. What Amway could have got shut down for, if they hadn’t changed, was IBOs and Amway making claims about the business that the believed wasn’t reflected in reality the UK market - in other words, exaggerated income claims, same as FTC v Amway.

ibofightback Says:
May 20th, 2008 at 5:54 pm,

Did you read the same ruling the rest of us did? Did you miss the part about shutting down the tool scam in the UK? You know, the thing that caused the judge to remark about 2 ABO’s who didn’t make much Amway profit, yet apparently were bragging how much money they were making? Go to paragraph 57(c) and tell me what YOU think it says.

Pure fiction by ibofb.

Cowboy said...

Tex, that is interesting because IBOFB comes across as somewhat of an authority figure and runs a website called "The truth about amway and quixtar".

So he is being dishonest while giving the impression of being an authority from the corporation?

Tex said...


ibofb is an IBO who is originally from Australia, now living in Sweden. I met him in Prague a couple of months ago at the Amway bloggers International Public Relations conference. He is as obnoxious in person as online. Although I agree with him on many issues, he is 100% opposite from me on the tool scam. Apparently, the "system" helped him through a tough time he was having in his personal life a few years ago, and now he is a full-blown defender of the lying cowardly "kingpins", ala the "Stockholm Syndrome", making it quite ironic he now lives in Sweden. This is NO excuse to approve of the financial raping the upline has done for decades.

Tex said...

What we need is a little "Lima Syndrome (unrelated to beans).

Cowboy said...

I don't understand how the tools system helped IBOFB thru personal problems.

Having read several blogs, including the truth about amway, it seems like the guys who visit the truth about amway love IBOFB and the others all seem to say he is dishonest.

Tex said...

I have also found many of the tools very useful in various aspects of my life. I don't have an issue with the content, but the lies created because of the profits generated from the tool sales. Lower the tool prices (as Orrin has apparently done, so it's obvious others can do it as well), and this conflict goes away. The advertised purpose of the tools is to help you build an A/Q business, which they have been proven quite unsuccessful in doing. Instead, the tools create a net loss scenario for most IBO's, and many Platinums have reported on blogs it takes the Platinum level to just break even. That's not a good business model, in my opinion.

ibofb is either a liar or he isn't. He has been proven to be wrong so many times, it's amazing to me anyone pays any attention to his ideas.

But then, we live in an amazing world, don't we?

Cowboy said...

It could be that IBOFB just has a different perspective and his version of the truth differs from others.

I guess what I mean is that he might be not lying (knowingly).

I think some of the discussion on his blog is way off the target, but it's his blog to run.

Why don't you invite him to debate the issues on tools?

Cowboy said...

Of course it's possible that he's a liar too.

Tex said...

Against overwhelming evidence, he denies there is much profit from the tools.

We've debated this issue long and hard on qblog and his site (prior to being "banned" from both sites), I have no interest in continuing to read his dodges, weaves, and ducking.

Cowboy said...

Ok Tex, I agree that the profit potential from tools is enormous. Tapes and cd's are cheap to produce in bulk and the seminars can be huge when held in big arenas and convention centers.

I'm sure the rolling stones make a ton of money from concerts and their concerts are cheaper than some seminars.

But I'm curious, how would IBOFB know how much is made from the seminars? Is he a diamond?

Tex said...

It's not just potential, it's real.

ibofb is an admitted low level IBO who thinks he knows what he's talking about, and doesn't.

He passes off every single data point as an aberration, even though there's an avalanche of data points that are overwhelming.

The most disturbing thing is he is educated, so he can appear to be intelligent, but he's a fool. As I've said before, there's only one thing worse than an uneducated fool, and that's an educated one.

Cowboy said...

Wait, if IBOFB is not a diamond, how does he know how much is made on the sale of tools? It's simple math. Cd's and tapes cost pennies to make and their sold at 7 bucks or so. Thousands are sold every week (standing order).

If a diamond has say 10,000 downline on the system, that diamond could make over $60,000 in a week.

I know the big convetions make big money too. You pack 25,000 people into an arena at $100 each and that's 2.5 million. It doesn't cost more than $500,000 to rent the convention center and pay for the set up and clean up crew.

I thought this would be common sense. I was an IBO back in 2004 and I saw the Dateline show and figured out that I was being taken for a ride.

Tex said...

The problem is, he does know how much is made on tools, and refuses to face the facts.

He won't even admit the recent UK decision was largely based on the tool scam, let alone the multitude of other data points, including the Dateline story.

Tex said...

Here's anothe data point:,com_fireboard/Itemid,91/func,view/id,14537/catid,27/

ibofb is mentally scratching his head why the Coniguliaro's would give up their huge Emerald bonus, being upline of the Britts. How does he even know whether Dom and Pat still qualify at Emerald? Since Britt has his own tool scam system, D&P probably don't make much money from Bill, so they probably have very little to lose by changing to TEAM/MV.

It's all crystal clear when you think about the real business model that's in place - the tool scam.

This could also be a sign of Quixtar clamping down on the tool scam, and getting things similar to how the UK works.

Poor ibofb, he's too "smart" (read ego) and stubborn for his own good.

Tex said...

Looks like the entire link didn't come over. Go to ibofb's site,, and look at the Forum section, TOPIC: Another Diamond terminated?

What's amazing is ibofb is well educated in the scientific method, yet refuses to apply it to the tool scam. The numerous data points ALL point in the same direction, but he won't budge. Sort of like refusing to believe in gravity while people drop rocks on your head from above....

Cowboy said...

Maybe IBOFB is on the take?

Tex said...

I don't think so, but it's possible. He's also an atheist, so his value system is obviously different than others.

Tex said...

Quixtar loses another ADR case, this makes 4 federal judges who have said the ADR process is "unconscionable."

Plaintiffs, §
v. § C ASE NO. 4:07cv389
Defendant. §
Before the Court is Plaintiffs’ Motion for Reconsideration of Order of Stay (Dkt. 83). This
case involves a business dispute between certain Quixtar business distributors and Quixtar.
Essentially, the distributors sued Quixtar for breach of contract, and interference with prospective
and business relations. Soon after this case was filed, the Court heard evidence on Plaintiffs’ motion
for preliminary injunction and recommended that the motion be granted in part. Thereafter, Quixtar
filed a motion for arbitration under its distributor agreements with certain of the Plaintiffs. After
hearing the arguments of the parties and over the objection of Plaintiffs, that motion was granted and
the case was referred to arbitration for resolution. The Court notes that Plaintiffs’ opposition to the
arbitration sufficiently preserved its argument that there was no valid arbitration agreement.
Plaintiffs now seek reconsideration of the Court’s order staying this case pending arbitration
in light of a recent decision issued by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals involving Amway, Quixtar’s
Case 4:07-cv-00389-MHS-DDB Document 88 Filed 05/23/2008 Page 1 of 5
predecessor. The Court, after hearing the argument of the parties at the hearing held on May 22,
2008 and noting the Fifth Circuit’s decision in Morrison v. Amway, finds that the arbitration clause
in the case sub judice is the same as that in Morrison and that the language from the Court’s opinion
that follows sums up the matter before the Court and requires that the Motion for Reconsideration
be granted:
There is no express exemption of the arbitration provisions from
Amway’s ability to unilaterally modify all rules, and the only express
limitation on that unilateral right is published notice. While it is inferable
that an amendment thus unilaterally made by Amway to the arbitration
provision would not become effective until published, there is nothing to
suggest that once published the amendment would be inapplicable to
disputes arising, or arising out of events occurring, before such publication.
* * *
There is nothing in any of the relevant documents which precludes
amendment to the arbitration program-made under Amway’s unilateral
authority to amend its Rules of Conduct-from eliminating the entire
arbitration program or its applicability to certain claims or disputes so
that once notice of such an amendment was published mandatory
arbitration would no longer be available even as to disputes which had
arisen and of which Amway had notice prior to the publication. There are
no Halliburton type savings clauses which preclude application of such
amendments to disputes which arose (or of which Amway had notice)
before the amendment.
Morrison v. Amway Corp., 517 F.3d 248, 254, 257 (5th Cir. 2008).
Before the Court is the same agreement scrutinized by the Fifth Circuit. The material terms
of Rule 1 and Rule 11 in the parties’ agreements here are the same as those examined by the Fifth
Circuit in Morrison. While the agreements allow for distributor input prior to any amendment to the
arbitration provisions, Quixtar still retains the unilateral right to do as it sees fit. The fact that the
Morrision case dealt with matters which occurred before the arbitration clause was inserted in the
Case 4:07-cv-00389-MHS-DDB Document 88 Filed 05/23/2008 Page 2 of 5
Rules of Conduct does not change the Circuit’s holding that the contract was merely illusory.
Quixtar attempts to distinguish Morrison on four grounds. First, it argues that Morrison dealt
with a retroactive application of a requirement to arbitrate. The Court agrees. However, a close
reading of the Fifth Circuit’s opinion indicates that the Court’s decision is not predicated on that sole
ground. The Court’s reasoning applies to the Rules of Conduct and Amway’s (Quixtar’s) ability to
unilaterally change the rules of the game. The 1998 contract before the Court in Morrison provided
that “Amway reserves to itself the sole right to adopt, amend, modify, supplement or rescind any or
all of these Rules, as necessary with respect to Rules enforcement.” Introduction to The Rules of
Conduct of an Amway Distributor (emphasis added). Amway acknowledges that from time to time
the contents of its various documents may be changed. Although it represents it will present such
changes to the distributor board, final decision making authority rests with Amway (Quixtar).
Quixtar admits that the preface to its Rules of Conduct has not materially changed since
1998. It was this preface that appears to have drawn the Circuit’s attention and, in this Court’s
opinion, the ultimate rationale for its holding that the arbitration contract was merely illusory. A
promise is illusory if it does not commit the promisor to perform. Alex Sheshunoff Mgm’t Servs.,
L.P. v. Johnson, 206 S.W. 3d 644 (Tex. 2006). Quixtar argues that the Rules governing arbitration
do not permit it to amend the Rules once arbitration has commenced. That is what the arbitration
provisions state in part. However, Quixtar has left itself ample “wiggle” room by providing that it
may modify the Rules of Conduct as it sees fit. The same provision appears to have been before the
Circuit in Morrison. Quixtar presents this scenario to its distributors, you agree to arbitrate but we
reserve the right to change the rules whenever it suits Quixtar. Therefore, Quixtar’s first point is
Case 4:07-cv-00389-MHS-DDB Document 88 Filed 05/23/2008 Page 3 of 5
Second, Quixtar argues that Morrison dealt with matters that predated the unilateral
imposition of an agreement to arbitrate, and therefore, on that ground, it is distinguishable. The
Court disagrees. The language of the Circuit’s opinion addressed this issue but decided the issue on
the basis that the ability to change the rules at any time made the contract merely illusory.
Third, Quixtar argues that the Circuit did not address the point that any change requires
distributor input. However, the old rules so provided, and, in fact, Quixtar is still free to do whatever
it decides.
Quixtar’s last point is that the distributor’s performance under these yearly agreements with
the arbitration clause amounts to consideration and perforce a valid and enforceable contract. Under
Texas law, an illusory promise can still serve as a basis for a valid unilateral contract if accepted by
performance. Alex Sheshunoff Mgm’t Servs., 206 S.W. 3d at 644. Quixtar points out that the
distributors have enjoyed the fruits of their agreements in the way of sales and bonuses for a period
of well in excess of ten years. Suddenly, the hue and cry is that the arbitration contract is illusory.
Under the contract before the Court, Quixtar could still amend the arbitration provision even after
arbitration began. Quixtar could not amend the rules governing how the arbitration is conducted.
In other words, how the arbitrator is selected could not be changed. But the Court sees no
prohibition as to Quixtar changing the rules on what matters would be subject to arbitration.
To borrow a page from these parties, this Court is bound by the rules and decisions of its upline
decision-makers, and further discussion and analysis is pointless. This Court is bound by the
Fifth Circuit’s holding in Morrison regarding the specific arbitration provisions at issue here.
Case 4:07-cv-00389-MHS-DDB Document 88 Filed 05/23/2008 Page 4 of 5
Therefore, Plaintiffs’ Motion for Reconsideration of Order of Stay (Dkt. 83) is GRANTED
and it is further recommended that the order referring this matter to arbitration (Dkt. 56) be
VACATED and that the case proceed in this Court.
Within ten (10) days after service of the magistrate judge’s report, any party may serve and
file written objections to the findings and recommendations of the magistrate judge. 28 U.S.C.A.
§ 636(b)(1)(C).
Failure to file written objections to the proposed findings and recommendations contained
in this report within ten days after service shall bar an aggrieved party from de novo review by the
district court of the proposed findings and recommendations and from appellate review of factual
findings accepted or adopted by the district court except on grounds of plain error or manifest
injustice. Thomas v. Arn, 474 U.S. 140, 148 (1985); Rodriguez v. Bowen, 857 F.2d 275, 276-77 (5th
Cir. 1988).
Case 4:07-cv-00389-MHS-DDB Document 88 Filed 05/23/2008 Page 5 of 5

Cowboy said...

So why does IBOFB ignore the facts?

Why is he dishonest about these issues?

Tex said...

See May 22, 2008 1:52 PM post.

Anonymous said...

So what your saying is that IBOFB is an educated liar?

Tex said...


Cowboy said...

Hey Tex, why do you think IBOFB lies? I mean it's easy to see right thru the tools scam.

Tex said...

See May 22, 2008 1:52 PM post.

I don't think it's that easy for the new prospect to see through the tool scam. Even if half of them see through it, that leaves the other half who are getting ripped off.

JimZ said...

Where have you been, seems like you've dropped off the map. I haven't seen any posts from you over at Chucks Talk about Amway site in a long time.

Tex said...

Here's the UK court order:

No 2651 of2007
UPON THE PETITION of the Secretary of Stale for Business. Enterprise and Regulatory
Refonn ("'the Secretary of State") for an order that Amway (UK) Limited ("Amway") be
wound up pursuant to section 124A of the Insolvency Act 1986 presented 10 this Court on II
April 2007 ("'the Petition")
AND UPON THE TRIAL of the Petition
AND UPON HEARING Counsel for the Secretary or Stale and Counsel for Amway
A () UPON HEARING oral evidence
A 0 UPO ' READING the written evidence
AND UPON Amway undertaking by its Counsel to the Court in the temlS set out at Schedule
1 to this Order and further undertaking that it will not lift its moratorium on the registration of
new Amway Business Owners ("ABOs") until the further hearing provided for in paragraph
(2) of this Order
(I) The Petition be dismissed.
14 Ma} 2008
(2) The detennination of the costs of the Petition be adjourned to a further hearing on a date
to be fixed in accordance with the direction set out below.
(3) Any application for pennission to appeal be adjourned to the further hearing referred to in
paragraph (2).
(4) The time for filing any appellant's notice shall be extended so as not start to run until the
conclusion of the further hearing referred to in paragraph (2).
ANn IT IS DIRECTED that the hearing referred to in paragraph (2) above shall be fixed
through the usual channels on a date before the end of the current term.
in the high court of justice
14 May 2008
1. Amway will maintain the present prohibition on the production, sale or promotion in
the United Kingdom of Business Support Materials in connection with the Amway
Business Opportunity that are not authorised and distributed by Amway.
2. Amway will not introduce a registration fee for new ABOs or a renewal fee for
existing ABOs unless either the Secretary of State has consented or, in the absence of
such consent, Amway has obtained a declaration from the Court 10 the effect that
such a fee is lawful.
3. Arnway will not lift its moratorium on the registration of new Amway Business
Owners ("ABOs") until it has published earnings data for the period from I October
2007 to the date of the lifting of the moratorium in accordance with the earnings
disclosure policy set out in Schedule 2. Amway will thereafter publish on at least an
annual basis earnings data covering the preceding 12 month period in accordance
with the earnings disclosure policy. Earnings data will be included in official
literature used to promote the Amway Business Opportunity and on the Amway
4. Subject to paragraph 3 above, Amway will operate and maintain an orientation
programme for all new ABOs substantially in the form described in the witness
evidence of Mark Beiderwieden filed on behalf of Amway and referred to in the
Judgment of Mr Justice Norris at paragraph 57(d).
5. Save to the extent that the undertakings are varied by consent/agreement with the
Secretary of State, Amway reserves the right to apply to Court for the variation of
and/or release from all or part of these undertakings.
in the high court of justice
14 May 2008
Amway Earnings Disclosure Policy
Amway will disclose for the specified period:
A. Total number of Retail Consultants registered during the period
B. Total number of Retail Consultants earning a customer volume rebate ("CVR")
C. Average CYR of Retail Consultants earning a CVR
D. Highest total CVR earned by a Retail Consultant
E. Lowest total CVR earned by a Retail Consultant
F. Total number of Certified Retail Consultants registered during the period
G. Total number of Certified Retail Consultants earning a CYR or bonus income
H. Average income of Certified Retail Consultants earning a CVR or bonus
L Highest total earnings by a Certified Retail Consultant
J. Lowest total earnings by a Certified Retail Consultant
K. Total number of Business Consultants during the period
L. Average income of Business Consultants during the period
M. Total number of new Business Consultants qualifying as such during the period
N. Minimum income levels for qualification at Platinum, Emerald and Diamond level
O. Number of Business Consultants qualified at Platinum, Emerald and Diamond level
during the period.
in the high court of justice
14 May 2008
In the high court of Justice
14 May 2008
Claim No. 2651 of2007
Mr. Jody Ramnarine
The Treasury Sol1cltor
ill Floor
One Kemble Street
London WC2B 4TS
Tel: 020 7210 3000
Fox: 020 7210 3143
Ref: LT62859A1JAR/E4

Tex said...


Chuck placed me "moderated posting" status. In other words, my posts don't show up until he approves them. This leaves me out of the flow of conversation and is unacceptable.

I served as a Naval Officer in the U.S. Navy. I put my butt on the line to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic. This includes freedom of speech. Whether the other person agrees with me or not. This is a lifetime Commission for Officers, unless they resign their Commission, which I have NOT done.

Although Chuck and any other blog owner is free to run their blog in any manner they want to, as a true defender of the American Way of life, I refuse to be treated as a second class citizen, so I don't post there any longer. Simple as that.

Chuck simply wants to have a "friendly" blog while discussing liars, cowards, and thieves. That doesn't sit well with me, I will speak my mind in a "candid and open" (do you know where that term comes from?) manner.

Did you see the recent posting by Deb on qblog? She met with Jody Victor and was smitten by him. I am convinced she doesn't believe in getting rid of the tool scam as she has claimed. Disgusting.

Let me in a room with Jody V. for 5 hours and there would be a very different report.

bernsber said...

Do you have a link you can provide for the UK Court order you just posted? It may be buried in a comment or post somewhere, but I can't recall seeing it right now. I do know the Court order you posted is slightly different then the one listed in amwaywiki. Thanks!

Tex said...

There's 2 documents, the court ruling, and the court order. The court order was received by me earlier today. There is no link that I'm aware of, I got it from a UK official. I also expressed my concerns with him regarding the lack of "zero tool profit" in the court order, and he indicated the court proceedings are not over, but he couldn't comment on the specifics.

bernsber said...

Then this means Amway has to use sales figures from Oct 07 to present for income disclosure. Hardly a fair or long term accurate representation of that market, as the figures come from a time when the business was tanking due to the lawsuit.

Cowboy said...

Tex, how much profit do you think the diamonds make from the cd's, book's and the function's?

Tex said...


I don't have to "think" about how much the Diamonds make, there is plenty of information regarding this all over the internet.

The answer is "several times" more than they make/made from A/Q.

Have you seen the direct statements from former IBO's, such as Bruce Anderson, Andy Andrews, various TEAM folks, various lawsuits, Don Lorencz, and the non-response from the current lying cowardly "kingpins", etc?

There's no "thinking" involved, as ALL of their statements are consistent with each other. Even the non-responses are a response, but you have to "think" about that one to understand what I mean. Do you understand, or do you need more of an explanation?

bernsber said...

Can you email me a copy of the UK document we've been discussing? If so, let me know so we can exchange email adresses.

Tex said...

I forwarded it to Chuck, you can get it from him.

Tex said...

In addition to all of the others listed, have you listened to/read Rich DeVos' "Directly Speaking" recordings, particularly related to tool profits? Do you think he would have that kind of emotion in his voice and written statements if he suspected the lying cowardly "kingpins" were exceeding his 20% guidance by a single percentage point or two? I don't think so.

Cowboy said...

Thanks Tex, I was able to find more information about the tool income. What's really amazing to me is how the scammers keep the IBO's loyal to the tools program.

It kind of sucks you in slowly and then it's hard to get out. Like Quicksand. No pun intended.

bernsber said...

I've heard it. It is rather interesting. I do need to listen to it again and refresh my mind on all his points.

Of note, that was 1983. It certainly doesn't make it irrelevant information, but I would like to hear an updated point of view from Corp, or even Rich himself.

Lots of things(including opinions) can change in that span of time.

Tex said...


Exactly. But the tide is changing. The information is becoming easier to find, and developments in the UK and other countries help as well.


True, things do change over time. But not right and wrong. Those are constant. However, Ron Mitchell, a relatively high level Quixtar employee, told me a couple of months ago they view the tools as "free enterprise in action", and "the level of tool profit doesn't matter", something the UK judge obviously doesn't agree with.

Cowboy said...

Yeah, something is rotten in Denmark. If the Amway diamonds made tons of money from Amway, they wouldn't be so greedy about the income from tools and could sell them at cost or lower the prices.

Tex said...

Do you think Diamonds don't make "tons of money from Amway", to the extent they should lie about the tool scam money? There will always be greed to have more, that's why tool profit transparency is so important to fix the problem and prevent it from getting broken again.

Cowboy said...

I read the average diamond makes around $150,000 a year. That's not bad, but not nearly enough to fund the lifestyles they show off.

Tex said...

That's because most Diamonds aren't qualfied for more than a year or two, but then make several times more via the tools. If they maintained Diamond, chances are you would see a LOT more Founders Diamonds (and Emeralds, Platinums, EDC's, etc., for that matter).

So, a Diamond may go back to an Emerald level, make around $100K/year from Quixtar, but make several times more than that via the tool scam.

Cowboy said...

How would you know who's qualified or not?

Tex said...

That's the point, you don't know. However, I find it very unlikely a Diamond would hold 6 groups together for 6-11 months out of the year ("regular" Diamond), and not 12 months out of the year (Founders), after a year or two after initial qualification. It is much more likely they would either get to the Founders level or fall back to Emerald level, it's just too hard to maintain at exactly the 6-11 month level year after year.

Anonymous said...

"I find it very unlikely a Diamond would hold 6 groups together for 6-11 months out of the year ("regular" Diamond), and not 12 months out of the year (Founders), after a year or two after initial qualification."

What if you have 4-5 very solid Q12 or higher legs and 1-2 weaker legs. You could be a "regular" diamond for years trying to help the weaker legs, or have to replace a leg that fell out of qualification.

Tex said...

Any combination is possible. The issue is how common is the combination you mentioned? I suggest not very likely at all.

Plain Jane said...

It is very likely. And occurs quite often.

Tex, you really are clueless.

Tex said...

Sorry plain jane, the facts don't back up your position. One of us is clueless, and it isn't me.

Tex said...

Here's my response to Bridgett's recent e-mail to me. Note "The Big Apple" was used as a front for her, as I guess Bridgett isn't a big enough girl to communicate with Big, Bad 'ole Tex one on one. Perhaps Bridgett hasn't realized I'm just a simple, mild mannered guy who is fed up with the tool scam, which has ripped off LITERALLY millions of current and former IBO's/Distributors for several decades, to the tune of billions to tens of billions of dollars.

If Bridgett wants to discuss this issue further, can pull up her skirt/pants and communicate in the open, on this blog. Here's the e-mail, my response follows, I replaced all real names with the "handles" we use:


I agree, it's important when writing to remember to separate what we know and say to each other privately vs. publically (sic). Disclosure of the LOS is as important (to some) as ones "handle."

The Big Apple

Bridgett wrote:


I would apppreicate (sic) you showing some wisdom (and character) and not sharing things that I shared with you in Prague, in confidence, like my LOA, online.

You did it on Chuck Lia's blog, and now you are doing it over at OZ.

Thank you.
(I'm ccing The Big Apple as a third party to this request)

First of all, I wouldn't intentionally disclose confidential information I learned in Prague, so the comment regarding "wisdom and character" is total BS. The folks lacking wisdom and character are the lying cowardly "kingpins", aka tool scammers, not me.

Secondly, I had a pretty good idea who Bridgett's LOA was prior to the trip, as she either made reference to them at one point prior to the trip, or I had deduced who they were to a fairly high level of confidence, when she was bragging how quickly her upline Crown (not many of these) provided the name change information to their groups last summer, and other chatter on the internet narrowed this to Ron Puryear's tool scam system. Bottom line, this "secret" was clouded with a lot of other information, and was absolutely NOT a conscience attempt to disclose confidential information.

Third, Bridgett has proven she is completely unable to answer several significant questions, so she is not worthy of anything except minimal respect, such as on par with whale dung.

Fourth, after she complained about this information on Chuck's blog, I asked her to describe the specific information she felt was confidential in nature, as she wasn't specific in her complaint. I even told her she could work through Chuck, in the event she didn't have my e-mail. There was no response, and that was several weeks ago.

Fifth, I really don't care her upline is Puryear, as he is just one in a long line of lying cowardly "kingpins", hiding in the dark shadows, and too cowardly to present himself on blogs.

Sixth, if she is so ashamed of her upline that she doesn't want to be associated with them, that says a lot about her and them.

Seventh, Bridgett is now apparently at the Platinum level, so she is also feeding off the tool scam trough, therefore anyone reading this should be very careful when listening to what she says, as she is becoming a lying cowardly "kingpin" as she rises in the tool scam structure.

Eighth, The Big Apple is closely aligned with me regarding the damage the tool scam has caused, so she should pick her allies much more carefully. The tool scam issue is my "litmus test" issue, she should know this by now.

Ninth, when you want to come out of the e-mail shadows and have a meaningful discussion by answering questions out in the open, I'll be glad to communicate with you, Bridgett. You can start with the questions I asked in the OZ thread. Let's cut down on the delay and answer the questions here.

Your turn, Bridgett.

Tex said...

Here's a look at the TEAM Top 20, you will find many familiar names from the various former IBOAI member list:

WEEK ENDING 06.02.08

1. Doug & Sheri Stroh
2. Mark & Rita Haas
3. Kirk & Cassie Birtles
4. Jim & Dolores Martin
5. Aron & Mary Radosa
6. Dean & Teresa Frey
7. Curtis & Debbie Spolar
8. Jerry & Polly Harteis
9. Jay & Korby Burningham
10. Marc & Kristine Militello
11. Joe & Laura Darkangelo
12. Jerrel & Leslie Emery
13. Don & Nancy Wilson
14. Don & Chris Freeze
15. George & Jill Guzzardo
16. Chuck Goetschel
17. Tim & Amy Marks
18. Dennis & DeeAnn Weston
19. John & Barbara Sims
20. Ed & Lynette Zentner

Bridgett said...


A front? I emailed you directly, and I cced The Big Apple so that you would have some accountability. Do you know what accountability is Tex?

And no, I am not a Platinum and no I do not participate in any tool profits.

Wrong again.

Those are just two of MANY errors you've written, here and on the blogs that have chosen not to ban you.

Please stop embarrassing yourself.

Good-bye. I shall not return. So talk more in to the air you'd like.

Tex said...

How is The Big Apple going to hold me accountable, Bridgett? You should have done the adult thing, and e-mailed me directly. Then, if I didn't respond, you could have resent it with TBA copied. However, we all understand you're not acting like an adult. At least you're consistent.

I'm glad we got the Platinum thing cleared up, that was one of the issues that seemed to be hanging in mid-air. I said you were "apparently" a Platinum, not that you were one. Try reading for comprehension next time.

Errors? You ARE kidding, right? You didn't even name ONE error, let alone two.

Blogs don't ban me for the errors, they ban me because they can't deal with the truth. Please stop embarrassing yourself.

Good riddance, Bridgett. I couldn't care less if you returned. It will be MUCH more pleasant around here without you and your dribble, attempting to defend the indefensible. Don't let the door hit your backside on the way out.

Anonymous said...

Were any of the 5 Prague participants platinum or above?

Anonymous said...

Top 20? What does this list tell us? Income? Pin? Tool Profit? Where is Woodward and Brady?

Tex said...

I believe only The Big Apple was a Platinum in Prague.

I don't know the exact meaning of the list, but I believe it has to do with most prospects signed up for the week.

I think Woodward and Brady are "exempt" from the list.

Cowboy said...

What level is IBOfightback?

300 PV?

Anonymous said...

Based on posts around the Internet...

Don't know IBOFightBack's pin. Had to be inactive for awhile until recently due to a work situation.

Dave Robison is inactive.

Tex is inactive.

Bridgett is a current 25% Producer with a current downline Ruby.

Big Apple is a current Ruby.

Tex said...

I don't know ibofb's volume, you would have to ask him. Regardless of his pin level, it doesn't change the tool scam facts.

I'm not inactive, but I'm not sponsoring/registering any IBO's. I can't in good faith sponsor someone into a tool scam damaged business, with an "unconscionable" set of rules, and with a rules department that is no help.

Cowboy said...

" I can't in good faith sponsor someone into a tool scam damaged business, with an "unconscionable" set of rules, and with a rules department that is no help."

So why do you think the quixtar business is even worth the effort?

Tex said...

Because most IBO's with the same issues walk away, and the same problems go on and on, ripping off new IBO's.

Someone had to stand up and stop the tool scam (by far the largest of the problems), and I picked me.

There are a few (very few) others who are also involved, and I figure one person with the truth is enough to eventually become successful in this effort, especially with the help of the internet.

Cowboy said...

So what do you think of IBOFB and his website "The Truth About Amway"?

He seems to think the tools are important.

Tex said...

I think tools are important as well. It's not the tools that are the issue, it's the PRICE of the tools that create the MASSIVE tool profits.

As for ibofb, he's a jerk, he's got his nose so far up Jim Dornan's butt he can't see daylight, and many of those posting on his site have assumed the same position relative to ibofb's butt.

Cowboy said...

"As for ibofb, he's a jerk, he's got his nose so far up Jim Dornan's butt he can't see daylight"


But it is a concern because ibofb comes across as if he represents the corporation. Newbies or unknowing people might read his siye and think it's the real deal.

Tex said...

He also comes across as having at least a shred of ethics and morality. He has neither. That's a challenge of free speech, anyone can say virtually anything, and hopefully the reader will also find other sources as well.

Cowboy said...

IBOFB doesn't seem to think that the tools are a major source of income for many diamonds. I think he's sniffing glue or something,

Tex said...

Jim Dornan eats glue? See June 12, 2008 11:04 PM message if you're not rolling out of your chair laughing yet.

Cowboy said...

Is IBOFB paid by Amway to defend them?

Tex said...

Not to my knowledge.

He is on a personal crusade to counter the "negative" on the internet.

He would be far more effective if he used some of his energy in cleaning up the tool scam, which is the source of most of the negative, and much of which is true.

Cowboy said...

But if IBOFB promotes the tools, it makes him part of the scam, IMO

Tex said...

I agree he is promoting the tool scam, with the hopes of rising high enough in PV to profit from it. He won't be able to do this in the UK, and hopefully everywhere else in the near future.

Keep in mind I also promote the tools, but not at the prices that cause INSANELY HIGH and SECRET tool profits.

Cowboy said...

IBOFB doesn't think the tools prices are an issue. At least it doesn't appear to be an issue with him.

I read the Prague story. He argued over the time with you? Whatsup with that?

Tex said...

ibofb is wrong.

As I've pointed out many times, when the typical IBO doesn't get to a net profit situation until about the Platinum level because of high tool prices, you have a VERY bad business model.

When most of the lifestyle the upline likes to talk about came from tools while they pretend it came from Quixtar, you have an EXTREMELY bad problem.

ibofb is an idiot.

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