Monday, April 21, 2008

What Tex Thinks?

I haven't consulted with Tex on this entry, so it might hit him from left field and he may not choose to participate. If he doesn't, that's okay--I'm just experimenting here.

Consider this entry a press conference or an "open-line" talk show.

Is there something you want to know from Tex?

Ask your question in the comments; and see if Tex answers. I'm going to say it can be non-Quixtar related--BUT no questions that could be personal enough to divine Tex's identity.

Just questions. And hold off on follow-ups. Let's see what Tex tells us. He's a pretty smart guy.

I'll start.

"Tex, how tall are you?"


Mike said...

How is your business growing?

Outsider said...

Moving more PV than IBOfightback's business?

Tex said...

These questions have NOTHING to do with the tool scam facts, but I'll play along for entertainment value.

Dave said, "BUT no questions that could be personal enough to divine Tex's identity. "Tex, how tall are you?""

As my 5'8" college roommate said, "I'm just as tall as you are, my feet reach all of the way to the ground.


You wouldn't believe it if I told you. As I've said on a number of occasions, why would I spend a lot of time, effort, and money building something that may be shut down by the FTC, as is being threatened by UK regulators?


I don't know, how much is ibofb moving?

Tex said...

Should have referred to my FORMER college roommate, I have finished college.

David Robison said...


Thanks for playing along, I knew you had it in you. As I've said before, you are a cool guy.

I figured the "How tall" question wasn't too personal, at least you didn't get asked the question Rocket asked me over on my blog.


TWS said...


Why DO you spend SO MUCH time and effort blogging on something that might be shutdown by the FTC?

If its not worth building, than its not worth blogging...

Tex said...

My main goal is to shut down the tool scam. If the only way that occurs is for the business to be shut down, so be it.

Therefore, it is worth blogging.

Joecool said...

It seems as if the tools scam is alive and well.

Sure, some diamonds got booted, some quit. Some of the ones that quit took their groups to a new MLM to start a new tools scam.

IMO - it will take a a very tenured pin to be outed before anyon can take the corporation's efforts seriously.

Tex said...

It seems as if the tools scam is alive and well. ---- It's alive, it's not well. It's squirming, shifting, and writhing on the ground. All that remains is to step on it's head and cut off the head.

Sure, some diamonds got booted, some quit. Some of the ones that quit took their groups to a new MLM to start a new tools scam. ---- Some Diamonds? How about almost half the IBOAI Board? Former IBOAI Chairs? How about all the high level IBO's before the latest TEAM fiasco? I'm not concerned about other MLM's, fixing A/Q is big enough for me, plus I'm not nearly as knowledgable about the details in other MLM's, so I'm not going to try to address something I don't know enough about.

IMO - it will take a a very tenured pin to be outed before anyon can take the corporation's efforts seriously. ---- If you mean "outed" as in getting terminated, the ones we have are big enough. If you mean "outed" regarding the tool scam facts, that has happened as well. The corporation better be taking the UK seriously, or they are making a serious mistake.

Joecool said...

Has anyone heard anything about Amway in the UK?

Tex said...

Don't you think if anyone heard anything, everyone would have heard the same by now? That's one of the advantages of the internet, word gets around quickly. It's a large part of why the tool scam is on its way out.

Joecool said...

I don't know, seem like amway's good at keeping settlements pretty secret.

The UK decision could be a landmark one. If the corporation gete the boot there, maybe the FTC will look into Quixtar/Amway once again, or better yet look into the AQMOs.

Tex said...

There are plenty of court cases that are not secret.

The UK case could be a breakthrough, or it could be a letdown.

bernsber said...

If the business was changed to the way you would like it to be, what would that look like? Please include both the corp side and their practices as well as the system side. Please don't take to long, but as long as you want(it is, after all, "your" blog:)). I've been reading and following your thoughts for a while, but what I'm still trying to do is get a good handle on what you would like our business to look like. What is your end goal in all this blogging? What specifically would you, Tex, be happy with.

And what would you be happy with, vs. what would you think would make this business the best it could be?

Tex said...

Tool profit transparency. Short enough?

bernsber said...


Tex said...

Do you agree?

Tex said...

I received the following e-mail message, looks like the Yager tool system is about to be accredited.

Note there is no mention of the tool profits, even though the tools are the major source of profit for the upline and a major source of loss for the vast majority of IBO's, as the accreditation process unfortunately does NOT require tool profits to be disclosed to IBO's or prospects.

To: All Yager Group Diamonds and Personals (Intended for all

Fr: The Yagers

Dt: 4/30/08

Re: Best Practices Message: Acceptance

One of the criteria for accreditation with Quixtar is that
all IBOs understand Quixtar/Amway Global's best practices as explained
through the Quixtar/Amway Global IBO Communications Platform. The following
message is sent in accordance with the Quixtar Professional Development
Accreditation Program.


We often describe this as an I-commerce business. Which
means that this business brings together the Internet, the Individual, the
Independent Business Owner Compensation Plan, and the full-service
Infrastructure provided by Quixtar/Amway Global. It means that anyone can
say, "This is a business I can do." And it also means it's a business open
to everyone.
With a business powered by Quixtar/Amway Global, you don't
have to be of a specific race or religion to have the opportunity to
succeed. You don't have to be affiliated with a certain political party. You
can be married or single, with kids or without, middle-aged or fresh out of
You see, this is an opportunity for anyone who has the will
to work hard and the drive to succeed. As long as we all have the common
goal of building this business bigger and better than ever, and building it
the right way, we can overcome any differences. In fact, we should embrace
our differences, because life would be pretty boring if everyone thought and
acted the exact same way.
It's important to remember that this business is about free
enterprise and the rights of Independent Business Owners to pursue their
dreams. That's a right that shouldn't be denied to anyone, if they're
willing to put forth the effort.
Thanks for all you do to build this business.

For Your Success,

The Yagers

Joecool said...

Tex, do you know if anyone from the corporation monitors a QMO after it is accredited?

If not, then accreditation is as good as the retail sales rule.

Tex said...



Quixtar reviews all applications based on the above criteria and awards accreditation to individuals and/or organizations that satisfy all requirements. IBOs/organizations are accredited for a two-year period and are reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure they remain in compliance with Accreditation Program criteria. Any breach of Quixtar's Rules of Conduct or actions that mean an IBO is no longer in good standing could result in revocation of accreditation.

The issue isn't whether they maintain accreditation, the issue is whether initial or ongoing accreditation fixes the biggest problem this business faces in the first place.

Joecool said...

I "thought" that accreditation required some transparency about the tools profits.

Tex said...

It only requires transparency for those participating in the tool profits, which normally means Platinum and above. Also, I don't expect Platinums to know what Emeralds make, Emeralds to know what Diamonds make, etc. I confirmed this with Quixtar within days of accreditation being announced a couple of years ago, and commented on this issue on qblog.

This results in the tool companies getting the "Good Housekeeping" seal of approval when they don't deserve one. Prospects and IBO's will see the tool company is accredited and think everything is okay, when in fact they are being scammed with the same bait-and-switch scenario as today.

Joecool said...

Tex, perhaps this tidbit about accreditation would make a good log article.

Seems as though accreditation avoids fixing one of the big issues with the business.

Tex said...

All of my comments would make a good blog article, in my humble opinion.

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