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Tex On Dex Yager

Most of the blog entries here at "Tex's Quixtar Blog" are derived or inspired by comments Tex has left on other blogs or here at his own.

The following is from recent comments here at "Tex's Blog."


"I received the following e-mail message, looks like the Yager tool system is about to be accredited.

Note there is no mention of the tool profits, even though the tools are the major source of profit for the upline and a major source of loss for the vast majority of IBO's, as the accreditation process unfortunately does NOT require tool profits to be disclosed to IBO's or prospects.

To: All Yager Group Diamonds and Personals (Intended for all

Fr: The Yagers

Dt: 4/30/08

Re: Best Practices Message: Acceptance

One of the criteria for accreditation with Quixtar is that
all IBOs understand Quixtar/Amway Global's best practices as explained
through the Quixtar/Amway Global IBO Communications Platform. The following
message is sent in accordance with the Quixtar Professional Development
Accreditation Program.


We often describe this as an I-commerce business. Which
means that this business brings together the Internet, the Individual, the
Independent Business Owner Compensation Plan, and the full-service
Infrastructure provided by Quixtar/Amway Global. It means that anyone can
say, "This is a business I can do." And it also means it's a business open
to everyone.
With a business powered by Quixtar/Amway Global, you don't
have to be of a specific race or religion to have the opportunity to
succeed. You don't have to be affiliated with a certain political party. You
can be married or single, with kids or without, middle-aged or fresh out of
You see, this is an opportunity for anyone who has the will
to work hard and the drive to succeed. As long as we all have the common
goal of building this business bigger and better than ever, and building it
the right way, we can overcome any differences. In fact, we should embrace
our differences, because life would be pretty boring if everyone thought and
acted the exact same way.
It's important to remember that this business is about free
enterprise and the rights of Independent Business Owners to pursue their
dreams. That's a right that shouldn't be denied to anyone, if they're
willing to put forth the effort.
Thanks for all you do to build this business.

For Your Success,

The Yagers"


"Quixtar reviews all applications based on the above criteria and awards accreditation to individuals and/or organizations that satisfy all requirements. IBOs/organizations are accredited for a two-year period and are reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure they remain in compliance with Accreditation Program criteria. Any breach of Quixtar's Rules of Conduct or actions that mean an IBO is no longer in good standing could result in revocation of accreditation."

The issue isn't whether they maintain accreditation, the issue is whether initial or ongoing accreditation fixes the biggest problem this business faces in the first place.

[The biggest problem is the tool scam and the lack of tool profit transparency][Accreditation] only requires transparency for those participating in the tool profits, which normally means Platinum and above. Also, I don't expect Platinums to know what Emeralds make, Emeralds to know what Diamonds make, etc. I confirmed this with Quixtar within days of accreditation being announced a couple of years ago, and commented on this issue on qblog.

This results in the tool companies getting the "Good Housekeeping" seal of approval when they don't deserve one. Prospects and IBO's will see the tool company is accredited and think everything is okay, when in fact they are being scammed with the same bait-and-switch scenario as today.


Tex said...
All of my comments would make a good blog article, in my humble opinion.

April 30, 2008 4:23 PM

He May Be Right!


Tex said...

Interesting article on high-end hair care products.

Tex said...

Interesting article from India, they have a "Great Value" line of products directed at being more price competitive.

Tex said... See comment #8.

Tex said...

Interesting exchange with Mason Weaver: (5/7/08)

What inspires a Leader to lead?
Filed under: How to get the jobs, Leadership, Marketing, Product development — masonweaver @ 4:33 pm
What Inspires a Leader to lead? My wife and I have been blessed to be acquainted with many world leaders and influential people. We have known benevolent foreign presidents that leads their people with a kind heart. We have know industry giants that have build great wealth by inspiring others to greatness. We have seen spiritual leaders that have a vision and can direct and define and entire culture. Then there is the uncommon leader that draws people to themselves and motivates them out of service to them.
I remember the very first time I met one of my many mentors I will call “Jack”, he was serving me. I was giving a speech near Palm Springs California and he came to hear me. It was not connected with his business and he only knew me as an author but he came anyway. After my speech we had questions and answer and this man stood up to let a room full of strangers know how much my book “The Rope” had done for him and his business. He was selling my books to this audience for me. He did not have to do that, he was going to get nothing out of doing it but he did it because he had the heart of a servant. That is the key of real success, developing the heart of a servant.
A few months later I was asked to speak at a function of “Jack’s” organization and meet his business partner “David” and their other leaders. It was at this meeting that I began to speculate on the characteristics of leadership. What made these guys go? What compiled them to continue long after they have reached every economical goal, every level of social prestige and the most satisfying lifestyle imaginable?
The answer clarified the evening before the main event began. “Jack” and “David” gathered with all their leaders behind the stage. They did not gather to agree on a strategy to increase their profits. They did not gather to determine how many people showed up to support them. They gathered to have prayer and to ask comfort over those seeking answers to the personal problems weighing them down.
As we stood there in a circle with both male and female leaders, I began to think about the characteristics’ of a successful person.You must have these characteristics long before you become successful because they must lead you like a beacon in the night. Backstage that evening I felt each one of those leaders would have rejoiced if someone from the audience had exploded their business to greater heights than anyone back stage. They would rejoice at the success of others.
I then had a moment to set down with “David” before I went on stage. Here is a man successful before coming to into this business. His motivation was not to provide more beautiful things for his wife, he understood there was nothing he could give her more beautiful than she already was. He was not trying to make more friends his level, of respect had guaranteed many friends. He was not trying to sell a few more products so he could be the biggest badness man in the business. Any conversation you had with “David” would leave you with an understanding of success. Success comes from serving others.
It does not matter if you are a surgeon ”David” or a migrant worker like “Jack”, the heart of a servant brought them successes of extraordinary levels.
Are you referring to the Amway/Quixtar business?
I have come to understand the so-called “leaders” make FAR more from the tools they sell than the products they promote, but give the clear impression their lifestyle is primarily based on their product business, not their tool business.
I find this not only troubling, but ethically and morally corrupt.
I know you speak for many of these groups (and have seen/heard you in person on more than one occasion), so you would have to forgo speaking income to agree with my position.
But there comes a time when right is right and wrong is wrong. What say you?
Comment by tex2 — May 4, 2008 @ 12:32 am
I am not just talking about Amway/Quixtar but about leadership in general. I have spoken to colleges, businesses and governments and I find leadership qualities the same.
With the tools, I understand the conflict some see in the arrangements. When I give a speech to one of these groups, they fly me out, give me accommodations and pay me a fee. I usually sell my books and tapes which I own. Afterwards, they may wish to get my message to others who did not make the conference. They pay me royalties, manufacture the Books or Tapes and distribute to their group. The risk is theirs and there is no guarantee any would be sold. All of this cost money, now how much should they share with the group?
The answer will vary but it seems like the tools are just part of doing business, if they fail to make a profit they lose money. This is true with leasing a coliseum or investing in a board and easel for the group to purchase.
Take care.
Comment by masonweaver — May 6, 2008 @ 5:58 am
Let me be clear, I have no issue with paying you and other outside speakers the market rate. You don’t claim to be our “teammates” and “business partners”, as the upline does. You are providing a service, simple as that.
However, when they misrepresent THEIR source of wealth, there is a huge conflict of interest. If you want to talk straight, it’s lying. Period.
The risk involved with the tools, including leasing facilities, is tiny. If they put just 1% of the extra profit aside for a few years, they could have a total disaster of a function and not cut into their profit, as they are making multiple times more via the tools versus Amway/Quixtar.
Comment by tex2 — May 7, 2008 @ 2:35 am
Think about it.
Most IBO’s don’t realize it, but we are trading one “master” (our jobs, boss, etc.) for another (tool profit, at the uplines’ whim).
Not this IBO.
Comment by tex2 — May 7, 2008 @ 1:09 pm
Let’s stay focused and stay on topic.
Comment by masonweaver — May 7, 2008 @ 1:49 pm
I am giving an example of “What inspires a Leader to lead?”.
You used examples to illustrate your point, and I am using an example to illustrate the concept.
Leadership without honesty isn’t leadership.
Do you agree or disagree?
Comment by tex2 — May 7, 2008 @ 3:00 pm
My concerns are related to YOUR example/illustration.
If these were Amway/Quixtar “leaders” you are speaking of, I am confident you were/are dealing with wolves in sheeps’ clothing.
Don’t damage your reputation by supporting these folks. Instead, use your “bully pulpit” to help fix this situation.
Comment by tex2 — May 7, 2008 @ 3:38 pm

The NEW comments:

Let’s stay focused and stay on topic.
Comment by masonweaver — May 7, 2008 @ 1:49 pm
I just checked my copy of “It’s Okay to Leave the Plantation”, and you wrote “Stay Right” when signing the book. I intend to follow that message, regardless of restricting my freedom of speech on your blog. By the way, you can do whatever you want on your blog, but restricting free speech is not what I signed up for as a U.S. Naval Officer (retired) when I said I would protect the U.S Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic, so help me God.
I already saved the previous messages, so you are showing your true colors by removing the messages. The colors are not red, white, and blue. They are YELLOW. I guess when it comes to actually IMPLEMENTING true leadership, the almighty dollar wins out. Goodbye, I won’t waste any more time with you, Mason.
Comment by tex2 — May 7, 2008 @ 4:27 pm

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