Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Adult-Oriented Blog

This blog should contain Adult Content.

Not "adult content" like watching scrambled porn on cable TV...but content written by adults acting like adults.

Tex has a good message. The "lying cowardly kingpins" have ruined the opportunity to build a profitable Quixtar business for their downline.

Tex's desire to be heard on "credible" blogs such as the Quixtar corporate-sponsored blogs, instead of the "critic" blogs is also admirable. But...Tex could make THIS blog just as credible.

The problem is Tex doesn't want to "police" this blog. So the responsibility falls to me. And my problem is that the message is getting lost every time I have to delete a comment that contains a valid point but is then punctuated by an insult so personal that I can't in good conscience let it stay published.

Don't get me wrong...I love a good "blog fight" as much as anyone. Insults can spice up a good argument. It rattles some opponents to the point they concede the debate by bowing out.

But, how do I decide what constitutes an acceptable insult?

I don't want Tex's Blog to be reduced to "doo-doo head" and "you have cooties" type insults. I do want(and I think Tex wants, too) Tex to be able to say what is on his mind and Tex's critics and supporters to counter Tex's statements.

Therefore, I'm gonna let the fur fly with a few exceptions.

Any comment with an F-bomb wil be deleted.
Any comment containing racist remarks will be deleted.
Any personal attack with reference to genitalia will be deleted.
Any personal attack with sexual reference or preference will be deleted.

If a comment is deleted, any response to the comment will also be deleted.

What do you think? Good? Bad?

Should I just delete the blog? Turn off comments and just archive the blog?


Joecool said...

Dave, save your time and delete the blog. Tex has shown he will just trolljack any thread with good debate.

Talk about the weather and tex jumps in with the tools scam and the lying kngpins.

Talk about the superbowl and tex jumps in with the tools scam and lying kingpins.

Talk about the anything and tex jumps in with the tools scam and lying kingpins.

No matter what topic is posted, it will turn into insults, lying cowardly kingpins and/or the tools scam.

I think tex has clearly demonstrated why he has been banned from so many other quixtar related websites.

If tex won't start a blog on his own, then he won't have a forum to post on.

It can be compared to having a 17 year old still having his shoes tied by his parents or a 45 year old still living at home with mom and pop.

David Robison said...

I'd be fine with the lying cowardly kingpins, after all Thats one of the reasons I started the blog..so he could talk about them here.

Actually, it's the comments regarding you, (joecool) and your experience at another website and the name he calls you, that I'm constantly deleting.

Tex said...


If we were discussing baseball, the important topics would be the basics of baseball. Defense, hitting, pitching, and running.

If we were discussing the construction industry, we would talk about materials, architecture, building codes, etc.

But we are talking business. Business is about making money, the source of profits, overhead, pricing, etc.

THE biggest issue with Quixtar IS the lying cowardly "kingpins", and how they have for decades ripped off millions of Distributors/IBO's for hundreds of millions to 10's of billions of dollars by using the A/Q business as a bait-and-switch operation. The LCK's make MUCH more from tools than A/Q, and it causes net losses for most other IBO's. Are there other issues? Of course, product pricing is one of them, but a distant second compared to the tool scam.

I've challenged you and others to name an issue/problem with A/Q, and chances are very good I can connect a direct or indirect influence from the tool scam.

Most bloggers just want to puke all over their experiences, opinions, etc. I'm here to cause positive change to happen, so it's no mystery to me why I have been "banned" from many blogs. Most of them are mere "soap operas", repeating the same tired stories over and over again. Instead, why NOT brainstorm on ideas on how to bring honesty and decency to this business? If you wanted, you could be a part of that effort, as your experience as a former IBO could be used to help others, rather than merely brapping all your "horror stories" all over the internet.

Mike said...

I am confused, this is a blog for Tex and the words adult appear it it as well.

Now I will admit, Tex is an adult but it seems that his reactions to others can seem a bit juvenile.

I am one that is also up for a bit of the back and forth..please this is not a reference to Clockwork Orange..but only the interaction between those in a civil debate.

Of course that would require masters at that level...

The point I am making is that I agree that as long as Tex can conduct himself and promote his stance of the benefits of building a Amway business, that is honest and upfront. Then he should be able to afford the luxury of this blog.

Otherwise can his skeevy arse.

Tex said...


I tried to be "grown up" and "civil" for a very long time on qblog, and all I got in return was insults, namecalling, etc., until it got to the point that it was very apparent most of the other bloggers had no interest in discussing, just cussing. The only way I found was successful was to push back with similar posturing, while still making my points. I asked openly on several blogs for others to help me clamp down on the nasty talk and criticize those who conducted themselves in this matter. Zero takers. So the beat goes on....

In fact, Dave is the FIRST blog owner who has decided he would like meaningful disucssions of making things better, and that is VERY refreshing. But why should we need HIM to be "mommy and daddy", why not have a CULTURE on this blog that frowns on childish behavior? I'm game, are YOU?

Anna28 said...

I have yet to see Tex be grown up and or civil. So why not tex? Why if you believe so strongly in your message, and why shouldn't you, wouldn't you want to end the childness? I haven't called you names...yet you have called me many names, some offensive, you have even heavily implied that you are waiting my death, certainly takes away from your message and serves no one. So for the last time...in a true effort to support you, despite the names you have called me and despite the innuendo's of death, stop with the name calling, take the blog from Dave and start spreading your message. Be the bigger person, be the better person...when someone has something off color or what have you, ignore them....I can guarantee they will stop and your creditability will be outstanding. Whether you want to believe it or not, it is hard to believe someone who resorts to name calling like you do, even if the message is nothing but truth.

Tex said...


You are about 2 years late to the scene to see me in a civil mode.

Read my message to Mike again. Carefully. You were given another chance to step forward and you didn't. Read it. Slowly. Think. Then respond.

Joecool said...

Dave, on my old blog, I wrote several articles for Tex regarding the tools scam. But despite that, he continued to insult myself and other board members and kept trolljacking threads.

The only way perhaps is to write
a thread called the tools scam and then leave the blog for people to comment. Seems that it's the only
subject tex wants to talk about.

If that's the case, more power to tex.

However, tex doesn't want his own blog because he would rather trolljack more popular blogs to get his message out to more readers. He should have remained civil with the blog owners.

I allowed him to post pretty freely but then his posts got so nasty that I had to moderate comments to delete the F bombs and other things tex was dropping in on my blog.

Tex said...


You're whining.

Anna28 said...

Tex...my response has nothing to do with Mike or your response to him....read, think then take the time to respond.

It doesn't matter what happened 2 years ago, or one or yesterday. If you truly believe in your message....and why wouldn't you...then the best way to get that across on many many levels is to ignore those childish enough to attack you first with silly names or what have you and continue with your message. Believing in something is difficult...it is even more difficult to believe in someone who has a message but calls people names and so on...whether it was justified or not. It takes away from the message. We have all come to your blog to support you and your message Tex, whether you want to believe it or not....here we are. If we were interested in just calling you names or attacking you or whatever....we would wait for you to show up to one of the many other blogs. THIS IS YOUR BLOG...and if no one felt you had a message, then we wouldn't be here.

Tex said...


So, are you going to support my request, after asking now for a THIRD time?

Anna28 said...

Are you asking if I will help shun those who act childish? Your question isn't clear. Are you saying that you wouldn't call people names if others were to stand up for you? We are all here to support you Tex. We have all pointed out childish behaviour in the past and we all want you to have a forum for your views, but some of us are not understanding what it is you need and/or want in order to do so. What exactly is your request?

Tex said...

I am asking you to tell those who get off topic or insult others to stop.

Dave has done a lot of this, so it won't be as hard as other blogs, but he should not be expected to carry the entire load.

If it's all my responsibility, as it has been on other blogs, it doesn't work.

Clear enough?

rocket said...

I don't think Dave should carry the whole load either Tex.

Perhaps you could contribute a bit more?

mike said...

Tex states "I am asking you to tell those who get off topic or insult others to stop."

I think you are responding to Anna's question.

However, it is not her or anyone's purpose to tell others who get off topic or are insultive.

As an adult, one needs to keep their own action in check. If someone else is acting like a child, it is not my duty to correct that, but to at least remain adult

Tex said...


If you're willing to contribute, so am I.


While your position is ideal, it is not realistic. That's why we have police and a military. If even a few of us agree to "self-police" this blog, it will become a much better vehicle of communication and causing positive change to occur. Unfortunately, these types of forums attract more than their share of folks who would rather disrupt than make progress.

Anna28 said...

I have pointed out when people start name calling and get off topic. My methods may not necessarily be like yours, but I do make a point of it. I have more than once pointed out the grace and wonderful communication skills of those outstanding individuals who name call.

Tex said...


Is that a "yes"?

Porkchopjim said...

Most of them are mere "soap operas", repeating the same tired stories over and over again. Instead, why NOT brainstorm on ideas on how to bring honesty and decency to this business?

It doesn't require 'brainstorming.'

It's not that hard.

But why should we need HIM to be "mommy and daddy", why not have a CULTURE on this blog that frowns on childish behavior? I'm game, are YOU?

You've already shown that you can't do that even on your 'high credibility' corp. sites.

I am asking you to tell those who get off topic or insult others to stop.

The topic here is you. Since you can't be bothered to set the tone of your own blog and rely on someone else to do it for you (gee, that sounds familiar).

Tex said...


If it isn't that hard, why is the tool scam still alive and well?

I'm not out to prove that on the corporate blogs, they are almost as "rough and tumble" as the other sites.

The topic here is the tool scam. It is "people" like you who get it off track. The tone is being set, if you bothered to pay attention.

jimmy said...

tex, why are you still logging in at the world sex guide? Pervert!

Tex said...


I am not using "Tex" at wsg, and haven't logged on for quite a while.

Are you still beating your wife?

Anna28 said...

OK....I have had enough of this WSG crap. Jimmy...let it drop....When Tex brings it up again....make a comment...but out of no where? Really? Come on. Tex you as well. I don't think it is called for to infer that someone is beating their wife even if they came at you with a pubescent stupid comment.

Let it go....move on....stop obsessing about the WSG crap please. What are we all 12 years old here? Hahahaha...penis....hahaha vagina. Get it out now...funny stuff, yep. Now can we get a move on or what?

Tex said...



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